Best Non-stick Pan Without Teflon 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

Non stick pan no teflon

If you are a health conscious individual then all you need is a best non stick pan without Teflon which is free from any possible hazardous effects on health.

We did some research and found some of the best non toxic pans available in the market to help get the best non stick pan without Teflon for your kitchen.

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Non-stick pans and pots are used all over the world and it may be a tricky task for you to cook without non stick pans.

However, most of us still do not understand the harmful causes of some of the non-stick pans with various harmful materials.

Now, with a little awareness, people are looking for the best non-stick pan no Teflon or any harmful chemical.

The non-stick pans have been incredible for flipping some fluffy pancakes and fry some delicious French omelets.

You will love the non-stick pans for cooking some of the incredibly delicate and yummy food. However, do you know how harmful Teflon is? Before that, do you know what is Teflon?

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What are Teflon Free Non Stick Pans?

Ceramic Cookware: If you are looking for a best non stick pan without Teflon, you may find it in the ceramic cookware. It is the best alternative to conventional non stick or Teflon.

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Food in ceramic cookware doesn’t stick and even if it gets; it doesn’t gets you any harmful effect to the health.

Cast Iron Cookware: Cooking in cast iron prevent you from iron deficiency. However, ingesting too much can be problematic as well.

Cast iron is a durable non toxic cookware material that retains heat exceptionally well but is not good at conductivity. It can resist warping and chipping.

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If you season it properly it can work just like any traditional non stick cookware.  Cast iron is preferred to construct fry pans, grill pans, griddles and Dutch ovens.

Enameled cast iron cookware is non reactive, easy to clean and safe to use.

Silicon Cookware: Silicone cookware is basically made of a rubber that comprises silicon and oxygen.

It is relatively safe for baking and cooking compared to aluminum, stainless steels and Teflon coated non-stick pans.

Silicone works great for low fat cooking. A high quality silicone cookware is non toxic and easy to clean; does not leach or flake chemicals into food.

Stainless Steel Cookware: Stainless steel is a durable and attractive cookware material. There are different grades of stainless steel available and used in the making; however, 18/10 is the mostly used for its quality and durability.

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18/10 does not react with alkaline or acidic ingredients nor impacts the food color. Stainless steel is oven, broiler and dishwasher safe metal.

Stainless steel does not required maintenance, available in various price ranges and is dishwasher safe.

How Harmful Teflon Is?

Teflon is a material that is made of the chemical known as PFOA. However, it is suspected that it is a carcinogen.

It is a cancer-producing agent. Moreover, PFOA is also a reproductive toxin, which is the main reason why people are avoiding it.  

Teflon has been revolutionizing the world of non-stick pans and pot. However, have you ever considered the downside of Teflon? The chemical that is used in Teflon, is a major cancer-producing agent.

Moreover, the effect of the chemical does not stay with us only, it has been transmitting to other generations through disorders, and diseases in the new-borns. 

The non-stick pans having PFOA, are made in a way that most of the chemical is eliminated. However, some of it is still left.

Whenever you cook your food in the Teflon non-stick pans, the chemical gets absorbed in the food.

You may already know the health hazards of Teflon. Besides cancer, it is also increasing kidney failures, and infertility in people. 

Quick Steps To Choose Non-Stick Pan Without Teflon

There are other non stick pan alternatives are available. However, if you are searching for a guide regarding how to buy the best non-stick pan without Teflon 2022, we are here to help you out. 

Before choosing any Non stick pan without Teflon you should consider some characteristics of cookware are as follows.

Design: When you are looking for a non-stick pan, there is an enormous non-stick pans industry. Each company offers several designs.

However, if you are someone who cooks daily, you need to find a design that is practical and not very delicate.

These super fancy and delicate designs are for the people who cook occasionally or do not cook at all. 

Material: When you are looking for the non-stick pan, you can find it in the Aluminium, steel, or iron.

Aluminum pans are an excellent pick if you want a lightweight pan. It can also be coated with ceramic.

This makes it a healthy pick. Whereas, the iron pans are heavy and cheaper. If you are looking for a long-lasting option, cast iron has to be your pick. Lastly, you can also choose the stainless steel. 

