Cast Iron Grill Pans for Steak For 2023- My Best Guide

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Cast Iron Grill Pans For Steak

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If you don’t have enough outdoor space or you are living in an apartment where you don’t have access to a grill. Then it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your favorite perfect grilled meat and veggies at home. You can still savor trying out your own favored recipes at home; if you own a good grill pan without needing to have space to grill.

You must be wondering how a grill pan can give you a smoky barbeque quality of an outdoor grill, but a grill pan can give you perfectly grilled food with beautiful sear marks cooked in less or almost no oil.

Grill pans are great for people who live in apartments or lacking space in the backyard. Speaking of grill pans we cannot ignore the features of cast iron grill pans.

Cast iron grill pans are durable properly enameled pans, known for better heat retention; considered great for slow cooking. If you are for a cast iron grill pan then we have reviewed some of the best cats iron grill pans for you.  

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5 Factors To Choose Cast Iron Grill Pans For Steak

A quick tip before proceeding further is to be sure about your cooking needs and the servings you required because these five decisions will surely impact your purchase and later on your cooking experience.


Grilling means cooking with no or less oil. There are two types of ridges available with grilled pans: raised or shallow. So if you are looking for a grilled pan make sure to buy one with deep or raised ridges; raised ridges cook food at a medium pace without letting the food stick at the pan’s surface.

On the other hand, pan with shallow ridges consumes more oil and heat food quickly which causes the food to stick to the pan.

Nonstick pans don’t offer higher ridges; so it is best to buy cast iron grilled pans if you are looking for high and bigger ridges. The big ridges on cast iron pans provide a perfect grill effect with leaving sear marks on the food.

2.Pan Shape

Grill pans are available in both square and circular shapes. However, you should buy a square-shaped pan as it offers a larger surface area as compared to round pans and more room to grill large chunks of food.

Mostly grilled pans are made of cast iron; in such scenario, square-shaped pans are considered great for providing more heat and faster cooking.

3.Heat Distribution

A pan that guarantees even heat distribution is essential for grilling food and we all know even heat distribution depends upon the materials a pan is made of.

Cast aluminum grill pans are known well for even heat distribution. Covered with several layers of non stick they can tackle high temperatures efficiently without letting the food stick. Stainless Steel grill pans are sturdy and durable, ensures rapid heating. They don’t break or crack easily and are metal utensil safe. 

If you are looking for grill pans made of Ceramic cookware then we don’t recommend it to you. Though ceramic cookware can retain heat efficiently but they aren’t considered durable as grill pans.

The best cast-iron steak pans are either pre-seasoned or enameled; they can withstand high temperatures. They are considered highly durable so you cant expect them to break or crack. They are metal utensil safe and are very easy to clean. The enameled surface does not let the food stick to the pan.

There are two types of cast iron pans are available; one is bare cast iron pans which are inexpensive as compare to enameled cast iron grilled pans.

However, both can be used for grilling; it’s just that bare pans need to be seasoned regularly otherwise food starts to stick on its surface. On the other hand enamel products, are non-stick pans they do not require seasoning but do require a lot of maintenance to ensure that the coating doesn’t get warp or scratched.

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Enameled cast iron grill pans are usually expensive and have a limited operational life as compare to the durability of bare cast iron pans that are robust and sturdy.


If you are buying a cast iron grill pan for steak then you definitely need sturdy handles as cast iron grill skillets are quite heavy. This is not it, grill pans take high heat; that’s why If your pan doesn’t have the right handles it will be impossible for you to remove them from the stove safely without getting burnt.

In order to carry and maneuver safely, you need to have a pan that has firmly fixed durable handles. Most of the pans are provided with an additional handle or silicon handle covers that help to lift the pan easily. 

Always prefer to buy grill pans with longer handles; longer handles receive less heat when the pan is on the stove that’s why you can safely hold them whenever required. You can also opt for a pan with dual handles or with helper handles.


