4 Dark Non Stick Pans For Baking 2023- (All Tested)

Dark Non Stick Pans For Baking
Dark Non Stick Pans For Baking

Premium quality yet durable baking pan can bring a distinctive and tempting piece of imagination into reality by baking a dish while maintaining its delicacy of the recipe without creating a fuss. Most of the cooks don’t really know the difference between dark non stick pans and light non stick baking pans; that’s why they get their food burnt or overly baked even if they follow the recipe right.

If you have recently purchased a dark non stick pan or you are thinking to buy one it is better to know how to use it correctly.

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Dark Pans vs Light Pans

Light baking pans considered durable are made of Aluminum or aluminized steel; however, they manufacture in other metals as well such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum, copper, cast iron, and tinned steel.

While speaking of dark pans vs light pans, Aluminum pans are durable, conducts heat evenly, and much inexpensive as compare to dark baking pans. 

Dark baking pans are constructed with aluminum or sometimes with tin wrapped inside a non stick coating. They are considered good for baking as they conduct heat quickly, evenly, and efficiently.

But at the same time, you need to be extra careful with the baking time as it may burn your cake or other food items within a lapse of a few seconds.

The main reason many people don’t know why do dark pans cook faster is that dark pans absorb heat as compared to light-colored non stick baking pans which only redirect heat to your food.

This is the main cause which leads to burning the cakes and confectionaries because many of the consumers treat dark non stick baking pans just like light baking pans.

That’s why 25% reduced baking time and lower temperature is recommended with dark baking pans.

Cooks and chefs who are accustomed to the maneuverability of dark baking pans prefer to bake with them by easily making necessary adjustments.

Discussing dark pans vs light pans doesn’t mean we prefer one to another as both light and dark baking pans have their pros and cons.

What really matters is the quality which definitely cannot be compromised in terms of a healthy diet.

Some people consider best non stick pans for baking, some prefer light pans or some are expert handling at dark baking pans, but make sure whatever you choose serves your needs with durability and high-quality.

Which is the Best Material for Dark Non Stick Pan?

No matter what cookware you purchase or which brand you choose; the fact is every kitchenware item has its pros and cons.

Not every cooking item is made for your needs or for your kitchen’s dynamics.

The best way to choose the best non stick pan that can enhance your baking skills such as helpful in making pancakes, pizza’s and breads and make you an awesome baking expert is to learn the difference between various dark non stick pans.


Nobody buys cookware or bakeware items frequently. Most people consider it as a long-term investment and that’s why they prefer to buy bakeware that could serve a longer period of time.

There are many different types of materials used in the manufacturing of baking pans however your goal should be to buy that dark non tick pan which is durable yet ensures a high level of heat conductivity.

Bakeware pans made of aluminum are durable and considered good for baking. They are durable shiny surface doesn’t rust however it prevents your food from achieving that delicious brown crust your love. 

If frequent buying doesn’t bother you then you can for this less expensive material; as it tends to warp on high temperatures.

If you are looking for a much durable dark non stick pan then what else can be better than heavy-gauge aluminum.

Silver anodized and hard anodized aluminum are two types of aluminum available in bakeware. Silver anodized bakeware conducts heat efficiently and quickly without letting the food to stick.

It has a rust-free and scratch-resistant finish that doesn’t wear off easily; however, you need to be careful with the metal utensils and sharp knives.

Similar to silver anodized, hard-anodized bake ware shows the same efficiency however it is 10 times more thicker than the silver anodized layer.

With hard anodized bakeware, you don’t need to worry about the metal utensils or knives. Whether silver or hard-anodized whatever you choose make sure to wash them with hands using non-abrasive sponge (Buy on Amazon) as they are effortless to clean and do not rust at all.

Insulated bakeware is also considered good for baking and browning; however, always buy non stick insulated baking pans to avoid food from sticking to the surface.

The insulated layer of baking pans are more defensive towards heat so it takes time to heat up which may take more time to bake your food properly.

Non stick coated pans allows effortless food release and hassle-free cleanup. All you need is to be careful with your baking time as dark non stick pans quickly absorbs heat relative to other light-colored pans; which may cause your food to burn or overly cooked.

Stainless steel alone is not a good conductor of heat however if coated with non stick it performs efficiently; conducts and distributes evenly and quickly.

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List of Top 4 Dark Non Stick Pans For Baking

Here is the list of top 4 dark non stick pan for baking cakes, pizza, bread and cookies etc. This is well researched guide to help you choose your best dark pan.

Rachael Ray Non Stick Baking Pan

Rachael Ray Dark Non Stick Pan

Don’t go for its funny name; when it comes to baking it performs like a pro baking tool.

Whether it’s your lip-smacking cake, tempting bar cookies, or cheesy lasagna this versatile 13-inch non stick bakeware is perfect for prepping almost anything. 

Constructed with heavy-duty steel that is wrapped with long-lasting nonstick; the durable construction never wears out even after several baking attempts.

The warp resistant premium non stick finish ensures effortless food release and hassle-free cleanup.

The wide and colorful silicone handles offer a confident grasp and comfortable maneuverability. With 1.5 pounds this Rachael Ray Bake ware is extremely spacious and lightweight.