Size: These pans are available in several sizes. The common sizes are 8 inches, 10 inches, or 12 inches.

If you have a big family, you should get a bigger pan. Again, it depends on your needs, and how much you cook. 

Weight: If you love to cook in cast iron, you also have to be fine with the heavy weight of it. However, if you are looking for lighter options, the stainless steel, and aluminum should be your pick. 

Best Non-stick Pan Without Teflon 2022

Now, you already know how to pick the best non-stick pan without Teflon 2022, we are here to help you out with some of our top picks.

These are some of the incredible quality, and long-lasting pans, that you can use for years. Take a look at the features of these pans, and decide if you should get these or not. 

1.Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan 3 Sets

Ozeri green best non stick pan without teflon

When you are looking for a pan that is nonstick and does not contain any PFOA, or another chemical, the Ozeri Green has to be your pick.

It is manufactured in a way that is it does not contain any chemical. Moreover, it is made of Greblon Ceramic.

So, this makes it an even safer choice. It is a perfect pick for the best nonstick pan no Teflon

Best Pick Non Stick Pan with no teflon

Some of the people have this concept, that ceramic is not able to distribute the heat properly and evenly.

However, Ozeri has a honey-comb structured bottom. This is design makes the heat distribution equal.

Not only that, if you have a big family, and you cook every day, you no longer have to worry. The scratch-resistant material makes cleaning simple and easy. Lastly, it also works incredibly on the induction stoves.

  • Long lasting and scratch resistance material
  • Free from PFOA, PTFE, NMP, and other harmful chemicals
  • Lightweight

2.Kyocera Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Pan

kyocera ceramic best non stick pan without teflon

If you think that non-stick pans with Teflon are not an option for you, you can pick these incredible aluminium pans.

It has an amazing distribution of heat and comes in three different sizes. It has the base, that is made of stainless steel.

It enhances heat distributions. Do you want the pans to be dishwasher safe? Well, this has to be your knight, in shining armour, because it is the best non-stick pan without Teflon dishwasher safe

Moreover, you can also keep it in the oven at about 400-degree Fahrenheit. So, no more thinking before you put it in the oven.

The Kyocera is made of the material, that is super easy to clean. So, you no longer have to spend a lot of time doing dishes, while you have a bulk of other things to do.

In addition to this, you no longer will have any health hazards in using these non-stick pans.

  • Safe to use, cadmium, and PFOA free
  • Easy cleaning
  • Incredible heat distribution
  • Budget-friendly
  • If not taken care properly, the coating can chip off

3.Lodge 12-inch Cast-Iron Pan

lodge cast iron best non stick pan without teflon

Most people are used to cooking in cast iron. It enhances the taste. However, the skillets made of it are heavy.

If you are looking for a good pick, you can get the Lodge cast iron pan. You will need to grease it properly to enhance the nonstick quality of it.

One thing that wins the cast iron skillet over anything else, is the versatility, and the long life. Also, for more careful handling it comes with a silicone handle holder. 

No doubt, it is the best non-stick pan 2022. Moreover, this cast iron pan is chemical-free and does not have a coating that chips off.

So, you would not have the problem of finding the pieces of coating in your food. You can use it on the stove, grill, oven, and even campfire. 

  • Affordable
  • Super long-lasting
  • Needs proper greasing to keep the food from sticking the pan

4.GreenLife Ceramic Non Stick Frying Pan

Constructed from recycled aluminum and secured with a extra durable wobble-free base that offers quick and even heating to your meals. 

Consist of two 7-inch and 10-inch ceramic non stick fry pans the set is available in 7 different and vibrant colors that gives a distinctive look to your kitchen with its aesthetic beauty.

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If you are a health conscious individual then you are going to admire this ceramic non stick that is derived from sand and free of PFOA, PFAS, lead, and cadmium providing an effortless cleanup and easy to release cooking experience.

The soft grip Bakelite handles are ergonomically designed that stay cool on the stovetop and provides maximum comfort with its extra soft material.

Provided with a hole at the edge, these handles can easily be hanged on the pans railing.  Since the manufacturer claims it to be dishwasher; however, as per the consumers dishwashing ruins the ceramic coating so you better clean them using warm water and sponge.

