Best Fissler Pressure Cooker | Top 3 Picks

Made in Germany, these Fissler pressure cookers are designed to improve the conventional cooking experience with their exclusive features and durable construction.

In order to learn about the best Fissler pressure cookers and we have conducted thorough research and found that these noiseless kitchen staples controls the pressure with great efficiency, requires less energy and effort to prepare your meal in much lesser time.

Let’s explore together about some of the best Fissler pressure cooker available in the market and how their secret to control the cookware industry.

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Short Overview of Top 3 Best Fissler Pressure Cooker

Product Features Buy On
1. Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel

8.5 quarts, 5 pounds pressure cooker.

Premium grade stainless steel construction.

Automatic pressure release valve.

Easy grip, auto locking, removable handle.

Compatible with various

stovetops including induction.

Dishwasher safe.
2. Fissler Vitavit premium Pressure Cooker Set of 6 with Skillet

6 piece pressure cooker set.

Made of 18/10 stainless steel.
Easily detachable removable handle.

NoVo grill cooking bottom uses less oil.

Pressure cooker has 6 liters capacity.

Induction compatible and dishwasher safe.
3. Fissler Vitavit Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

8.5 quarts stainless steel pressure cooker.

Premium grade heavy gauge stainless steel built.

Aluminum core embedded bottom.

Durable plastic handle.
Color coded indicator shows the level of pressure.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

What is Special in Fissler Pressure Cooker?

What is Special in Fissler Pressure Cooker?

A Fissler pressure cooker helps you enjoy healthier cooked meals as they do not require much oil or grease for cooking rather theory rely on the steam produced by the liquid or water in your ingredients.

Fissler pressure cooker cooking times are lesser than the conventional cookers offer. These units are durably made they do not corrode or rust.

The 18/10 grade stainless steel construction is ideal for cooking as it never reacts with ingredients or affecting the flavor of food.

Even heat distribution is difficult for stainless steel to maintain that’s why mostly Fissler’s cookers built with an aluminum core. Moreover, they are compatible to almost all heat sources including all induction.  

How To Use the Fissler Pressure Cooker?

How To Use the Fissler Pressure Cooker?

Read the Instructions: Though all pressure cookers(Buy On Amazon) work on the same principle, but they can be different based on quality, construction, features.

Some are come with more safety features. The heat generated as a result of steam can be dangerous if not handled properly.

This is why before start using your pressure read all the instructions in the manual provided with the instrument you bought and follow accordingly.

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Brown the Ingredients: Meat and vegetables tastes more appetizing when they are little brown or sautéed but pressure cooked food does not let you brown the ingredients. So it is best to do this initially before adding liquid or water and covering it with the lid. 

Add some oil to the cooker and let it heat over medium heat, and start adding ingredients in small batches. However, if you are short of time you can skip this process.

Adding Liquid: Pressure cookers cook food with steam and steam comes from liquid. Sufficient amount pf liquid or water is needed.

Do not use excess liquid because you are cooking food in a sealed pot means there is less evaporation unlike a conventional pot.

Never fill your pressure cooker more than halfway with liquid. Consult the instructions suggested by the manufacturer and add the right amount of water or liquid suggested to use. 

Excessive Quantity of Ingredients: Do not add too much food. Moreover, never pack the ingredients tightly into a pressure cooker.

It may compromise the efficiency of your pressure cooker and would not operate efficiently which will result in affecting the final outcome.

Mostly there is marking for minimum and maximum inside the pot for adding the ingredients. Do not exceed those markings. Do not exceed these. The trick is not to add food more than two-thirds of the cooker.

Overfilling can be dangerous as well, because the food can ejected from the pressure release valve while the steam is building the pressure. 

Regular Sized Ingredients: Food cooks evenly when the ingredients you cook are evenly diced in same size so they get cooked in the same amount of time.

Add Ingredients in Right Order: Mostly there are several ingredients included in a recipe and they all hold different time duration for cooking. In such a scenario, adding all the ingredients at once wouldn’t be a wise decision.

Start by adding slow to cook foods such as meat using a quick release method then later add ingredients such as peas or potatoes and now prepare the whole meal together at same time.

