Circulon Hard Anodized Cookware Reviews – Honest Guide

Circulon Hard Anodized Cookware Reviews

When it comes to premium grade and affordable hard anodized cookware, there are some best Circulon cookwares available in the market.

Their design, construction, quality, and pricing are no doubt a class apart.

Consumers across the internet talks about their hassle free warrant programs and we found some really positive Circulon hard anodized cookware reviews.

Lets learn more about some of the best Circulon cookware and how they perform.

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What is Hard Anodized Cookware?

When aluminum is treated chemically to develop an exceptionally durable finish, hard anodized aluminum is formed.

It is an electrochemical process where the aluminum metal is immersed in a series of tanks, wherein one of the tanks, the anodic layer is grown from the metal itself.

It also achieves a natural non stick surface. The chemical process it goes through make it more durable, nonstick and unlike normal aluminum do not discolor food.

Hard anodized non stick cookware can have base material as regular aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron.

Many manufacturers add further non stick coatings to it. It is a great option for newbie cooks to start with.

It is budget friendly, easy to cook with, care for, and maintain.

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Moreover, it is safe for health, does not leach into food, react with ingredients, non stick, scratch resistant, easy to clean and do not have adverse effects on health.

Compared to the simple aluminum with non stick coating, hard-anodized cookware is less likely to warp, rust, or corrode.

They are much safer than the non stick coated cookware as when the non stick coating wears down, the metal core underneath is non reactive and does not contain hazardous elements for human health.

Hard anodized cookware offer notable advantages including more durability, excellent heat conductivity in comparison to simple aluminum that is why it is pricier than regular aluminum non stick cookware.

Why to Choose Circulon Hard Anodized Cookware?

Circulon hard anodized cookware line is known for its high quality, ecofriendly and reliable cooking performance in an affordable price.

The number of pieces provided in the cookware line is suitable for a new kitchen or present it to a new bride to start new beginnings.

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Moreover, it requires no maintenance or special care just like the conventional non stick cookware require.

The Circulon hard anodized cookware releases food easily with less grease or oil without worrying about the clean ups afterwards.

The thick and sturdy impact bonded bottom adds good weight and allows even heating without burning your food.

Amazing Features of Circulon Hard Anodized Cookware

Nonstick Performance

The Circulon TOTAL® Nonstick System reduces surface abrasion from cooking utensils through its raised circles and triple-layer premium nonstick to enhance nonstick durability, easiest of cleanups and deliver flawless food release while prepping eggs, pancakes, fish, oatmeal or fondue.

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Both interior and exterior surfaces are nonstick and lasts 15 times longer than its competitors.


Combined with metal-utensil-safe TOTAL® Nonstick System, the premium grade material of Circulon non stick pans and pots lasts longer.

The brand provides a hassle-free lifetime warranty for their sturdy built-to-last cookware.

Even Heat Distribution

The best Circulon pots and pans made of hard anodized aluminum ensures optimal thermal conductivity.

The premium grade heavy gauge construction ensures fast and even heat distribution while reducing the chances of hot spots, safeguards food from burning while providing excellent browning and searing experiences.

Heat Resistant

Most premium grade cookware available in the market are useless for resisting heat from various heat sources because high temperature causes damage to them.

On the other hand, Circulon hard anodized cookware is highly heat resistant which makes them compatible to oven, induction and various cooktops.

The high quality hard anodized pots and pans by Cuisinart can be used on all heat sources except for broiler; makes this cookware a perfect choice for customers who love cooking.

Follows various cooking styles and want healthy food  at a very reasonable price.

Easy Cleanup

Engineered for convenience, Circulon non stick pans and pots are designed to save energy and reduce cooking time.

The nonstick interiors and exteriors are provided with dishwasher safe options and built with premium features to support easy and effortless cleanup by hand.

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Long Lifespan

People who buy Circulon hard anodized cookware claims in the Circulon hard anodized cookware reviews that the brand is highly durable, reliable and offers performance with a long span.

Even after years, it remains as good as new if suggested guidelines are followed.


Scratches by the use of metal utensils are a common complaint when it comes to pots and pans, no matter how much expensive you buy your cookware.

However, with Circulon people who buy the best Circulon pots and pans claim in their Circulon hard anodized cookware reviews that the cookware is highly durable and reliable the hard anodized non stick cookware does not wear and tear easily from the use of metal utensils such as spatulas or forks.

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Thanks to the scratch resistance of Circulon, hard anodized cookware; they are easy to store.

So if you have limited kitchen space, you can easily stack or nest your pots and without having to worry about any damage or scratches.

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This stack ability is ideal for small kitchens, cabinets or countertops; allows convenience.

Safe and Healthy

Many cookware, their quality and performance raise health concerns.

The possibility of aluminum leaching metal into food, reacting with ingredients and the non stick coating wearing off is common.

The Circulon brand know their responsibility, they follow anodizing process that naturally prevents the metal from corroding whether made in combination with non stick coating or even without it.

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This process also makes the hard anodized cookware non reactive, safe to use and prevent it from leaching metal into food.

Moreover, the Circulon’s hard anodized cookware is made with premium grade non stick, so you do not need to use much grease for cooking.

People with excess weight and high cholesterol issues suggest in the Circulon hard anodized cookware reviews that the cookware helped them overcome their health issues.