These beautiful pfoa and ptfe free non stick pans are compatible all cooktops except induction and are oven safe up to 350F.

  • Constructed from recycled aluminum.
  • 7-inch and 10-inch ceramic pans.
  • PFOA, PFAS, lead, and cadmium free.
  • Soft grip Bakelite handles.
  • Dishwasher and oven safe upto 350F.
  • No induction compatible.

5.Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Pan

The high quality enameled cast iron construction with an enamel coating inside and out provides superior heat distribution and retention.

The sturdy enameled coating keeps it from rusting and with the help of premium grade cast iron offers versatility with less maintenance and seasoning.  

Since cast iron is known for its heat retention features, these Teflon free pans are also great for keeping food warm and lets you serve from the stove to the table.

However, you may find the pan too heavy to carry with ingredients but considering the heat retention you can use oven mitts or potholders to carry that giant workhorse.

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This heavy weight enamel coated pan comes among the best non toxic non stick pans; as it lets you cook fat free food with less oil.

Though the manufacturer claims it to be dishwasher safe but its large size and heavy weight makes it not a good fit for it.

The good news is you can easily clean it by using a sponge and warm water. You can even submerge it in water for a releasing stubborn food residue. 

It has the ability to work on multiple heat sources including induction, grill and oven.

Since it is a heavy skillet a standard handle and a helper handle are needed to carry and maintain balance.

You need to have your mitts on for carrying. The large loop provided on the edge makes it easy to hang on the kitchen utensils railing.

  • Enameled cast iron construction.
  • Works on multiple heat sources.
  • Large loop handle with helper handle.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Extremely heavy.

6.Viking Tri-ply Stainless Steel Pan

The 3-Ply Stainless Steel Viking Contemporary fry pan is a combination of aesthetic beauty and optimal performance.

Inspired by Windsor pan, the triply construction consists of 18/10 stainless steel cladding premium grade aluminum.

The unison of these industrial grade materials transfer heat quickly and evenly to reap the best cooking experience.

The aluminum is already known for quick and even heat distribution but is not sturdy enough to stand the various heat sources that is why magnetic stainless steel exterior is used that  incredibly endure heat with safety from all cooktops, including induction, grill and oven up to 500F. The polished exterior does not warp, corrode or discolor.

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The stay-cool Viking signature handle is ergonomically designed ensuring secure grip, ease and balance.

The non slip handle is sufficiently long and dual riveted so you can maneuver easily without straining your hands.

Flared rim helps you keep your kitchen counter spotless by ensuring drip free pouring. The 10-onch contemporary pan is dishwasher safe; however, hand wash is recommended.

  • 18/10 stainless steel with premium grade aluminum.
  • Induction, grill and oven up to 500F.
  • Viking signature handle.
  • Flared rim.
  • Hand wash recommended.
  • Hand wash recommended.

7.De Buyer Stainless Steel Non Stick Pan

Constructed of carbon steel, this beautiful pan looks attractive with its mirror polished surface just like stainless steel.

Carbon steel is a durable and versatile material that is light in weight and offers optimal thermal conductivity.

The natural and smooth surface consist of 99% iron and 1% carbon keeps the foods from sticking, allows easy release of ingredients with making much effort and is easy to clean just like PFOA and PTFE free non stick pans do.

The triple riveted handle is thoughtfully designed to ensure it doesn’t get loose easily. The ergonomically designed handle offers easy grip and balance incorporating with the French curve allowing you strain free sautéing, stirring and flipping experience.

The 8-inch frying pan works fine with all the stove tops including induction and oven up to 400F. Cleaning this pan is extremely easy, you can just wipe it off with a piece of cloth then set it aside to store.

  • Constructed of carbon steel.
  • Triple riveted handle.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.
  • Works with all cooktops, oven safe upto 400F.
  • Hand wash recommended.

8.Greenpan Lima Non Stick Pan

Made from premium grade hard anodized aluminum and coated with a Thermolon ceramic non stick coating that is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium offer a safe yet healthy cooking experience without any risk of toxic fumes, flaking or peeling.