Set a timer: Set a timer after the pressure cooker maintains its pressure, set the timer according to the recipe you are following. You can set the timer in the built in digital timers of electric pressure cookers.

As per the reviews, Fissler pressure cooker cooking times are relatively less so it is best to consult the product manual in this regard.

Carefully Releasing the Pressure: When the food is done, always use an appropriate pressure release method. Usually there are three ways to release steam.

One is by taking your pressure cooker off the heat allowing it to release in its own time naturally; which is ideal for meals that take long time to cook.

Secondly, by turning a pressure release valve that is best for not so delicate dishes and lastly by running your cooker under a cold tap which is helpful in case you overcooked your vegetables.

If you own an electric pressure cooker(Buy on Amazon), never try a cold water release or submerge the appliance in water. Also do not try to force open the lid.

Modern cookers are made this way that they stops you from tampering otherwise you may get burnt.

Clean and Store Properly: Pressure cooker are made to cook food but are not designed for food storage.

Once you prepare your meal transfer the food into your dish, or storage container to avoid any wear and tear. 

Moreover, the lids are not designed for the dishwasher and especially the electric pressure cooker lids should not be submerged in water.

You can clean them by washing them under running tap by taking off the rubber gasket and later dry it with soft cloth.

Check the instructions given with the product, some cookers are dishwasher safe, if your cooker is not dishwasher safe wash it by hand following the guidelines.

After giving it a spin or wash, be sure to manually dry it with a soft towel before popping it straight in the cupboard.

Difference Between Manual Fissler Pressure Cooker Vs. Common Fissler Pressure Cooker

Difference Between Manual Fissler Pressure Cooker Vs. Common Fissler Pressure Cooker

The term manual may be confusing for some but manual Fissler pressure cooker refers to the stovetop pressure cookers that are placed on the stovetops.

These pressure cookers are comparatively faster at prepping meals and durably constructed as well if we compare them to the common Fissler pressure cooker.

Common Fissler pressure cookers slower and prone to easily damage; but they possess efficient functionality.

Manual Fissler pressure cookers require a bit attention because the temperature needs to adjusted every now and then throughout the cooking process.

On the other hand common Fissler pressure cookers automatically adjust the heat and turn to Keep Warm setting by their own after the meal is prepared. 

Manual Fissler pressure cookers are great at browning and searing than the common ones but they require a bit more attention.

Although Fissler’s cookers are not noisy as the conventional cookers are and we have discussed some of the best Fissler pressure cooker that are known for their silent performance.

However, few older models are found due to constantly venting out steam. In common cookers there is no problem of noise and you can enjoy a peaceful cooking experience.

WMF Pressure Cooker Vs. Fissler Pressure Cooker

WMF Pressure Cooker Vs. Fissler Pressure Cooker
  • Considering the construction both pressure cookers are made of 18/10 stainless steel, but Fissler has a unique beauty with its durability and mirror polished finish. On the hand WMF is heavier comparatively.
  • Provided with removable flame resistant WMF is convenient to dishwash; however, Fissler’s handle has a lot to offer. The handle indicates that it is properly closed using a color coded band and an audible sound.
  • The automatic locking mechanism in Fissler’s lid helps it keep intact and safe while the cooker is pressurized. The feature lacks in WMF.
  • Fissler’s cookers are relatively more silent than WMF pressure cookers(Buy On Amazon).
  • Both have inside measurements to help prevent it from over filling.
  • Once the handle is sealed, automatic pressure valve comes in action to maintain the pressure safely preventing any possible casualty.  
  • Fissler pressure cooker cooking times are drastically quicker than WMF pieces; the reason could be its advanced features. which are missed in WMF.
  • While comparing the prices, we find that WMF is more affordable but lacks some advanced features as well. However, it still worth to buy and half the price of Fissler. Fissler on the other hand is an expensive choice but carries a bunch astounding features that is not commonly found in conventional cookers.

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Cleaning Tips of Fissler pressure Cooker

Cleaning Tips of Fissler pressure Cooker

No doubt you got the best Fissler pressure cooker that is dishwasher safe, but it is better to wash it by hand using mild soap and non abrasive cleaning pad.

