Can the Induction Cookware Be Used On a Gas Stove?

Can the Induction Cookware Be Used On a Gas Stove

We all have gas stoves at our homes as the primary cooking appliance. In the recent years, induction cooktops have become popular as an alternative to the gas stoves. These cooktops need a special type of cookware to work.

But, are you getting tired of finding the answer to the question – whether you should use the induction cookware on the gas stove or not? Then, let’s make a final decision on it.

There are a lot of benefits of using quality cookware in the kitchen. First, it helps you to prepare multiple dishes in a shorter duration. Not only that, it presents quality foods in front of your clients or family members. This post shows you the actual discussion of using induction cookware on gas stoves. So, keep on reading.

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What is an induction cookware?

The induction cookware is made up of ferromagnetic material. These are specially made for the induction cooktop. The induction cooktop uses its electromagnetic field to pass heat in the cookware. Good quality induction cooktops have a higher efficiency of heat transfer to the cookware resulting almost zero wastage. This cookware is flat-bottom to maximize the contact area.

Why can you not use normal cookware on an induction cooktop?

Normal cookware cannot work with an induction cooktop. The induction cooker uses electromagnetism technology. So, the utensils should be ferromagnetic and with a flat bottom. The metals like copper, pyrex, aluminum, glass don’t work on an induction cooktop. As with these metals, the electromagnetic field cannot be passed, and as a result, there will be no heat generation in the cookware.

If you are not sure whether your induction cookware will work with an induction cooktop or not, you can do a simple test. Stick a magnet on its bottom. If it gets stuck, then the cookware is induction compatible. If it doesn’t get stuck, you should go for another.

Another important factor to be compatible with an induction cooktop is that these cookwares must have a flat bottom. The usual round-bottom cookwares are not suitable for induction.

What types of cookware are used on a gas stove?

The cookware sets for the gas stove should perform two things well; one is evenly distributing the flame’s heat and the second is to adapt to the temperature changes quickly. Apart from that, these are easy to clean and use.

The pure form of metal may not be good for use in a gas stove. In that case, the material should be a combination of certain materials. Some examples are:

Stainless steel

Stainless Steel is the most common and effective option to use on a gas stove. Stainless steel cookware are durable, resistant to corrosion, non-reactive and will not flavor the food. However, these are not very good heat conductors. In that case, the bottom layering of copper and aluminum can also make it a good heat conductive. The stainless steel 18/10 is considered magnetic, so these can also be ideal for induction cookware.


Aluminum is a good heat conductor that makes it perfect for use on a gas stove. In addition, it comes with more heat conductivity which means you will need less energy to apply on its surface to make itself heated up.

But the pure aluminum is soft, and it may warp under heat. Apart from that, pure aluminum may react with the acidic form. Sometimes the long-time ingestion of aluminum may lead to Alzheimer’s disease. To use it on a gas stove, it has to be anodized. This electrochemical process makes its coating scratch-resistant, non-reactive.


Copper is expensive. Copper is a good heat conductor, and they are easy to maintain. However, like aluminum, it may also react with acidic foods and is prone to scratching. For using it on a gas stove, it needs to be added or layered with stainless steel. In that case, the copper remains inside and steel on its outside. The copper-clad cookware is also ideal for use on an induction cooktop. However, the use of copper clad with stainless steel cookware on an induction cooktop is also common.

Cast iron

Cast iron is naturally non-stick and chemical-free. Apart from that, this metal can maintain the heat so that all food is well cooked. Thus, cooking on cast iron may work well to supply the dietary iron in the body.

But you make sure not to leave it in water that may quicken up the rusting process.

Can the induction cookware be used on a gas stove?

induction cookware

Yes, you can use the induction cookware on gas stoves. But there are two exceptions: the cookware with the base of thin steel or it has the magnetic layer or non-stick layer on the outer surface.

If the base of the cookware is non-stick or too thin, it may react with the fumes of direct flame. Apart from that, the toxic chemical of the non-stick layer may seep into the food and make it contaminated.

Otherwise, in the open flame of the gas stove, the outer coating may get melted, which makes it not effective for using on induction cooktop anymore. However, you can get the same instruction from its manual operation guide.

If the surface is metal-coated or enameled, you can safely use it on the gas stove. The ferromagnetic base of the induction cookware makes it ideal to use on any stove. Most professionals and amateurs prefer to use induction due to its features like multifunctionality, versatility, and impressive design.

Final words

Not to mention that induction cookware can make the heating process quick and distribute the heat evenly. Using the induction cookware the right way, you don’t have to take the risk of damaging it or not harming your food.

However, these are a must to use on an induction cooker. To upgrade your kitchen and improve your cooking experience, you must get an induction cookware along with your induction cooktop. Hope this guide has provided you with important information and significance of induction cookware that can be used for both induction cooktop and gas stove.