Since hard anodized aluminum is not magnetic in nature that is why it doesn’t support induction cooktop; however, the tough yet study base works well without getting warp on other heat sources including oven and broiler up to 600F.

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The dual riveted stainless steel handle is ergonomically designed and cool to touch to provide you with a relaxed and comfortable grip. 

Mostly handles don’t support extreme temperatures; however, these durable handles can stand up to oven temperature up to 600F.

Featuring an extra durable and scratch-resistant blue-gray interior with chrome exterior, the first impression is pretty impressive about this 10-inch fry pan.

The pan is not dishwasher safe so you need to be extra careful while cleaning and storing. IT is better to avoid the abrasive pads and harsh chemicals to keep the finish long lasting.

  • Constructed of hard anodized aluminum.
  • Thermolon ceramic non stick coating
  • Triple riveted handle.
  • Oven and broiler safe up to 600F.
  • Dual riveted stainless steel handle.
  • Not induction compatible.

9.Waxonware Ceramic Non Stick Pan

Made of aluminum alloy this 11-inch non stick frying pan is unlike the traditional pfoa and ptfe free non stick pans.

It does not have the typical ceramic coating but instead it comprises of granite and ceramic blend that makes it apart from the others in sturdiness.

Not only this, these unbreakable kitchen utensils consist of five layers of this sturdy combination. This means that this non toxic pan is relatively heavier than other Teflon free pans.

Moreover, the coating is PFOA, PTFE, Lead, and Cadmium free; releases maximum food easily and offers effortless clean up.

Coupled with a pressed aluminum alloy body and patented Stontec coating, this beautiful pan heats up quickly and evenly.

The powerful magnetized induction bottom allows it to withstand heat from all cooking surfaces including induction and oven.

The dual riveted Bakelite stay cool handle provides comfortable, strain free maneuvering and durable grip so you can have a balanced handling.    

Have a look at its Amazon profile and you will find that it is the best non stick pan without Teflon.

The manufacturer claims it to be dishwasher safe; however, the super slick and greasy surface is easy to clean by hand.

  • Made of aluminum alloy.
  • 11-inch non stick frying pan.
  • Patented Stontec coating.
  • Magnetized induction bottom
  • Bakelite stay cool handle.
  • Low and medium heat recommended.

10.Calphalon Tri-ply Stainless Steel Pan

This 10-inch tri ply stainless steel pan comprises of three durable and high quality layers of materials.

The heat efficient aluminum core wrapped with magnetic stainless steel exterior and non porous satin stainless steel interior.

The durable construction makes it highly resistant against warp, corrosion, scratches and hot spots.

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The aluminum core provides optimal and even heat distribution so you can enjoy restaurant grade, searing, braising, frying, sautéing and simmering experience.

The elegant brushed stainless steel exterior can go from the stove to the table directly and works on electric, gas, ceramic, halogen, or induction stovetops.

The induction compatible is oven and broiler safe up to 450F. Triple riveted stainless steel handle stays cool on the stovetop providing comfy and sturdy grip without losing balance. The pan is dishwasher safe; however, good for a quick and easy clean up.

  • 10-inch tri ply stainless steel pan.
  • Induction, oven and broiler safe up to 450F.
  • Magnetic stainless steel bottom.
  • Flared rims for easy rims.
  • Not made for high heat cooking.

Factors to Choose Best Non toxic Non stick Pans

Dishwasher Safe or Not

If you are not sure whether your pots and pans are dishwasher safe or not, check the label on the product. Sometimes it is mentioned on the base or on the handle of the cookware.

It is better to keep your cast iron, copper and non stick Teflon pans out of dishwasher. It is better to hand wash you cookware even if the manufacturer said it safe.

Cooktop Compatibility

Just like the dishwasher, check whether the cookware you are buying is able to perform on your stovetop.

Not every cookware is made to serve on every cookware. Mostly aluminum and copper cookware doesn’t work on induction;

however if these materials are made a stainless steel induction compatible base then it would be super sturdy.

Dangers of Scratched Teflon Pans

When your Teflon pans are scratched, using them can become hazardous to health.

