Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Review – Is It Good Choice?

Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Review

Though Cuisinart is known to provide high class food processors but their stainless steel cookware range is no doubt a class apart. Cuisinart Multiclad Pro is one of them and today we are going to share the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Review so that you may get to enjoy a professional grade cooking experience within your home.

This ultimate cookware has all the essentials necessary to run a kitchen. Not only has this, the elegance and features made it a great combination not just for cooking but to help you serve on the dinner table with style and pride.

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Cuisinart Multiclad Pro 12 Piece Cookware Set

Pros and Cons of Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Pans & Pots

  • This triply multiclad cookware is the best Cuisinart cookware for those who prefer healthy cooking over non stick cookware.
  • The multiclad construction of these Cuisinart Multiclad pro skillets, pots and pans helps to cook food quickly and keeps it fresh longer with its exceptional heat retention.
  • The premium grade tri-ply construction is compatible to all heat surfaces; including induction and broiler.
  • According to the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Review, all the items are oven safe and can withstand heat up to 550F.
  • All the pots and pans in this 12-piece cookware are dishwasher; however the manufacturer suggested hand wash to keep the sparkle and finish.
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel lids are provided with the saucepans, stockpot and steamer; other than the two CuisinartMulticladPro skillets and the sauté pan.
  • Considering the quality and performance so far it is the best Cuisinart cookware within a highly reasonable price.
  • The stainless steel lids are not helpful as glass lids; making it difficult to keep a check on food.
  • The rivets needs to be cleaned thoroughly as they may store the food or steam; causing to build up germs and corrosion.

The Cuisinart Multiclad Pro cookware is a stainless steel set with an aluminum core bonded to a brushed stainless steel exterior and mirror finished interior with improved thermal conductivity that help you prep healthy non fat food.

Consists of tri-ply construction sandwiching heat efficient aluminum between two sturdy stainless steel layers; the cookware is not only looks stunning, but resilient enough to stands the test of time.

As it doesn’t have a non stick interior it could be difficult for some to prepare food without letting it stick to the bottom. But if you are an expert cook then you would definitely like this safe and durable cookware.

This Cuisinart Multiclad Pro 12-piece set includes a number of elegant and timeless pieces that are perfect to complete any task without lifting a brow. The set consists of 2 covered saucepans, 2 open skillets, a sauté pan, covered stockpot and steamer insert with lid.

Pouring from a rimless pot and seeing the spills and drips all over your counter is no doubt quite frustrating. Thanks to the wise manufacturing, these pots are especially tapered to allow drip-free pouring.

The long and sturdy dual riveted stainless steel handles of Cuisinart Multiclad Pro pans and pots are highly durable and comfortable so that you can easily carry and maneuver your pots and pans loaded with food without having to worry if it will snap off any time.

The tight fitting stainless steel lids serves as nice seal to keep moisture in the pot and the steam to escape.

There is one pro and con if we talk about the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro cookware; that is the lids are not transparent not allowing you to keep a check without having to lift every time, on the other hand the best things they are interchangeable so that you can use the lid of a saucepan or stockpot to cover the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro skillet. 

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Are Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Pans and Pots are Oven Safe?

All the items included in this CuisinartMulticlad Pro 12-piece set can withstand high heat of almost all the heat sources including, oven, induction and broiler can take the temperature up to 550F. Make sure to use pot holders as the long and husky handles get very warm  and may hurt badly.

Is Cuisinart Multiclad Pro 12-piece set Dishwasher safe?

The Cuisinart Multiclad Pro cookware is safe to be used in the dishwasher; however, hand wash is recommended to keep the glass finish of this polish stainless steel set. It is also believed that continuous cleaning in dishwasher for a long period of time will likely to make scratches on your cookware.

Difference between Cuisinart Multiclad Pro and Calphalon Tri-ply

Calphalon Triply Vs Cuisinart Multiclad Pro

The cookware industry has gone through much development. From copper to cast iron and stainless steel the kitchen staples has now made with the combination of different materials to accommodate the every day kitchen needs efficiently without causing any harm to human health.

Since people are reluctant in buying non stick cookware due to the possibility of toxic elements; triply and multiclad cookware are considered best due to safe cooking and their potential to serve longer. 

Triply and multiclad both are constructed from stainless steel; its just their making and combination which makes them different in terms of performance and price.

In order to learn more and help you find the best cookware in a reasonable price; we are going to run a comparison between Cuisinart Multiclad Pro and Calphalon’s Tri-ply’s cookware set with their the main features and differences.

