Best Woks for Electric Stoves – Perfect For Electric Cooktop

Best Woks for Electric Stoves
Best Woks for Electric Stoves

With the name of wok; what comes in mind is various stir fried scrumptious meals that can only be made possible through a wok. However, finding best woks for electric stoves is a bit tricky; as not every wok is made to perform on electric stoves.

Wok pans that have a flat bottom are considered as the best woks for electric stove because they perfectly fit on the surface of electric stove. 

In short, You have to purchase those wok pans that have flat bottom for your electric stove.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the best woks for electric stoves that are not only compatible to electric stove but also have several other incredible features needed in a wok.

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Product Features Buy On

Made from 100% Carbon Steel

The surface of the wok is nitriding processed, improving durability, corrosion resistance

Detachable handle


Easy to clean
Yosukata Carbon Steel Wok Pan

The Yosukata 13,5 inch wok with flat bottom is specially designed to lock the juice and flavor inside ingredients

Made from heavy-duty, black carbon steel

wooden handle ensures a comfy grip

Easy to carry and easy to store
Carbon Steel Wok For Electric

12.5″ diameter with flat bottom

Made up of carbon steel

Includes a gorgeous wooden lid and a stainless steel spatula

Easy to handle
Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok Pan

100% hand hammered pow wok
Triple riveted strong wooden handle
Helper handle is convenient
Extreme heat tolerance
Develops natural non stick surface
Induction and oven safe
Cooks Standard Flat Bottom Stainless Steel Wok

13-inch flat bottom wok

Multi-clad construction

Ergonomically designed handles

Securely fitted dome

Withstand heat up to 500F

Oven and dishwasher safe
Calphalon Flat Bottom Wok Pan

10-inch diameter with high walls

PFOA free non stick walls

Compatible to all heat sources

Withstand heat up to 500F

Transparent lid

Let’s learn about some of the best woks available in the market right now.

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Sky Light Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok Pan

The sky light wok pan is actually a 12.5-inch-wide wok with a deep interior and exterior. The pan is equipped with a detachable brown cork handle that makes it easy to be placed in the oven or comes off easily while cleaning; while the loop shaped hanging ring helps to hand it anywhere in the kitchen in case of limited space.

The durable body Sky Light wok is made of iron without using any additional synthetic materials or chemical coatings.

It is capable to withstand temperature up to 550F to help make the food quick and easy. The flat base in combination with the iron frame conducts heat evenly and quickly and helps the wok appropriate for using over induction, gasoline, ceramic, and electricity cooking stoves.

Constructed from carbon steel, the Sky Light wok offers fast and even distribution of heat to explore any cooking expedition and to keep the nutrients of your foods from unnecessary toxins and synthetic chemicals that are part of many cookware nowadays.

Furthermore, its superb heating performance ensures to keep the beautiful yet vibrant colors of your veggies wouldn’t lose their beauty and aroma.

The innovative cooking surface with its honeycomb pattern allows smooth cooking, doesn’t deform or prevent the surface from scratches, while maintaining its beauty.

With the passage of time the iron forms an oxide coating which help in releasing the food quickly while cooking.

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The interior has an outstanding durability and corrosion resistance ability so that you can use metal utensils without being concerned about the scratches.

  • Sufficient size for large meals
  • Large sized removable handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven and Induction safe
  • Seasoning required before use
  • Prone to stains and rust

Yosukata Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok

The Yosukata carbon steel wok has a conventional style and an efficient heat responsive built that quickly responds to temperature while the bottom quickly and evenly transfers the heat up to the walls.

It comes pre seasoned and does not need to be seasoned regularly.

It is available in both configurations so you can purchase it as a carbon steel flat bottom wok or in a traditional round bottom configuration.

So if you have an electric stove you should purchase the flat bottom wok. The manufacturer also do not suggest the round bottom to use over ceramic, electric or induction stoves as it was quite unstable due to its round bottom.

However, an experienced cook can enjoy stir frying with this kitchen workhorse using traditional metal wok ring.