First of all cooking in a scratched Teflon pan wouldn’t serve the purpose; the food starts to stick to the surface due to the uneven non stick surface which can result in burning or excessive sticking of ingredients.

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Scratched non stick coating starts to flake into your food. The non stick coating is not supposed to be consumed by the human body; it may result in various health issues.

Cooking in scratched Teflon pans can be dangerous to the environment as well. It can generate toxic fumes. The same happens when we cook on high temperature. 

When to through Away Non Stick Pans

Scratched Teflon Pan

Cooking in scratched Teflon pan can be dangerous to health. Since Teflon is made of different man made chemicals that shouldn’t be consumed and may raise health concerns if consumed.

Moreover, scratched non stick pan don’t serve the purpose the way non stick coating does; food start to stick on to the surface and may get burn.

Warped Teflon Pan

Warping is caused due to the thermal shocks. Thermal shocks occur when you expose your cookware to extreme change in temperature.

By submerging your hot Teflon pan into the sink without letting it cool off or put a cold pan onto the stovetop.

Warping causes the cookware surface uneven and wouldn’t prepare evenly cooked food.


Slight discoloration is not bad; however, it causes the food to build up over time and turns it in to much darker discoloration.

Dark discoloration means the non stick coating has been compromised and now its time to replace the pan


What is best non stick pan without Teflon?

I have listed top 5 best non stick pan without Teflon but Ozeri Green Earth pan (Buy On Amazon) is premium choice. While it is made up of Greblon Ceramic coating which is even safer choice.

Do Teflon pans cause cancer?

Yes! Teflon pans may cause cancer. Most of non stick cooking pans are coated with polytetrafluoroethylene, that is also called Teflon.

In case nonstick coating can flake off, chemical gets absorbed in the food. Besides cancer, it may also cause kidney disease.

What is the best alternative to Teflon?

Stainless steel, Cast iron, Ceramic, Stoneware are the best alternative of Teflon.

How safe are ceramic coated pans?

Ceramic coated pans are manufactured from inorganic elements such as silicon and oxygen. While inorganic does not contain carbon as well as chemicals like (PTFF and PFOA). So, that’s why ceramic pans are safe to use.

What pans do not contain Teflon?

Any pots and pans that comprised of ceramic, ecofriendly, enameled and natural non stick surface do not contain Teflon and are safe to use.

Are Teflon free pans safe?

If you think that you cannot have the best non stick pan without Teflon then you might have to do some research because there are lots of other options available.

Teflon is basically the PTFE that is without traditional non stick PFOA. Cooking with PTFE nonstick cookware is considered safe generally.

However, compared to natural non stick or eco friendly they are not safe and may release, flake or peel toxic elements.

Do all nonstick pans use Teflon?

Manufacturers calls their non-stick coatings with different names, but as per experts that are just for the sake of marketing;  non stick pans can either be Teflon or ceramic and nothing else.

However, if we talk about different materials we see in the market are enameled non stick, triply or 5 ply cookware, cast iron and cast aluminum.  

Which type of non stick coating is best?

A ceramic coated pan is the best non stick pan without Teflon. It does not contain toxic elements as PTFE, PFOA, and other hazardous chemicals that can be potentially harmful by flaking, peeling or releasing toxic fumes when expose to high temperatures.

But mostly people say that ceramic is less durable than Teflon, as it can break easily.  

Is ceramic better than non stick?

Ceramic non stick coating is better than Teflon non stick coating allowing you to cook healthy foods with less grease without any risk of peeling or flaking toxic chemicals.

Ceramic is also an excellent heat conductor that cooks the food evenly. Moreover, the ceramic cookware is easy to clean and release food. 


Now, that you have already gone through the features of various nonstick pans, you can decide in a better way about which to choose.

Whereas, there are a lot of other options that are available in the market, as the best nonstick pans no Teflon.

However, the above mentioned five products are picked based on the superiority of quality, weight, and other aspects.

If you are still confused, we can help you a bit more. Our pick for the best nonstick pan without Teflon 2022 is the Ozeri Green nonstick pan(Buy On Amazon). It has incredible quality, and it lasts a lot longer than many other pans on the list.