Low Maintenance

Seasoning is necessary for different kinds of cookware in order to maintain and keep them in good condition.

However, Cuisinart hard anodized cookware does not need seasoning, any special maintenance or care.

The only thing that is required to keep your Circulon cookware in good shape for longer period is to follow the guidelines mentioned in the manual.

Here We Discuss Best Circulon Symmetry Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

Circulon Symmetry Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

What is Circulon Symmetry? Ciculon is one of the favorite brands when it comes to affordable non stick cookware and Symmetry is one of the best Circulon cookware that is non stick and yet induction compatible.

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Made from hard anodized aluminum with stainless steel discs core in the bottom, it gives a tough time to its competitors known for induction compatibility.

The induction supporting stainless steel disks help ensure that the pots and work well with all types of ranges, including gas, electric, radiant, and induction.

The impact bonded base prevents the food from burning and ensures even heat distribution so the food cooks gets cooks and achieve fine texture uniformly.  

The nice looking collection has a graceful tulip shape in three different designs to offer an alternative look that could match your unique kitchen decor.

Thanks to the thermal weight added to the pots and pans that help in keeping the cookware stay hot even if the food is cold.

Non stick Coating: If you’re in search of a durable, attractive and healthy non stick cookware in an affordable price range then Circulon Symmetry is all yours.

Equipped with the TOTAL® Food Release System, the three layers of DuPont non stick coating offer excellent food release while minimizing the chances for surface abrasion. 

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Most users compliments the non stick coating for releasing food easily and support cooking almost anything without having to worry about the clean up process.

Both the exterior and interior are wrapped with the non stick layer.

The raised circles and triple layered premium non stick coating is highly durable minimizes stickiness and make the surface metal utensil safe.

In order to keep the non stick coating intact, avoid cooking over high heat, scratching or scrubbing with metal scouring pads and store your pans properly.

Pieces: The Curculon Symmetry is available in 2 variations for you to choose from; the 11-piece set includes all the accessories a cook needs to stock the kitchen, such as 1-quart saucepan with pour spout and lid, 2 and 3 quart saucepan with lid, 3 quart sauté pan with lid, 8 quart stockpot with lid, 8.5 and 10-inch skillet.

But if you get the 9-piece set, you will have to forgo the 1 quart saucepan and 8.5-inch skillet and as replacement, have to obtain 2 cookie pans measuring 10 by 15 inch.

If you are into baking 9 piece set is best for you; however, for newbies 11 piece set is perfect that includes almost everything needed. 

Construction Durability: Circulon Symmetry is constructed of heavy gauge hard anodized aluminum cookware that does not warp or dented easily.

The impact bonded stainless steel base makes it suitable for induction and efficient for heat conductivity.

The stainless steel handles are wrapped in silicone for a more comfortable grip and secure grip so you can easily maneuver and grip it strongly.

All the pots and pans are oven safe up to 400F. The tempered glass lids make it easy to keep an eye on your food without having to lift the lid and the rims helps to lock in moisture and flavor.

All the pieces include in the cookware set are metal dishwasher and metal utensil safe as claimed by the manufacturer and in the Circulon hard anodized cookware reviews.

Warranty: The manufacturer of Circulon Symmetry offers a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and damages caused by normal use (following the guidelines mentioned in the product manual).

According to the Circulon Hard Anodized cookware reviews, the manufacturer is quite generous when it comes to replacement of cookware items and they don’t make it a hassle for their customers.

  • Hard anodized aluminum construction with stainless steel core.
  • Tempered glass lids are oven resistant.
  • Available in 2 variations: 11 piece and 9 piece set.
  • Equipped with the TOTAL® Food Release System.
  • Three layers of DuPont non stick coating
  • Offers a limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • A bit expensive cookware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hard anodized cookware worth it?

Hard anodized cookware is relatively more durable, less likely to warp, rust, or corrode compared to regular aluminum non stick coating.

Unlike common hard anodized non stick cookware, Circulon hard anodized cookware is safer because it is made with premium grade hard anodized aluminum coated with DuPont 3 layered nonstick coating backed by TOTAL® Food Release System.

Which is better hard anodized or stainless steel?

Compared to hard anodized, stainless steel lasts a lifetime and doesn’t require any maintenance.

Stainless steel consumed much oil as it is prone to sticking ingredients.

Hard-anodized cookware is better for foods that are delicate or prone to sticking such as eggs, fish or pancakes.

Stainless steel is metal utensil safe, broiler-safe, induction-compatible.

Some of the best Circulon pots and pans are also induction compatible and metal utensil safe.

What is hard anodized cookware disadvantages?

Most of the hard anodized cookware are expensive, not compatible with induction cooktops, not dishwasher and metal utensil safe.

Which is better hard anodized or cast iron?

Cast Iron Cookware is durable, inexpensive, and heats evenly, while Hard Anodized Cookware offers non-stick surfaces that require less oil or butter to cook with. Both have their own pros and cons.

Cast iron is less expensive, offer safer non stick surface, and even heat distribution while hard anodized cookware offers non stick surface that requires less fat or oil.

Is Circulon cookware broiler-safe?

No. Circulon hard anodized cookware and Circulon non stick pans or pots are not broiler safe and can damage the non-stick coating and result in the releasing harmful toxins and chemicals.