No doubt you cannot ignore the price factor when choosing a grill pan. The price of a grill pan varies with the brand and the features they offer. However, what important is how much amount you can afford to pay or want to spend on a cast iron grill pan for steak prepping.

One thing which you should keep in mind while buying a pan is that paying more doesn’t guarantee durability and quality or buying cheap doesn’t necessarily mean inexpensive. It all depends upon the brand you choose.

Though many manufacturers offer durable and high-quality cast iron grill pans in competitive prices; you just need to make some research before making a decision.

Whatever brand you are buying just make sure to read the manual and product specification before making a purchase. You may find pans with a limited lifetime warranty but you need to keep in mind that manufacturers don’t cover the wear and tear damage.

List of Cast Iron Grill Pans for Steak – Our Top 5 Picks

Here we have listed top 5 best cast iron grill pans for steak with pros and cons that actually helps you to choose your best one.

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan

Manufactured by America’s one of the oldest cast-iron cookware providers this cast iron pan is the best available cast iron grill pan for steak making in the market that is known for its robust body and texture finish.

This timeless classic is environmentally friendly made with heavy gauge cast iron that ensures even heat distribution across the surface of the pan.

Featured with distinctive finishing this pre-seasoned grill pan is durable yet scratch-resistant which helps release food easily, effortless cleaning, and can withstand metal utensils. With this simple yet sturdy cast iron pan, you have nothing to fear as it can resist any heat source including all cooktops, grills, and campfires.

This Lodge’s grill pan adds versatility to your cooking style by helping you in prepping a variety of dishes and capable to perform almost anything from sautéing, searing, stirring, baking or frying.

Lodge’s cast iron grill pan is not only efficient but also adds comfort with style and durability through its cast iron handles that ensure a secure grip.


  • The pan is pre-seasoned and ready to use.
  • Constructed with durable cast iron; free from toxic materials.
  • The material is dishwasher safe.
  • Can be used on all cooking surfaces, campfires, and grills.


Fuji Oval Shaped Cast Iron Steak Plate

Fuji Oval Shaped Cast Iron Steak Plate

This Fuji oval shaped cast iron plate featured with a high-quality smooth griddle perfect for making steak, noodles, or fajita. With this incredible cast iron you will get a matchless cooking experience that offers excellent heat dissipation and retention.

The PFOA free non stick oil coating is scratch and stain resistant provides a healthy cooking experience as it requires no seasoning. 

The interior of Fuji Merchandise steak plate coated with matte black enamel which is durable and dishwasher safe offer effortless cleaning so you can easily throw it in the dishwasher without any doubt.

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This versatile cast iron skillet with its smooth griddle is perfect for making a variety of foods like pancakes, steak, grilled fish, and bacon.

This signature unit is the right tool to sear, fry, bake, broil, or grill as it is compatible with multiple heat sources and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The wood baseliner is an exceptional addition that keeps your meal hot and makes it easy to serve your favorite food in a professional way. The strong iron handle comes with a comfy grip that perfectly fits on the handle and help you maneuver the unit safely and comfortably.


  • The pan is pre-seasoned, no seasoning is required.
  • Constructed with durable cast iron; free from toxic materials.
  • The material dishwasher safe.
  • Can be used in oven, campfires and grills.
  • Featured with wooden base that keeps food fresh and hot.


  • The inside plate is too small.

ForHauz Cast Iron Grill Pan

ForHauz Cast Iron Grill Pan

This heavy-duty cast iron pan is incredibly durable made to last for a lifetime. Whether it’s making eggs, desserts, or prepping slow-cooked meals; this pan is exceptionally well at heat distribution.

Not only it is quick and consistent but it also retains heat even after the food is cooked; so that the food stays warm for a longer period of time.

Featured with a pre-seasoned finish this exceptional grill pan is known as the best cast-iron grill pan for steak for its reliability and fine performance.

The 2’’ deep ribbed bottom comes in handy when it comes to searing food with less or almost no-oil by collecting grease in the bottom and leaving restaurant-style beautiful grill marks on your food. 

