Best 360 Cookware Set Review – Honest Guide 2023

Have you heard about Waterless cookware? We hope not! Many experts and chefs don’t have any idea about it.

360 cookware is one such cookware that has been making its way for providing Vapor technology.

The 360 cookware reviews suggests that the brand keeps their word and provide a safe and healthy cooking experience that lasts for a life time.

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Short Overview of 360 Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Product Features Buy On
360 Stainless Steel Cookware Set (6 Piece Set

Oven safe up to 500 degrees F

Ergonomic handles for easier and better control

 Works on every type of stove: gas, electric, smooth top, glass top and induction cooktop.

Lifetime Warranty

Why 360 Cookware Brand?

Manufactured in USA, 360 cookware is known for introducing safe and healthy cookware from slow cookers to saucepans, fry pans, bakeware and much more.

Based upon perseverance, the highest quality cookware stands the test of time. The cookware is made of using the high quality metals bonded together to provide an exceptional cooking experience while maintaining the safe and healthy standards.

The 360 stainless steel cookware is made of surgical grade stainless steel and induction compatible magnetic stainless steel layers surrounding the aluminum layer to ensure better and even heat conductivity.

Since stainless steel cookware is known for sticking food and using excess grease to cook food, the manufacturer of 360 cookware used dry sanding process to provide a non porous cooking surface without any toxic or chemical coating that allows easy cleanup, easy release and healthy cooking.  

The main selling point of 360 cookware is its vapor technology. The vapor cooking method is one of the best approaches to prevent grease and oil from the food.

This high end cookware brand specializes in removing over 1500 calories from your diet each week using vapor cooking method.

The cookware is constructed in a way that it retains heat and moisture to cook food in a relatively faster pace even at lower temperatures so the food tastes better and you do not lose valuable nutrients

Main Features of 360 Cookware Sets

  • 360 Cookware is manufactured and sourced in US.
  • Constructed of surgical grade stainless steel cladded heavy gauge aluminum core to give you heat conductive healthy alterative to non stick cookware.
  • The unique lid design helps in Vapor cooking to prepare food in its natural juices by retaining moisture within the cookware. 
  • 360 cookware is compatible to various heat sources including induction and oven up to 500F.
  • It is a safe, durable and healthy alternative to traditional non stick cookware.

Clean and Maintenance of 360 Stainless Steel Cookware

Wash Before Using for the First Time

The first thing you need to do after unpacking your 360 pots and pans is to wash them. The manufacturer recommends washing in hot soapy water.

Though the 360 frying pans and pans and pots are dishwasher safe; however, it is best to give it a hand wash for the first time with hot water, a soapy and non-abrasive scouring pad.

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Remove Sticky Food Residue

For stubborn and sticky food remains, using metal scouring pads or steel wool could be dangerous. The best thing is to use paste of hot water and baking soda apply it on the surface using non abrasive or nylon scouring pad and start rubbing gently until the debris is removed. Later rinse and wash it with soapy water.

If you find the food stains tougher you can try another method by adding enough water so that it covers the whole sticky food particles and bring to a boil over medium heat, meanwhile; gently scrape off the food bits with a wooden spoon. Once done discard the water and wash it with soapy water.

Removing Mineral Deposit and Stains

White stains and mineral deposits are caused from certain foods and sometimes due to salty tap water. The best way to keep the mirror polished shine of your 360 stainless steel cookware and remove the nasty stains by using stainless steel cleanser.

You can also use vinegar to remove the stains. Rinse with water and dry manually.

Cook on Low or Medium Heat

Cooking on low or medium heat is always safe; it helps in maintaining enough moisture, cooks food evenly and prevents from sticking or getting burn.

The best approach is to start cooking over medium heat, and then reduce it to low settings. High heat causes the moisture to drive out quickly, results in drying of ingredients sticking and burning of food.

Oven Safe

Always seek what the manufacturer recommends about the oven temperature. Find out whether your 360 frying pans and pots are oven compatible or not and how much temperature they can withstand including the handles and lids.

Mostly it is seen that handles and lids stand to lesser temperature compared to the cookware. The direct exposure to excessive heat cause the handles and knobs of the lids to blister. The most common temperature handles and lids can stand is up to 350F.

Avoid Lifting Cover While Food is Cooking

Since we all know that 360 stainless steel pans and pots are featured with Vapor technology that maintains that builds up heat in the pot, creates a vapor lock to keep the steam so that it circulates cooks food evenly. Lifting the cover lid every now and then breaks the Vapor Seal.

The best approach is to use a fork to check whether the food is sufficiently cooked by lifting the cover slightly. If you feel like the Vapor seal is compromised, you can few spoons of water and turn heat to medium temperature for 2 minutes to reform the Vapor Seal.

Salt can Cause Pitting

If the undissolved salt remain in the pots and pans it causes pitting in the bottom of the cookware. This pitting looks really nasty which is actually in the form of tiny white bumps; however, they do not cause any adverse effects to health but they do not go away. In order to prevent your 360 stainless steel pans and pots from pitting dissolve the salt completely when boiling with water.  Keeping or storing acidic foods for long time also causes pitting.

