Caraway Cookware Review – A Honest Guide 2023

Looking for the all-rounder and best cookware? So you are at the right place. Caraway cookware is one of the leading and the most affordable cookware.

In this article, you will see full details about Caraway cookware reviews!

Cookware is an essential and one of the most required kitchen appliances today. It is an essential need for all types of food preparation such as for roasting, boiling, baking, broiling, etc.

If you Love broiling or roasting at home, then cookware is your necessity. You can cook all types of food with the help of cookware as it is a basic need in everyone’s kitchen.

Moreover, cookware saves you time and makes your work so much easier.

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This whole article is about Caraway cookware reviews. So let us understand the history of Caraway!

Caraway is a company providing ceramic cookware, founded by Jordan Nathan in 2018. It was launched in November 2019.

They started to sell their products through other retailers because they think that “we want to be where customers are buying for big stages of their life.”

Caraway cookware is designed in New York. Its manufacturing is done in the factories in India and China.

In the pandemic and lockdown just over a year ago, like all other online brands, Caraway was blessed to be a part of the industry for which demand skyrocketed nightly timely.

People were prohibited to stay at home and were cooking more, the brand had an e-commerce sales rise more than 20-fold on an annual base.

It was fortunate for the home brand as well as for caraway to sell its products so caraway sold out its colorful cookware sets.

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Nathan’s viewpoint before launching Caraway:

In the words of Nathan: “Before launching Caraway, my experience was focused in the direct-to-consumer kitchen and home space; from starting my first company to developing a marketplace for direct-to-customer brands to a fast ascension to CEO at kitchenware brand Vremi, owned by Mohawk Group, where I launched more than 200 home products sold to over 1 million homes.

Through this experience, I made connections with some of the best cookware manufacturing partners in the world, which opened many doors when it came to developing Caraway”

Anything Special in Caraway Cookware?

Caraway cookware, Caraway pots, and Caraway pans, all are made up of aluminum core that is coated with ceramic non-stick coating.

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It is a mineral-based coating that is gaining popularity. The handles are made of stainless steel. In this article, you will also see some important features of Caraway cookware.

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Caraway cookware can be over any electric and induction stovetops. Caraway’s pans and pots are also ovens safe up to 550 degrees.

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Caraway “cookware without chemicals” is one of the most eco-friendly and pocket-friendly cookware companies that’s developed a non-toxic, Teflon-free non-stick cookware.

It does not release any harmful gas. It has so many benefits as well, easy to use, easy to wash, dishwasher resistant, and scratch resistant. They look beautiful due to their alluring colors. 

It has now launched its cookware sets in three new colors: Peach, Lavender, and Sky blue. It is an essential need for the kitchen.

Now you will see some basic features of caraway cookware to understand its importance:

Key Features of Caraway Cookware:

When you are struggling to cook a great meal, great cookware is also required. Caraway cookware provides you with the best non-stick cookware. Moreover, they are pocket friendly. Let us read some features of Caraway non-stick cookware:

  • Safe from Scratches:

Caraway cookware is safe from all kinds of scratches and is easy to use in daily routine due to its double coating.

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  • Dishwasher and oven-safe:

This cookware is easy to wash with any dishwasher but it’s better to use warm water and hands.

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It is oven-safe up to 500 degrees. Even at high flame, it does not release any harm full gases.

  • Non-stick handles:

The handles are non-stick and have an easy grip.

  • Steel lids:

This Caraway cookware has a unique and beautiful steel lid that elaborates its elegance.

  • Premium quality steel:

It is made with premium quality stainless steel. It means they look awesome in any kitchen.

  • High-quality cookware:

This cookware has been crafted from high-quality materials and is user-friendly. It can be recycled easily.

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  • Affordable Range:

The Caraway cookware is inexpensive, so even if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be able to get it without breaking the bank.

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  • Multi-purpose Caraway cookware:

The best Caraway cookware has multi-purposes. You can use Caraway cookware for all types of food preparation such as boiling, roasting, baking, etc.

  • Easy usage:

Caraway makes its cookware lightweight that can be used for a lifetime. It is made of heavy gauge aluminum with double ceramic non-stick coating.

Their heat-resistant pots are oven safe as well and their cool-touch handles make them easy to use under extreme heating conditions.

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Caraway pan set:

Caraway cookware set includes:

  1. 10.5-inch fry pan.
  2. 3 lids.
  3. 3-quart saucepan.
  4. 4.5 quart saute pan.
  5. 4 magnetic pan racks.
  6. 2 hooks.
  7. 2 cork trivets.
  8. 6.5-quart Dutch oven.

You are obviously here for Caraway cookware reviews. In this article, we have shown a comparison between two of the most basic non-stick cookware selling brands, Hope it helps you understand Caraway’s non-stick cookware review!

     Caraway cookware Vs Green Pan:

You want to eat healthy and organic food and you also want yourself and your loved ones to eat unique and hygienic. But what about the pans and cookware you used to cook them in?

While heating at a high flame, some pans release harmful gasses and a trace of toxic metals which can seriously defect your healthy food.