Whether it’s the new electronic model or Fissler pressure cooker old model cleaning your cooker by hand add further years to its serving time.

  • If you are planning to use your dishwasher, remove the handle of your pressure cooker and spare the lid as they both can be washed later by hand.
  • If you have just recently cooked meal then let the cooker cool down before give it a wash to avoid thermal shock.
  • For cleaning your Fissler Vitavit pressure cooker or even Vitaquick, you need to have few items such as washing liquid, sponge or soft cloth, warm water and dish cloth.
  • Fill your Fissler pressure cooker with a mixture of warm water and liquid washing soap and let it soak for an hour or two. This way the stubborn food residue or food stick to the bottom softens and easily released.   
  • Now after submerging it for some time, its time to give it a wash by running it under hot water using a sponge and dishwashing soap.
  • Rinse and dry using a soft dishcloth to make sure there is no water left. Storing the wet cooker into the cabinet may cause water stains.
  • If your pressure cooker is burnt, do not try scratch it off with steel wool or scouring pads. Make a solution of water and cream of tartar with even quantity of lemon juice. Now boil this solution for 10 minutes before pouring it into the pressure cooker.
  • Let the solution stay there in the cooker for an hour or so.
  • After the solution cools off, scrub off the residue using a sponge. You can use a plastic scouring pad as well.

Top 3 Best Fissler Pressure Cookers

In order to help you find the best Fissler cookware; we have listed down some of the best Fissler pressure cookers so that you get to enjoy the optimal cooking experience in your home or restaurant.

1. Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel

This 8.5 quarts Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker is the perfect size to prepare meal for a small family of 4 to 6 people.

The capacity is perfect for preparing 6 servings of rice or 12 to 15 cups of soup. Made of high quality material this shiny stainless steel pressure cooker from Fissler is not only attractive but is designed to improve almost every aspect of your cooking.

The solid and durable construction prevents it from making noise and leaking and adds hefty 5 pounds weight.

Compared to the two we have discussed below it is the Fissler pressure cooker old model that was launched in 2012.

Though it is extremely lightweight compared to most pressure cookers but can have substantial weight when contains food, but the sturdy handles make it easy to carry or maneuver.

The easy grip handle is made of quality plastic with a nice yet comfy feel. The auto-locking handle closes with a distinct click that activates that displays a color coded pointer, to guarantee you that the unit is securely closed. Unless the lid is not tightly closed, it refrains the pressure to build.

An automatic pressure release valve avoid pressure build up and allows excess steam to escape from the cooker making this pressure cooker almost mistake-proof and safer to use.

Since it is made of premium grade material it can be used on all cooking surfaces, without getting corrode or warp including gas, electric, induction convection cooktops.

The measuring scale inside the cooking pot allows to measure the food directly while it inside the pot.

The high quality stainless steel body is dishwasher safe; you can completely remove the handle from the lid for quick and easy cleanup.

  • 8.5 quarts, 5 pounds pressure cooker.
  • Premium grade stainless steel construction.
  • Automatic pressure release valve.
  • Easy grip, auto locking, removable handle.
  • Compatible with various stovetops including induction.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • It is quite pricey.
  • Limited capacity for prepping large servings.

2. Fissler Vitavit premium Pressure Cooker Set of 6 with Skillet

This Fissler Vitavit Pressure Cooker set are great for cooking nearly any type of food including meat, fish, vegetables, stews, soups, and roasts.

Whether you slow cook or steam you can pressure cook it in a Fissler Vitavit model within less time, consuming less energy and using less oil.

This UL-listed pressure cooker provided with safety features; the locking indicator turns green with a clear audible click which means that the Pressure- cooker or skillet is safely closed and ready to face the heat of your cooktop.

The honeycomb textured base called the NoVo grill cooking bottom; uses less oil for frying salmon, grilling chicken or searing beef.

The interior of the cookware provided with etched measuring marks to help you measure the quantity of your food or ingredients.

