Baking Pans That Don’t Rust – Our Expert Advice

Baking Pans That Don't Rust
Baking Pans That Don’t Rust

It’s weekend you have invited your friends to enjoy a freshly baked chicken with some soft and tender croissants. But when you pull out your all-time favorite and trusty baking companion you find few spots of rust forming inside. The delicious aroma of freshly baked items suddenly turns into a nightmare. You start wondering are there any baking pans that don’t rust and what are the options to rely on.

Mostly home cooks in such situations where they don’t find any alternative; they refuse to go market and buy the best non stick pan for their baking utility.  You will find many people doing this and advocating by saying that what happens if you cook in a rusted pan; as all health concerns are just myth and nothing else!

Well, keep reading we have covered this topic for you to let you know whether is it OK to use rusted baking pans or what happens if you cook in a rusted pan along with revealing the truth behind the existence of baking pans that don’t rust.

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How do I Keep my Baking Pan from Rusting?

It is really frustrating to find rust in baking pans. Pots and pans are made of metal; prolonged exposure to moisture may cause rust stains. And sometimes even after carefully washing and drying don’t even help; making us wonder what on earth can we do to keep our pans smooth and shiny. You must be thinking that there is no truth in baking pans that don’t rust. Well, it is true baking pans that don’t rust do exists but if you know how to preserve them properly.

Rust stains if not properly take care may spread and can deteriorate even the best non stick pan’s surface to such extent where the cookware being unusable. Don’t worry if you’re tired of asking yourself that how do I keep my baking pan from rusting; then we have shared some useful tips that will help you to prevent your pans from rusting:

  • It is important to clean the baking pan right after every use.
  • Prefer to gently wash your baking pans with dishwashing soap and lukewarm water; don’t put them in the dishwasher.
  • After gently drying your pans with soft kitchen towel’ you can keep them in the warm oven to completely dry out.
  • A slight moisture may start rusting your pan; that’s why it is mandatory to check before storing that the baking pans are completely dry and no moisture remains.
  • Use vegetable oil to season your pans before storing them.
  • Keep all your baking utensils and baking pans in a cool, dry place.
  • Don’t use metal utensils and knives to scratch food stick to the surface of the pan. Scratches are the primary cause of rust.
  • If you don’t use your baking pans frequently then a rustproof primer is needed; that will reduce the chances of rusting by adding a protective layer to the surface of your pan.

If you were looking for ways as to how do I keep my baking pan from rusting; then we hope that now you are already set to preserve your favorite baking gadget in the best possible manner.

Is it OK to use rusted baking pans?

You may be thinking that what happens if you cook in a rusted pan as slight rust may not have adverse effects on health; well you are right as according to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign eating a bit of it won’t harm you but start consuming it regularly isn’t for sure a good idea. Rust is iron oxide which in small quantities behaves as a benign substance but can be dangerous if consumed in large quantities. So next time if you get to answer that is it OK to use rusted baking pans; answer it with a big NO!

First of all we need to understand that baking pans than don’t rust are those which are properly handled and preserved; otherwise every pan can get rusty. The surface of baking pans are made of chemicals that can leach into your food when the surface is compromised by rust. You will find people debating that it depends on the material of your pan; rust of an iron pan is edible rather than eating the rust of an aluminum or stainless steel rust. However, using rusted pans might lead to serious health issues or allergies irrespective of the material they made of; that is why it is not at all recommended to use rusty pans. A common health issue that pops up in mind while talking of rust is tetanus; ingesting small amounts may cause severe health complications.

How to Remove Rust from Baking Pan?

How to remove rust from baking pans?

Definitely, you don’t want to throw away your favorite baking pan for just a slight a spot of rust; rusty baking pans surely don’t deserve to go straight to the trash can and may deserve a chance. If you find your stainless steel pan gets rusty and wondering why is my stainless steel pan or aluminum pan is rusting then don’t worry it can be recovered with a little bit of patience.

If you are experiencing a rusty baking pan then instead before throwing off your pan and looking to buy for baking pans that don’t rust it is best to implement suitable ways to restore the quality of the best non stick pan you already have.

There are various home remedies to remove rust from the pans without using toxic chemicals. However, if your pan is deteriorated or cracked, then there is no way you can clean it and we suggest you toss it off immediately without giving a second thought.

Use Table Salt

The salt behaves as a gentle abrasive agent that helps scrape off the rust without damaging the pan’s surface. Cover the affected rusty area with the salt and scrub it with a paper bag. 

Now you can season the pan with the vegetable oil before storing it. This will keep the pan from rusting.

Use Baking Soda

Soak your baking pan in white vinegar, now sprinkle some baking soda into the pan after throwing off the vinegar to form a paste.

Now rub the pan’s rusty surface with hard sponge to brush-off the rust.

Use Steel Wool or Nylon Scouring Pad

This technique is suitable for baking pans that are not made of stainless steel.

  • All you need is a steel wool in combination with a dishwashing soap or liquid to scrub off the layer of rust settled on your pan’s surface.

In case you own a stainless steel pan and you are worrying as why is my stainless steel pan rusting or how to make it work again.

  • Then use a Nylon scouring pad with the same technique given above.


We hope that now you understand the fact that baking pans that don’t rust actually don’t exist. But it is also true that if you properly follow the guidelines for preserving the pans then you will enjoy a seamless baking experience with your baking pans without questioning yourself whether why is my stainless steel pan rusting or aluminum or cast iron pan is damaging.