Clean Regularly After Every Use

In order to maintain your cookware in good shape and attractive appearance it is important to clean your 360 pots and pans thoroughly after every use. Leaving your cookware overnight in the sink with food films left on the cooking surface cause discoloration.

360 Cookware Vs All clad: Which Is Best?

360 Cookware

There is no doubt that 360 cookware is the most demanding and one of the best cookware available in the market.

The best thing is that it can compete with all the multi-cladded cookware as it comes up with a multi-layered core of high-grade materials.

But this is not the only reason we love about it, the thing which makes it unique is the vapor technology it is equipped with.

Vapor cooking offers healthier way of cooking food while eliminating the need for oil or butter. It has durable thick walls just as the core that doesn’t give up on high heat and dishwashing easily.

Unlike the traditional non stick cookware, 360 pots and pans are considered safe and offers the same non stick ability in a non hazardous manner. 

All-Clad Cookware

All clad is not only a cookware but it adds elegance and beauty to your kitchen with its aesthetic design. Though it is considered among the most premium grade pots and pans, the brand has also introduced cookware that are reasonable priced.

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The brand is known for its quality grade metal cores which allows your food to cook evenly by distributing heat quickly and evenly. 

It is known for its unmatched cladding that provides high heat resistance and do not compromise the productivity even if you in the oven, broiler or put them in the dishwasher. 


All-Clad offers more variety by using different high grade materials with each construction featuring distinct performance and advantages so you can choose the best option for you.

It offers a variety of tri ply and 5 ply cookware with stainless steel cladding copper, aluminum and graphite cores.

The brand also provides a choice to those who are looking for non stick cookware with its heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum constructed cookware with PTFE or ceramic non stick interiors. 

On the other hand, with 360 cookware you get tri ply constructed fully-clad stainless steel featuring a highly efficient heat conductive aluminum core.

The brand does not offer much choice like All-Clad by introducing different materials and construction methods. It is known for its durable thick walls.

Product Offerings

All-Clad offers several options to its consumers to choose between fully cladded, hard anodized, non stick and copper collections. The brand has introduced cookware for almost all levels of cooks from beginner, to house hold and professionals.

360 cookware does not offer much variety, it is known for its tri ply cladded stainless steel and aluminum cookware.

Oven Safe

Since All-Clad offers variety of cookware lines so every cookware range has different heat compatibility range.

However, if we compare the stainless steel line of both the cookware we find that All-Clad stainless steel is oven safe up to 600F while 360 Cookware stands up to 500F.

Stovetop Compatibility

Both 360 and All-Clad are compatible to various heat sources that include gas, ceramic, electric, halogen, and induction.


Since 360 pots and pans are featured with Vapor technology; it is provided with tight fitting lids that snugly fix on the cookware to seal in the moisture and nutrients just like the pressure cooker lid.

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The lid spins at 360 degrees to form the seal to lock the heat and steam inside the cookware creating an oven like atmosphere that helps to eliminate the need for excess grease or oil by allowing the ingredients to cook in their natural juices. The only drawback you find is the l0ids are metal constructed.

All-Clad’s stainless steel and tempered glass lids tightly fits on top of the cookware, but they since they are not designed not specifically for vapor cooking they do not pin freely 360 degrees.

Which is the Best?

Both All-Clad and 360 Cookware are high-performing and ultra-durable cookware known for their non compromising performance.

Though All-Clad is a big name in the cookware market 360 cookware also has managed to gain the trust of its customers.

According to the Amazon 360 cookware reviews, the 360 pots pans have been doing great. Their main selling point is Vapor cooking technique.

Both All-Clad and 360 Cookware are close contenders for quality and performance. However, All-Clad lacks Vapor Technology for which 360 pots and pans are known for.

If you are looking specifically for a waterless and oil free requirement, which is now need of time then 360 cookware is the one you should get. Its tight fitting lid ensures you get to have the best Vapor cooking experience.

The manufacturer guarantees that 360 cookware is your lifetime cooking partner. You may find it a bit expensive, but considering the 360 cookware reviews we suggest you better have it.

What is Vapor Cooking?

Vapor Cooking is a safe and healthy cooking method that is made possible with stainless steel cladded cookware with a tightly fitted lid that creates a vapor oven on your stovetop by creating a specific heat mechanism and maintaining steam and moisture to help cook the food quickly on low temperature.

Vapor cooking is a fast cooking approach that diminishes the time duration to half of the time, prevents more consumption of energy.

It is ideal for waterless cooking and to avoid using oil or grease. The vapor cooking feature with the help of the lid cooks the food in its own natural moisture; adding more taste and retaining ingredients.

360 Stainless Steel Cookware Set

This 6 piece stainless steel set, may seem to offer limited items but they are almost capable to serve all the needs of a fully functional kitchen. You may also gift this to your friend at her wedding or rejoice yourself with this simple and beautiful hard wearing cookware.