The scratches while washing dishes or others does not defect its beauty but they can also be so harmful to one’s kitchen.

Most pans are coated with PTFE or PTOA. At a very high flame, PTFE releases toxic chemicals and fumes into the air. This can cause a serious illness named Polymer fever.

You can detoxify your life from harmful gasses and chemicals by having a healthy cookware set. But it is difficult to choose one if you have so many options to choose from. Finding the right one is never that much easy.

In this article, we have shown the reviews two best brands of non-toxic cookware for you. Caraway and Green Pan are the two names you will always find in healthy cooking.

Both brands are very famous for their non-stick healthy cooking and healthy cookware reviews. But if you are choosing one of them, we will prefer you to choose Caraway cookware due to the reasons described below.

Both of the cookware sets are made of Aluminum Ceramic cookware. Green pan cookware has anodized bodies with ceramic coating while Caraway cookware has a steel base with ceramic coating.

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Both of them are non-stick but according to reviews, Caraway cookware has obtained 4.8 stars from 8328 reviews. On the other hand, Green Pan got 4.6 stars out of only 708 reviews.

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And as you know majority is a priority. Both the brands have a refund policy, Caraway cookware frypan and set have a returning policy for 30 days while Green Pan has returning policy for 14 days only.

Caraway cookware has been launched and trusted since 2018. Now it has gained so many trusted publications i.e. good housekeeping and CNET.

This brand whose tagline is “Cookware without chemicals” is a message that it provides an eco-friendly ceramic coating in its sets.

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As you know that this company sells its products directly to its customer and no middleman is included so you don’t have to pay any extra charge or middleman commission.

No hidden fees will be deducted from your payment. I hope you have now better got my point.

The benefit of Choosing the best Caraway Cookware:

Choosing Caraway cookware is for sure more beneficial than choosing something else. It is proved through the following steps;

  • Set containing all use full accessories.
  • A complete set.
  • Having innovative design.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Must for healthy cooking.
  • 30-day return warrant.
  • No middleman.
  • Pocket friendly.

What I like about Caraway Cookware:      

This cookware is just amazing. Its stunning features are all I love about it. It cooks food without sticking to it. Each piece of this set is smooth to touch, glossy to look, and beautifully designed.

The food slides to the plate so smoothly and attractive. It does not get any scratches after wash.

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  1. Attractive design.
  2. Oven-safe.
  3. Boils water fast.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Non-stick.
  6. Easily washable.

What I dislike about Caraway Cookware:

I have been through so much of online reviews and have reached the point which shows:

  1. It stains with time.
  2. It is expensive for non-stick
  3. The handle can get warm so make sure to cover your hand before touching it.
  4. Another complaint was that its bottom got little staining which was impossible to remove with a good scrub so it may be a good idea to choose a darker color.

Review Product:

Are you looking for the best Caraway cookware? Here are some reviews you should know about the cookware. In my opinion, this review will make you help to select the best cookware. The review has been described below;

  • It has always attained gratification results due to its amazing handling.
  • Making pancakes and caramels on it is so good.
  • Caraway cookware is safe to use in a daily routine.
  • Its double ceramic coating resists all types of heat sources including induction.
  • The best cookware is oven safe for warming.

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  • This cookware has proved to be hygienic and safe because it does not produce any harmful gases.
  • Caraway cookware is reviewed to be scratch resistant because of its two durable layers of toxic-free non-stick coating.
  • It has proved to be an eco-friendly way of cooking.
  • It makes excellent dry frying due to its chemical-free non-adhere coating.
  • It comes with 30 days return assurance.

Reasons to get the Best Caraway Cookware:

  • This cookware preserves heat superior to all other cooking pots.
  • It can easily be used over all the heat sources such as in the oven, grill, and on any stovetop. Isn’t it so amazing? You will not face any problem with the heat source.
  • It stops any chemical from entering food.
  • It is made up of aluminum Ceramic with a non-toxic coating and its manufacturing is virus-free.
  • It is available in 5 different colors. So, you can get it in any color of your choice which suits your décor. Colors are available in cream, lavender, peach, sky blue, and skin. It looks great inside out. Its interior is grey so you can easily see the color of your cooking.
  • It should be washed with care and it’s better to be washed with warm soapy water and hands. Otherwise, it’s just a great product providing so many cooking facilities.

No non-stick cookware works for a lifetime. Its warranty is 1 to 3 years but if handled with care and follow the precautions you can maximize its scrap value.

    The Best Cookware Brand:

The Best Cookware brand is that which provides innovative materials, glossy designs, and inspiring colors which excite its customers. The best cookware is different and unusual among all.

Everyone in his kitchen wants something that produces a heavenly taste. The best cookware offers a great variety of alternatives in boundless shapes and sizes and also provides advantages of cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic, non-stick, and more. Customers are always attracted to the pocket friendly and more beneficial.   

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   Basic steps to clean Caraway cookware:

After you have finished cooking, allow your non-stick Caraway cookware to cool completely. After it has cooled completely, rinse the cookware with soapy warm water. You can use a sponge and dishwasher to clean it.