The ergonomically designed handle is made of carbon steel and is securely welded ensuring strong and comfy grip.

Atop the steel platform is actually provided with a round wooden grip that is extremely comfy to hold stay cool while cooking.

Fastened with screws it can be easily replaced and if you want to temporarily get rid of it you can easily remove them in case you want o place it in the oven.

A welded helper loop is also provided along with the primary handle that provides excellent support for a comfortable maneuvering and can be used as a hanging hook for storage.

Overall, it is the best carbon steel wok in a highly reasonable price with a durable construction, ability to deliver on any stovetop, comfy handles, well balanced weight and last but not the least the best wok pan for home and commercial use.

  • Large sized wok
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Comfortable and removable handle
  • Reasonable Price
  • Oven and Induction safe
  • Not metal utensil safe
  • You may need to pre season it

Carbon Steel Flat Bottom Wok for Electric Stove

This carbon steel pan from Soaped Up Recipes is actually a trendy take on an old-fashioned wok. The flat bottom is actually perfect for stir frying meals and heats up extremely quickly.

This carbon steel pan responds to temperature adjustment rapidly which makes it easy to control while stir frying.

It has a big enough size that is sufficient make a huge batch of soup and stir fried meals. This pan doesn’t have an additional supporting handle; however, the durable and comfortable wooden handle is easily detachable.

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The easy to remove feature of its high quality handle makes it convenient to season and maintain in oven and on high heat resources.

This pan is a bit textured, and needs to be seasoned regularly as the seasoning begins to come off after using few times.

The Soaped Up carbon steel wok is compatible with almost all heat sources; its flat bottom makes it work on gas, ceramic, induction, electrical, and various other heat sources.

This carbon steel flat bottom wok not only gorgeous with its printed hammered texture but is also highly accessible in practicing versatility.

For making the most out of this pan you need to season this pan correctly to boast its amazing non-stick ability and making it much better to cook and clean.

Furthermore, the trendy wooden lid with stainless steel spatula compliments this carbon steel wok set.

  • 12.5-inch diameter with flat bottom
  • Stay cool removable handle
  • Printed Hammered texture
  • Wooden Lid and Stainless Steel spatula
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Compatible to all stovetops
  • Needs thorough seasoning
  • Wooden lid may store food odor

Mammafong Flat Bottom Wok Pan

This uniquely crafted Mammafong flat bottom wok pan is 14-inch wide. The wok has a silver hand hammered cooking surface that is dome shape and the machine pressed flat base is compatible variety of heat sources including; electric, gasoline, and induction.

This 100% hand hammered wok is the best flat bottom wok pan so far that proves a strong heat source to the food and made to last the heavy duty kitchen tasks.

The premium carbon steel bottom heats up quickly and provides even heat distribution throughout the cooking surface.

The triple riveted strong wooden handle is reinforced by two more screws on the handle to provide durable and firm grip for maneuvering and carrying effortlessly across the kitchen.

According to the users it has a convenient size that allows to cook small and large servings conveniently.

Initially the cooking surface requires pre-seasoning before using it for the first time; continued cooking and maintenance leads to the developing a natural non-stick coating on the wok’s cooking surface.

The only care needed is not to use metal utensils, abrasive scouring pads, soap or harsh cleaning detergents on to the cooking surface.

You can use warm water in order to clean the excess grease or left over ingredients with soft sponge and left with a layer of oil before storing it for next use.

  • 14-inch wide flat bottom
  • 100% hand hammered pow wok
  • Triple riveted strong wooden handle
  • Helper handle is convenient
  • Extreme heat tolerance
  • Develops natural non stick surface
  • Induction and oven safe
  • Requires pre-seasoning
  • Prone to rust and stains

Cooks Standard Flat Bottom Stainless Steel Wok

This 13-inch Cooks Standard Wok has many reasons to stands tall among the best woks for electric stove. Made from 18/10 stainless steel and a multi-element alloy aluminum core; this premium grade stainless steel wok with its dome lid has known for its exceptional performance and functionality.

This beautifully designed 3-layered metal cookware offer comprehensive heat distribution throughout the cooking surface.