The high quality aluminum alloy reinforced between premium grade T 304 surgical grade stainless steel and T400 stainless steel built to last for decades of safe, healthy and quality performance.

The 4 quart stockpot though the smallest in size compared to the whole stock pot size range but offers an incredible versatility when it comes to cooking on various cooking methods.

The 2 quart saucepan offers enough capacity to cook for 2 to 6 people at once. Along with the quality and craftsmanship it motivates to prepare sauces, stews, and soups efficiently without using additional water and grease using the vapor technology. 

The 8-inch 360 frying pan is a safe and healthy alternative to traditional non stick frying pans as it does not need to do much effort for the food to release nor creates hassle to clean up the cooking surface.

Made with the same thickness from the center to the rim of the pan it offers the same quality of heat required for evenly cooked meals.   Moreover, the matt stainless steel finish prevents it from sliding over the glass top cooking surface by providing enough friction.


The ergonomically designed handles of 360 cookware are double riveted to ensure much durability so you can carry ingredients and meals without a doubt.

The handle’s temperature never exceeded above 97F and that’s why they been able to prove the claim of staying cool. Upon the long stainless steel handles, a thumb rest is made to provide your hand a comfy and strain free grip.

Further the hole on the edge of the handle allows to hand it on the pan’s rail if you are short of storage space.   


Though most people like glass lids which offers a clear view of your food without letting you lift the lid every now and then but the 360 cookware set is not featured with the glass lids. You may find it a little annoying it is an essential piece of equipment that helps to keep the food hot and fresh. It works as a tight seal which stick to the rim of the pots and pans just like glue

to offer vapor cooking and prepare food quickly on temperature. Crafted with detail, it has a large handle duly attached with double rivets that offers enough space for your hand to have a strong grip.  All the three lids in the set are oven and broiler safe and can stand the temperature up to 500F.

Cooking Performance

According the customers’ feedback and the 360 cookware reviews, the cookware works well on all the cooktops including gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, induction broiler and oven. Unlike the traditional stainless steel cookware that s not considered good for even cooking, the 360 6 piece set performs best partnered with aluminum core.  


The best thing about 360 cookware, is that investing in this cookware pays off well. You can clean it by hand or without having a second thought send it to the dishwasher. However, you may lose its shine after continuous dishwashing.

Pros & Cons of 360 Cookware


  • Constructed with surgical grade stainless steel cladding high quality aluminum core for quick and even heat distribution. The overall body is thick and sturdy compared to the stainless steel pots and pans available in the market.
  • According to experts, its an healthy alternative to non stick cookware as it supports waterless and grease free cooking.
  • Ergonomically designed handles along with the thumb rest provides better control and easy handling.
  • The versatile cookware works on every cookware, including gas, electric, glass, induction and oven up to 500F.
  • Featured with Vapor technology, that allows heat food from every angle, cooks faster at low heat while preserving the nutrients inside the contents.


  • People call it super expensive, but that’s what you should be prepared for a cookware that is durable enough to serve you for a lifetime ensuring a safe and healthy cooked food.
  • If you are looking for a glass lid, then you will find its lids quite annoying. However, considering the other advantages you can choose to disregard this fact.

Final Verdict

As per the consumers’ 360 cookware reviews this is no doubt the best stainless steel cookware. IF you are looking for a premium grade fully cladded cookware that is manufactures through an eco friendly process and is safe yet healthy, then 360 cookware is the reliable name in the cookware industry.

Featured with the innovative vapor technology, these 360 pots and pans are intriguing that helps you skip the grease and additional water by maintaining the right amount of steam and heat inside the cookware.

The sleek, stainless steel appearance with a mirror finish doesn’t mind to be scrubbed or even go into the dishwasher.

You may find it a little expensive, but if you are looking for a durable cookware with heavy walls, supports vapor cooking and works with using lesser energy  then you are going to enjoy cooking with 360 cookware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 360 cookware non-toxic?

Yes, 360 pots and pans are made of eco friendly materials in Green E-Factory with no chemical waste. The brand is handcrafted and is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a leading non-toxic cookware in the market.

Where is 360 cookware made?

All the 360 frying pans and pots are manufactured in West Bend, Wisconsin. The brand is purely USA made.

What is 360 Waterless Cookware?

The 360 waterless cookware is made to retain moisture and heat at lower temperatures that helps to cook food faster. The objective is to skip traditional cooking supplements such as water and oil while using the juices of ingredients to retain the nutrients and make the food tastes good.

Is 360 Cookware non stick?

360 stainless steel pans and pots utilizes EPA-approved materials that includes industrial grade stainless steel and high quality aluminum features with a Vapor technology that results in a smoother and , nonporous finish providing a non stick cooking surface.

Can 360 cookware go in oven?

Yes, the 360 cookware reviews suggest that the cookware can be used on various cooking surfaces including, gas, electric, ceramic halogen, induction and oven up to 500F.