Featured with a non stick surface that completely consists of cast iron material and containing no harmful chemicals this pan is ideal for grilling, searing, frying, sautéing, and much more.

Whether you want it on the stovetop and in the oven or take along with you for a perfect campfire; this nontoxic and versatile grill pan can be your partner in cooking for a variety of culinary adventures. 

This robust and sturdy cast iron griddle is built to resist damage and made for long term performance and saves your money by reducing the chance to replace it over and over again.


  • Featured with the pre-seasoned finish.
  • Non stick surface consists of 100% cast iron.
  • The material is dishwasher safe.
  • Can be used in oven, campfires, and grills.


  • The pan is heavy.

Volcano Grills Cast Iron Griddle

The extra durable Volcano Grills Reversible Grill pan is heavily constructed with high-quality cast iron ensuring evenly cooked meals with anti-warp even heat distribution properties.

The reversible iron plate containing a ribbed surface on one side and smooth surface on the other helps gives a versatile touch to your cooking; you cannot only try general dishes but it also helps to grill steak, pancakes, juicy veggies, and burgers.

This pre-seasoned iron pan is an excellent choice for stirring, sautéing, browning, and pan-frying while the reversible cast iron griddle works great as an oven tray helps in baking various delicacies.

The removable handles are pretty impressive; contoured for a convenient hold and excellent balance making offering a comfy and safe maneuver.

This top-notch grill pan is made of PFOA-free nonstick coating; that not only ensures healthier cooking with less oil but also helps the food slides off easily and offers an effortless cleanup. This true kitchen staple is oven and dishwasher.


  • Featured with pre-seasoned finish.
  • Non stick surface consists of 100% cast iron.
  • The material isdishwasher safe.
  • Can be used in oven, campfires, and grills.


  • The pan is heavy.

STAUB Cast Iron Grill Pan

The STAUB Cast Iron Pure Grill is constructed with 100% natural cast iron features with black durable enamel; the durable anti-scratch yet anti-warp construction guarantees superior heat retention and even heat distribution.

The black matte enamel with a rough texture makes a perfect combination to ensure seamless browning, braising or roasting.

This conventional-looking versatile grill pan is provided with the deepest ridges that ensure cooking healthy food with less or almost no oil; leaving professional-looking grill marks on your food.

The STAUB cast iron can be used on all types of heat sources that are electric, gas, electric, ceramic cooktops and can withstand oven temperature up to 500F.

The pan includes solidly built two handles adding extra strength for heavy lifting and accessibility for tossing, carrying, and gripping without compromising your safety.

Available in 10-inch size this top-notch cast iron grill pan with lid is suitable to serve dinner for two or make a meal for your extended family. The sturdy and rock-solid body is chip-resistant and dishwasher safe.


  • Durable anti-scratch yet anti-warp construction.
  • Constructed with 100% cast iron; free from toxic materials.
  • The material is oven and dishwasher safe.
  • Can be used on all cooking surfaces, campfires, and grills.
  • This cast iron grill pan with lid helps lock the flavor of your favorite foods.


  • The nonstick layer vanishes too soon.

How to Use Cast Iron Grill Pans for Steak

  1. Coat both sides of your steak with safflower or canola oil. You can use any cooking oil you have its all depending on your preference. However, experts recommend using cooking oil that has a high smoke point that conducts heat well from the pan to the steal quickly without letting it stick to the pan.
  2. Now season your steak with spices you prefer; most people use coarsely grounded black pepper and sea salt to season. The oil you used before to grease the steak will help to keep in place the spices or seasoning.
  3. Let it marinate for good 30 minutes so that the seasonings get absorbed in the steak and produce an appetizing flavor. 
  4. Now preheat your cast iron grill skillet until it starts to smoke. You don’t need to use oil because you already have greased your streak.
  5. So your cast iron grill skillet is smoking means you can now put the marinated piece of meat in the cast iron grill pan for steak prepping 
  6. Make sure that the size of the steak is slightly smaller than the pan. Place the steak in the middle. Let the steak to remain in the same position for 2 minutes without worrying about the smoke.
  7. Now turn it upside down in the same position and let it stay there for again 2 minutes
  8. So now your steak is ready and it’s now time to take your grill pan off the stove.
  9. You can tap it with butter for extra rich taste and serve it with a green salad, baked potatoes, or any sauce of your choice.  
  10. Last but not the least, don’t forget to wash your cast iron grill after it is cooled down.