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Though stainless steel is not efficient at transmitting heat quickly and evenly but aluminum is a brilliant material that performs effortlessly.

The reason why stainless steel is combined to aluminum; is to bring the toughness to the overall structure of the cookware while the aluminum makes sure to distributes the heat fast and evenly from the bottom to the walls of the wok.

The brushed stainless steel exterior is scratch resistant and is compatible to almost all heat sources; including gas, electric, ceramic, induction and oven with heat resistance up to 500F.

Many consumers claim it to be a little heavy; especially when you want to sauté food; however, others say that they pay no heed and still claims it to be the best wok pan to buy.

The ergonomically designed stay cool handles are created with an air flow technology which keeps the handles cooler than normal and make it more comfortable to hold and maneuver.

The securely fitted stainless steel dome with beautiful lid on the top helps trap in the moisture and nutrients of the food to provide variety of effective cooking experiences.

  • 13-inch flat bottom wok
  • Multi-clad construction
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Securely fitted dome
  • Withstand heat up to 500F
  • Oven and dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel lid doesn’t offer visibility
  • A little heavy to sauté and carry

Calphalon Flat Bottom Wok Pan

This contemporary wok from Calphalon is a great workhorse for anyone who loves to cook stir fried dishes.

The heavy gauge hard anodized aluminum stands up to the metal utensils and temperature up to 500F; making it the best choice among some of the best woks for electric stoves.

With its 10-inch diameter and high sloped walls it is sufficient to make all kinds of soups, stir fried dishes and snacks that need some serious tossing turning. 

The 12-inch flat bottom wok has comfortably made its place among some of the best flat bottom wok pans for its full life time warranty.

The triple riveted stay cool handle along with the supporting handle provides a confident grip; that makes it comfortable to sauté, stirring and carrying it easily from stovetop to the table without having to worry about the any mishap or mishandling.

If you are looking for a flat bottom wok for electric stove or induction hob; then this flat bottom wok is ideal for cooking on various cooktops.

Built to last the durable PFOA free nonstick interior is 1.5x more resilient than any other Calphalon Classic cookware and is safe to be used with metal utensils, low grease offering effortless cleaning by hand or in dishwasher as well.

If you are fan of hand washing then it is suggested to avoid abrasive washing pads rather prefer to wash with warm water for much longevity.

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  • 10-inch diameter with high walls
  • PFOA free non stick walls
  • Compatible to all heat sources
  • Withstand heat up to 500F
  • Transparent lid
  • Not compatible to induction

How to Season a Wok?

For those who don’t know how to and why to season a wok must need to know why it is necessary to season a wok.

Seasoning a wok means introducing a layer of on to the wok’s surface area to keep the material of the wok from rusting, and prevent the food from sticking to the surface of the wok.

These pans are stackable and Usually it is seen that the more you use wok, the more it gets dark and the more it gets seasoned. The seasoning also known as patina; this patina helps to impart some splendid flavors as a result of sautéing, braising, and stir frying.

Apart from your wok which needs to be seasoned; you will need the following things.

  • Cooking Oil
  • Dishwashing soap (preferably liquid)
  • Scouring Pad
  • Sliced Ginger
  • Peeled cloves of Garlic
  • Paper towels

Scrub Off the Factory Oil

Usually all woks are covered with a layer of factory oil which help prevent them from rusting due to weather or any kind of moisture.

It is good to scrub off the factory oil to keep your food safe from the factory oil.

In order to clean the wok you can use a dishwashing soap with scouring pads or scrubbers made of stainless steel, repeat this step three to four times to make sure there is no more factory based grease or oil available on the wok’s surface. 

In the initial phase of scrubbing the factory grease you can use abrasive scouring pads without having to worry about the scratches

Simply work with scouring pads and liquid dishwashing soap when you are prepping your wok for the seasoning.

However, do not use them on regular basis for washing and otherwise you may scrub off the non stick layer and ruin the patina and of the wok.

After a thorough scrubbing; rinse the wok with water and again repeat the same process by adding a bit of dish soap to the wok and use your scouring pad to scrub the wok thoroughly from inside and outside.