Construction: Both Cuisinart Multiclad Pro and Calphalon Tri-ply are tri-ply constructed; bonded heavy gauge aluminum core by two polished and resilient stainless steel layers. The stainless steel layers used, are warp and rust resistant enduring high temperatures without reacting to food or leeching out any chemical flakes in to your food; whereas the aluminum core ensures heat distribution across the whole surface prepping an evenly cooked food. The non porous surface is safe to be used with metal utensils. 

Design: No doubt the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro is the best Cuisinart cookware but you cant deny the looks of Calphalon as well. Both the stainless steel cookware sets though differ in details but feature with the same gorgeous polished appearance. What important most is the performance but they both can significantly change the way your kitchen looks. Calphalon seems to have more curves while Cuisinart Multiclad is a bit simple. However, the stainless steel finish gives both cookware sets a classy yet timeless look; in order to keep that look for much longer period avoid unnecessary dishwashing and extreme temperature.

Performance: Because of the tri-ply construction, both cookware are thick and absorb the heat quickly and capable to distribute it evenly across the whole surface; means that you only need to pre-heat in the start and then set the heat to medium or low settings. This strategy helps your food prepped perfectly while keeping your food from getting burn or stick to the surface.

Because of the high-quality material, both the Multiclad Pro and Calphalon tri-Ply are very durable and can withstand any cooking task or heat from any heat source without getting warp or hot spots. Both are highly versatile and can be used on different cooktops, including gas, electric, ceramic, oven and induction cooktops.

Lids: According to the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro reviews, it has tight fitting stainless steel lids that are even oven safe; perfect for keeping the flavor and heat locked. However, the Cuisinart features with tempered glass lids that offer effortless monitoring by keeping a check through glass without having to lift the lid.

Price: You cant deny the impact of a product’s price. If we compare the prices, we find that the Multiclad Pro is relatively more affordable than the Calphalon tri-ply so if you want to enjoy a premium grade cooking experience you with a tight budget you can opt for Multiclad Pro.

Temperature: Cuisinart Multiclad Pro cookware set offer an outstanding performance withthstanding heat up to 550 F while the Calphalon tri-ply can take heat up to 500F.

Warranty: The Cuisinart Multiclad Pro and Calphalon Tri-Ply both offers lifetime warranty to its consumers; which is a big plus considering the price you paying and getting the surety to be compensated without having to pay any additional costs.

Handles: The reality about stainless steel products is that they are quite heavy even when they are empty. The handles in both the Cuisinart and Calphalon are strongly riveted ensuring maximum durability so you may able to hold, carry or maneuver without having to worry about any lapse. Along with the main handles additional handles are also given to incorporate comfy handling. The manufacturers of both cookware claims that the handles remain cool; however as per the Cuisinart Multiclad reviews or Calphalon users, the handles get hot on the cooktop and you may need to use the mitten or kitchen gloves to hold.

Items Included

  • The Cuisinart Multiclad has 12 pieces included in the set; while the Calphalon Tri-ply has 13 pieces.
  • Both cookware have 1 covered stockpot in the; however the Cuisinart stockpot is 8-quart, while Calphalon Tri ply has a 6-quart stockpot. So if you are looking for a bigger stockpot then you need to go for the CuisinartMulticlad Pro.
  • If you are looking for Chef’s pan then you will not find it in Cuisinart Multiclad; however, Calphalon has a 2-quart Chef’s pan included in the set. 
  • The Calphalon triply cookware set has 3 sets of pans; that are 8-inch, 10-inc and 12-inch respectively. On the other hand, the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro has only two 8 and 10 inch pans.
  • Both cookware sets have two saucepans with lids. The Cuisinart Multiclad has one small and one 3-quart saucepan; the Calphalon has one similar small saucepan with one 2.5-quart saucepan.
  • The sauté pan of Cuisinart Multiclad is 3.5-quart in size that is slightly bigger than the sauté pan of 3-quart Calphalon Triply.
  • Cuisinart MUlticlad Pro comes with a steamer insert to help you steam variety of food.

How to Clean the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro cookware?

Stainless steel is not as simple to clean just like the nonstick pots and pans, but as long as you keep the food from getting burnt or stick to the surface cleaning this cookware is easy. Submerging your stainless steel cookware right after prepping your meal keeps you from the hassle of scrubbing.

Though Cuisinart Multiclad Pro is a dishwasher safe cookware; so if you are not a fan of scrubbing and scouring you can opt for dishwashing.

However, the manufacturer suggested to hand wash as the harsh process of dishwasher may compromise the appearance of mirror polished cookware.