Let it dry thoroughly. It is easy to use and faster to clean. But Caraway always prefers it to be washable by hands only.

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Additional Features:

  • Washable with any dishwasher but preferred to be washed with warm water and hands.
  • Can be cleaned by hands easily.
  • Easy-grip, non-slip, and has cool-touch steel handles.


In this article, you will now briefly get to see the ins and outs of Caraway’s design. The interior and exterior design of the Caraway frying pan is described below.

Caraway Frying Pan:

Caraway frying pan seems to be beautifully designed and its size is about 10.5 inches. As you can see in the picture, the cookware has a multi-layer interior with a ceramic coating.

The interior of the pan is so smooth so touch and neither the food sticks to it. The food slides to the plate so easily and that looks so smooth.

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It does not have flared rims which are best if you just want to flip the egg. The interior is grey which helps to see easily what you are cooking.

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If we talk about the Pans exterior, it is also coated with minerals-based ceramic which helps to make it induction compatible.

From the outside, there are five different colors available including navy, gray, cream, sage, and perracotta. IT can get a little bit of scratch so you should be careful while putting it over the stove or while washing.

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The handles are made in such a way that it provides a sleek and beautiful contrast. They are manufactured with mirrored stainless steel so that they can resist heat.

The handle is attached to the pan in Y-shaped with two fixed to safe it. The handles have an easy grip but it does get hot when getting closer to the cooking surface. 

The pots and cookware lids are made up of aluminum mirrored stainless steel. The pans have the option of lidded cooking as the oven lid can also fit in the frying pan.

Home chefs will always appreciate cooking with these pans. Now you will see the cons and pros.                       


  • Wall is big to prevent spills
  • Heat induction
  • Do not require so much of oil
  • Non-toxic coating
  • Easy wash
  • Clean up with warm soapy water


  • Do not have much-fared rims as compared to other pans.
  • Not preferred for browning because of the smooth and slippery surface.

Final Verdict:

Should I buy Caraway Cookware?

Yes, you should surely buy Caraway Cookware because it is worth it. After reading this article you will surely get to know which cookware is better and why Caraway cookware is the best among them.

Caraway cookware is eco-friendly and pocket friendly, it is more beneficial than other pots. It does not release harmful gases.

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The Caraway is surely one of the most popular cookware-making brands in the world. They always want their customers to be satisfied.

They never compromise on their products. It is a good decision for you to buy the best cookware for your kitchen. You will also get some cookware and kitchen-related FAQ at the last.

Caraway cookware is comfortable to use and anti-scratch with beautiful color. Its lightweight increases its ability to be purchased. The last but not the least important thing about this amazing product is that it comes with 30 days of warranty.

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This keeps your money safe and keeps on building trust with the brand. It has a steel lid and steel handles. Its amazing colors improve its buying rate.

You can check its online reviews to understand more about it. It is oven-safe. You can get more information about this amazing product from its store.


Last but not the least if you want pans out of the ordinary non-stick surface and with an attractive glance, Caraway’s Cookware Set is a marvelous choice.

We also use them and we want you to make sure that this product is a hundred out of a hundred. The best Caraway frying pan and Caraway cookware pots are very charming to cook.

If you think that the pans and pots are heavy or you have some other issue then you should must check out the online reviews and my own experience is enough for you to suggest this.

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If you do not want to buy the whole set and you want one of them individually, you can also get this from the website. All I like the most is the frying pan that makes me feel so easy and delighted to cook eggs, pancakes, fish, etc.

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Nothing sticks to it and slides smoothly to the plate. You can find a lot of valuable cookware products from its online store. And one of the most important facts that I love is that the company sells directly to customers so no middle man is included. Is not it amazing?


Now you will see some answers to questions you may have

Is Caraway cookware returnable?

Yes, Caraway cookware comes with 30 days returns and refund policy.

What is the warranty of Caraway cookware?

The warranty of Caraway cookware is one year. If you see some defect or problem, and you want to return it back if you do not like its color. You can easily replace it.

The warranty does not surround damage from commercial use, misuse, minor damage, or scratches to the non-stick coating.

What is the life of Caraway non-stick cookware?

It will definitely not gonna last forever. Caraway cookware lasts for 2 to 3 years but you can extend the lifespan by taking care of it, washing it with warm soapy water, cooking on a low flame, or by using soft utensils.

What if I want to buy only one pan?

You can definitely buy each pan individually but buying the entire set can save you 14%.

Is Caraway cookware non-toxic?

Yes, caraway cookware is non-toxic. It is made of non-toxic materials. It is safe to use in daily routine and does not release any harmful gas while heating.

Where was caraway designed?

Caraway was designed in New York and it is been manufactured in the factories in China and India.

Is the caraway oven-safe?

Yes, caraway is Oven-safe up to 550 degrees.

Who is the owner of Caraway cookware?

CEO Jordan Nathan is the owner of Caraway. It was launched in November 2019.