The pressure skillet is an upgraded version of a frying pan it gives you full command over sautéing veggies, prepping scrambled eggs with the additional skills of a powered pressure cooker.

The Fissler Vitavit premium pressure cooker is an ideal choice for both beginners and expert cooks.

This ingenious cooking appliance comes with three different pressure settings to let you choose whether to cook your meals slowly or quickly. 

The practical positioning aid of this Fissler’s pressure cooker provides brilliant positioning with ergonomic seating and sealing without a worry.

The durable construction and innovative sleek design includes removable handle as well that is provided with speed settings, locking indicator and evaporation; comes off easily when it is time to clean.  

The Fissler Vitavit pressure cooker has a capacity of 6 liters; comes with a pressure lid, pressure skillet, glass lid, insert and a tripod to help you cook conveniently on almost cooktops including induction.

  • 6 piece pressure cooker set.
  • Made of 18/10 stainless steel.
  • Easily detachable removable handle.
  • NoVo grill cooking bottom uses less oil.
  • Pressure cooker has 6 liters capacity.
  • Induction compatible and dishwasher safe.
  • Costs a fortune.
  • Handle starts to loose after few uses.

3. Fissler Vitavit Edition Design Premium Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

If you want to enjoy an outstanding cooking experience then this Fissler 8.4 quarts cooker is the ideal one for you.

Made of premium grade heavy gauge stainless steel, the durable construction and appealing looks will mesmerize you. 

The thick and sturdy walls allow perfect heat absorption and distribute heat evenly for sautéing and searing.

The wide and even base has a heat conducting aluminum core ensuring a professional grade cooking results.

Comes with a number of safety features, one of which is a pressure valve that ensures if the handle is properly locked and preventing the lid from opening by the pressure building up.

Moreover, the handle is made of durable plastic that offers a nice feel to grip, closes with an audible click while activating the color coded indicator ensuring that it is securely intact.

The handle stays locked until the pot fully depressurizes itself. The different color bands indicate the level of pressure building up.

This Fissler cooker is not the cheapest, so if you really need a 8.5 quarts pot for a regular use then it’s worth a spot in your cupboard.

After all, this well made and reliable staple is the best Fissler cookware and owning it is a treat to have.

It is a well built cooker that is user friendly, easy to clean and can be used on all stovetops.

  • 8.5 quarts stainless steel pressure cooker.
  • Premium grade heavy gauge stainless steel built.
  • Aluminum core embedded bottom.
  • Durable plastic handle.
  • Color coded indicator shows the level of pressure.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • It is quite expensive.

Final Verdict

Fissler has a long record of manufacturing some of the premium grade kitchen utensils and cookware.

Talking of Fissler’s pressure cooker, they are the best Fissler cookware and known best among the big cookware brands of Europe.

You can rely on the pressure cookers for high performance, efficiency and durability.

The best thing about the Fissler’s that they have introduced pressure cookware for both new and experienced cooks; so you can easily pick that is best for you.

In the name of brand loyalty you can also opt for manual fissler pressure cooker. Fissler offers premium quality just like you expect to perform big names such as All-Clad or Crescent but in a more affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cookers are designed to shorten the cooking time of slow cook dishes using significant high temperature and less water which reduces the cooking duration thus saves more energy compared to the conventional cooking procedure.

Pressure cooker is much economical as it consumes less power, reduce cooking times by up to 50%, ideal for tenderizing meat in less time and retain nutrients well.

Who makes Fissler pressure?

Fissler is a German based premium cookware brand known for its quality cookware mostly made of made of stainless steel and cast aluminum.

The brand offers a huge cookware collection to meet the needs of every household or professional kitchen.

Which pressure cooker is best Aluminum or steel?

Stainless steel is durable but it does not conduct heat like aluminum. A stainless steel cooker is much expensive and heavy too.

On the other hand aluminum is lightweight, less expensive and conducts heat well to help cook evenly.

Vitavit vs Vitaquick, what’s the difference?

Both Vitavit and Vitaquick are best Fissler cookware; same in terms of design, features and pricing.

However, Vitaquick that is also Fissler pressure cooker old model considered best for the beginners to use as it is more easy to use and maneuver.