The reason is the when the utensils and staples rub against the surface of each other the surface gets spoil or even scratch.

You might not even to experience it in the initial phase but later with the passage you will find that the lustrous shiny surface is no more visible.

For avoiding any such situation it is best to clean your cookware with hand. The manufacturer prohibits using steel wool or other abrasive cleaners that can scratch the surface and further recommendsusing a dish wash cleaner that is not harsh and non-lemon.

The best way to add life to the beauty and elegance of your cookware is to use silicone and wooden utensils to cook and soft sponge to clean.

The best way to cleanyour Cuisinart stainless steel cookware is to submerge it in the sink after the cooking is done. Let the food residue and stick particles soften then wash with warm water and dishwashing liquid, rinse and later dry it with a soft kitchen towel.

The fact is no matter how much you care and maintain your cookware; your cookware might get stain and discolor after sometime.

There could be several reasons for it including the foods you cook. The great thing is discoloration does not affect the performance of your Cuisinart Multiclad but you definitely would not like it to see it that way.

In order get back the sparkling appearance and get rid of the discoloration rub some warm vinegar with the help of a dry cloth.

Keep rubbing it until the stains get disappear. Calcium rich foods, oat meal and pasta are mostly the reason for the cloudy residue. There are some cleaning products available to clean these marks you can also use such liquid cleaners.

The worst thing to do is to use steel wool to clean the marks of burnt-on food. You may get rid of the marks but you cant undo the scratches that would appear on the cookware.

For getting rid of those stubborn marks, soak your pots and pans in warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid let it submerge in that water for some time.

Then using soft sponge rub off the residue little detergent, then wipe with a sponge. If you don’t find it helpful, you can give this mixture a boil for 10 to 15 minutes.

Let it cool, rinse and then using soft sponge or nylon spatula remove the residue. You can repeat this process as many times you want. In case you opt for commercial cleaners; follow the manufacturer guidelines in that matter.

How to Care for your Cuisinart Multiclad Pro cookware?

  • The aluminum encapsulated base is highly efficient at conducting heat at a fast pace. Cooking you meal at high heat may cause your food to burn or you may get an uneven cooked food. The beat ways is to always maintain your cooking temperature at a low to medium setting for most cooking tasks. To boil water, medium-high is sufficient.
  • Do not preheat your cookware or leave it empty over a hot stovetop. Doing so can ruin cooking surface.
  • After unpacking your cookware, the first and foremost thing is to clean your brad new cookware with warm water, rinse thoroughly and wipe it with soft kitchen towel. Doing so makes sure that any manufacturing dirt or residue is now cleaned and your cookware is now safe and ready to be used.
  • Although the manufacturer claims that the cookware is scratch resistant and metal utensil safe; it is best to use wooden and silicone utensils and refrain from using sharp utensils, such as knives, forks, whisks or spatulas.
  • Stacking your Cuisinart Multiclad pro Cookware in the cabinets may cause scratches and marks on their mirror polished surface. If you have a limited storage space and stacking is the only option; always use paper towel or soft cloth in between the pots and pans to prevent any possible scratches.
  • When cooking on gas burner, make sure that the flames are limited to the bottom of your cookware. Cooking with high flames cause discoloration.
  • In case you find discoloration and stains, try using the house hold tricks to get rid of those marks. However, if you are not into making much effort and look out to dishwashing cleaners; read your product manual before using one. The harsh chemicals may damage the cookware surface and ruin the mirror polished exterior.
  • Cuisinart Multiclad Pro is dishwasher safe; but the manufacturer also suggests it to clean by hand using soft sponge and mild dishwashing liquid. You may not find initially but the tough washing cycle is potentially harmful for the quality of your cookware. The whirling and rotating of pots and pans together cause scratches and marks to build up on the exterior and no matter what you try you wouldn’t be able to undo the damage you get. 
  • Always follow the guidelines mentioned in the product manual, if the recommended is mentioned follow it strictly.


The Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Cookware is the perfect cookware that has all the features to meet the demands of a versatile kitchen.

It has almost everything that a home or professional may like. Though stainless steel is not considered a good choice for beginners but this cookware can be convenient for the new cooks as well.

It is not only built to offer a unique cooking experience but its design and aesthetic looks makes it a suitable choice to serve your guests at the dinner table. Moreover, every item included in this cookware is built to last.

All you need is to care an maintain; though it doesn’t need much maintenance just like the traditional non stick pans. This cookware set is a good option containing all the important tools. It is worth an investment.