This robust and sturdy cake pan is oven safe; perfect for baking, roasting, or browning with a temperature up to 500F.

Though the pan is dishwasher safe but it is better to give this incredible pan a gentle hand wash with a soft sponge and dishwashing soap to keep it slick and greasy non stick surface unscratched.


  • Solid and sturdy steel construction
  • Spacious and Lightweight
  • Wide and sturdy silicone grips
  • Oven safe up to 500° F
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Thin construction may bend in dishwasher

Amazon Basics 6 Piece Baking Pan Set

Dark Non Stick Pan for Baking

This heavy-gauge carbon steel bakeware set includes essentials required for any perfect baking session.

The sturdy carbon steel construction featuring anti-warp non stick coating delivers beautifully brown crust bread by reliably conducting and distributing even heat without leaving any hot spots.

All of the pieces have a nonstick coating which ensures stress-free cleaning and easy food release and without needing excess grease or oil.

This amazonbasics 6-piece bakewareset includes two 9-inch cake pans, one muffin tray consisting of 12 cups, one roast pan, and a baking sheet both having size 13×9 inch; all the items are oven safe can resist heat up to 500F.

You can put the items in the dishwasher but it would be wise to avoid dishwasher and abrasive cleaning pads.


  • Solid and sturdy steel construction
  • Consists of all the baking essentials
  • Wide and sturdy silicone grips
  • Oven safe up to 500° F


  • Starts to rust in case of dishwashing or abrasive pads

Wilton Non Stick Baking Pan

Wilton Dark Non Stick Pan

This mini loaf pan is perfect to accompany you in hosting a perfect dinner party.

Constructed from carbon steel and encased with slick yet greasy non stick coating this durable loaf pan is not only meant for mini loaves but can be used in prepping cakes, pudding, and much more.

The massive handles on the edge ensure easy maneuverability in and out of the oven and strong grip even with oven mitts.

This Wilton Baking Pan is dishwasher safe but a gentle hand wash with non-abrasive pads is recommended to maintain the quality and increase its lifespan.

This Premium Non-Stick Bakeware features a super-durable non-stick coating ensures effortless release of your baked goods and require less effort in cleaning. 

This popular pan from Wilton known so far as the best non stick pan for baking due to its efficient heat conductivity that spreads the heat uniformly ensures to bake every portion of your meal.

Consisting of eight clearly marked eight sections this robust tray can be used for making muffins, small pizzas, cookies, and other bit-sized confectionaries.


  • Solid and sturdy carbon steel construction
  • Features large and comfortable handles
  • Can bake eight miniature loaves
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Non stick coating may warp soon

Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan

Lodge Cast Iron Dark Pan

Specially designed for homemade pizza this Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan is made from cast iron which is exceptionally good at heat retention and distribution.

Pre-season the premium quality durable non stick coating for a natural and effortless food release.

The pan is comparatively heavy compared to other pizza baking pans; the reason being it is cast iron made that is already considered heavy.

The 14-inch baking pan with a generous cooking surface is perfect for roasting vegetables, baking goodies, and prepping homemade pizza.

The large angular loop handles though get hot and need to handle with mittens however offera secure and safe grip.

With this brutally tough cast iron baking pan you can sear, fry, bake, broil or grill on almost all types of cooking surfaces including, oven, campfire, and induction cooktops

Perfect for making French toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, and much more.

For cleaning a gentle swipe and rinse with a soft sponge works best however if required you can use steel wool for cleaning the tough bits and stains.


  • Pre-seasoned 14-inch pan
  • Solid and sturdy cast iron construction
  • Perfect for preparing a variety of foods
  • Suitable for grilling, campfire, and all stovetops


  • Delicate non stick coating needs a gentle wash

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do dark pans cook faster?

The reason why do dark pans cook faster is that they are relatively fast at absorbing and distributing heat as compared to other light-colored pans.

This is why baking with dark pans is crucial as a bit of additional exposure to heat can burn the delicious crust of your cake. 

Should oven temperature be lower when using dark pans to bake with?

It is advised to lower your oven temperature while baking with dark pans on the safe side because as we already have discussed dark pans are quick at absorbing heat;

that’s why they have the potential to burn your cakes or cookies even if you are following the timeline as suggested in your recipe.

When using dark baking pans?

If you like a brown layer or thick brown crust on the bottom, then try baking dark pans.

But you need to be more cautious as darker pans absorb heat quickly and thus they took less time to cook or bake food; a lapse of few seconds may ruin your dish.

How to use dark baking pans?

Baking in dark pans vs light pans is slightly different. You need to make certain amendments in order to get the perfect results.

First of all, keep the temperature of your oven 25 degrees below the required temperature; the reason being dark baking pans gets heat up quickly. Follow the normal temperature may cause the outer layer to burn while the inside remains uncooked.

Start checking doneness 10-15 minutes prior to the actual cooking time; this will keep you from over baking your ingredients.

How to cook in dark nonstick pans?

Before filling your pan with the ingredients, make sure it is properly greased. Strictly follow the time baking time mentioned in your recipe; keeping the temperature of your oven lower.  

Start checking your food 10 minutes before the finish time in order to keep your food from burning.