Now after few rounds of scrubbing and rinsing, rub the paper towel in the interior and on the exterior as well to check if it is still picking the black residue from the factory oil.

If you still find it on the paper towel then again scrub the wok with soap, rinse, and again wipe it with paper towel.

You may able to get a thoroughly clean paper towel after few tries and you get to realize that the factory oil is now completely scrubbed off.

Dry the Wok

After thoroughly rinsing the factory oil from the wok, let it dry for a while so that you can take a break before starting off the seasoning process.

Or you can do this by putting it on your stove for a few seconds over medium heat. Now your wok is ready to be seasoned for the first time.

You will see that after few moments that the bottom part of the wok is going to turn into a deep color with a blueish hue.

Don’t worry; it is a natural process the more you use it, the darker your wok will be.

Season your Wok

The basic purpose of this activity is to keep your wok from rusting by creating a non stick surface. Pour 3 to four tablespoons (preferably vegetable oil) let it heat up for some time over medium flam.

Now add sliced Ginger and peeled Garlics to stir fry with the dedicated wok spatula or utensils.

We used these vegetables because they both are naturally aromatic and are quite helpful in distributing the oil evenly over the interior surface of the wok

Keep pressing the vegetables against the wok’s wall to evenly spread the oil to the whole surface for around 10 to 15 minutes.

By the end of the process you will get to see the patina start building up.

Its now time to turn off the heat, discard the used vegetables and let the wok to cool off on room temperature.

Make sure to turn on your exhaust fan or open the windows or door of your kitchen in order to keep the ventilation.

Clean the Wok

Now its time to clean the pan not with water but with a dry bristled brush or soft sponge to gently clean the wok from the small fragments of the vegetables you used for seasoning.

If needed you can use only tap water and let the wok dry over the counter for some time.

When you find it is completely cooled then pour a tablespoon of cooking oil into the wok and spread it with the help of paper towel over the entire interior surface.


We hope that you would have liked the above overview about some of the best woks for electric stoves available in the market which are praised by its users for their unique features and incredible performance.

However, if you want us to sum up and pick one from the list of the best woks for electric stoves then we would pick Cooks Standard Flat Bottom Stainless Steel Wok for its durable multi-clad built, incredible heat resistance, sufficient capacity for stir fried and sautéed foods.

The best thing is, you do not need to season it and is compatible to almost all heat sources with great heat distribution skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Woks work on electric stoves?

Flat bottom woks are best to be used on electric stoves as they’ve better heat conductivity. However, with the help of a wok ring you can use a round bottom wok on the electric stove and can still enjoy stir frying.

Do you need a wok ring for an electric stove?

IF you ever get to choose the wok for your electric stove then always go for the best flat bottom wok pan available in the market instead of a round bottomed wok.

Flat bottom wok for electric stove are the best as it does not require a wok ring to work as it can make appropriate connection with the heat and can stay stable on the electric stove top.

In case you own a round bottomed wok, you can use it on your electric stove with a wok ring, which helps in transferring the heat to the bottom of the wok.

A metal wok ring helps your round bottomed wok stay stable on the electric stove and transfers the heat rightly to the wok’s bottom which helps in even cooking.

Which is best wok pan to buy?

As per the market research and customer reviews, Cooks Standard Flat Bottom Stainless Steel Wok is so far the finest wok among the best woks for electric stoves right now available in the market.

How do I choose a best wok pan for home?

Generally carbon steel flat bottom woks are considered the best for their quick and even heat distribution, light weight, durability and affordability. Mostly cooking experts suggests carbon steel wok as the best wok pan for home and restaurants for all the right reasons.

The size does matters too, always choose the wok which is compatible in size with your stovetop and most importantly can serve the right amount of food you want to cook in one time. 

What is the best size wok to buy?

There are different wok sizes varies from 10 to 20 inch sizes; but one should choose the size of wok as per their range of their cooktop and how much they want to cook at a time. Normally a 13-14 inch wok works better in most cases.