Mistakes that Can Ruin your Cast Iron Grill Pan

  1. Don’t soak your cast iron grill pan in water; just like any other, it has a tendency to rusts quickly when soaked.
  2. No matter if the manufacturer has claimed about the pan is dishwasher safe; never use a dishwasher for your cast iron grill pan cleaning.
  3. We have seen many consumers claiming that cast iron grill pan cleaning is not that simple. The best way to do cast iron grill pan cleaning is to do it with hands right after using it. Make sure the pan is cooled and there is no food remains inside.
  4. Never use abrasive washing pads, or steel-wool to release the stubborn food ingredients that are stuck on the pan’s surface.
  5. In case of cast iron water leads to rust; so never store the cast iron pan without drying it thoroughly. After every wash dry it with a kitchen towel and store it in a dry place.
  6. Avoid cooking acidic foods; cast iron may leach metals in the pan when expose to acidic acids. Though the metal is harmless but it may leave a metallic taste to your food.
  7. Never store the leftover food in the pan; it will absorb all the moisture in the food that will cause it to rust.
  8. Prefer to wash your pan right after it cools down. Don’t let the food to stick or get stubborn. It will make cast iron grill pan cleaning effortless. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cast iron pan is good for steak?

Cast iron grill pans are good for making steak as they are can thicker, heavier, helps cook food evenly, and can withstand high temperatures.

Can you cook steak in a grill pan?

A steak cooked in a grilled pan is less fatty as compare to the steak cooked in a pan because in a grill pan excess fats drip off the grates while cooking as compare to normal pans keep the additional fat or oil within.

That is why cooking experts recommend cast iron grill pan for steak preparing as it can preserve the nutritional value of meat and enhances flavor by allowing the meat to roast in its own juices.

How long should steak be grilled for?

It totally depends upon the size of the meat and the quality of your grill pan. However, best-cast iron steak pans turn golden brown and cook well within 4-5 minutes.

What is best grilled pan for steak?

For cooking experts looking for a nominal priced cast iron grill pan for steak; Volcano Grills Reversible Grill pan (Buy On Amazon) is a good option that ensures durability and optimum grilling results.

However, if you are not budget constraint then you can buy STAUB Cast Iron Grill Pan (Buy On Amazon) as well that is known best cast iron steak pan; its durable yet versatile nature can compete with any premium brand cast iron grill pan for steak prepping.

What can you cook on a cast iron griddle pan?

You cook almost anything on a cast iron griddle pan whether it’s burgers, cheese sandwiches, pancakes, or seafood; you can also prepare lamb chops, and steaks as well.


Since we have covered all the necessary details, features and reviewed the best cast iron griddle pans; we hope that now you know exactly what features you are looking for in your cast iron grill pan.

We recommend STAUB Cast Iron (Buy on Amazon) as the best cast iron grill pan for steak. If you are not bound to a specific budget then you can opt for this premium quality cast iron grill pan.

Available in 10-inch size this cast iron grill pan with offers capacity, versatility, and durability. The chip-resistant anti-scratch body is dishwasher and oven safe; guarantees superior even heat distribution.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution for making the best cast iron steak then you can choose the Volcano Grills Reversible Grill pan (Buy On Amazon).

Out of all the cast iron griddle pans we discussed above it is the most affordable alternative for grilling a steak. This heavily constructed pan with a reversible iron plate is versatile in nature, can handle high heat temperature; considered great for baking, sautéing, stirring, browning, and much more.