De Buyer Omelet Pan Review – Is It Good Option to Choose?

De Buyer Omelet Pan Review
De Buyer Omelet Pan Review

Carbon steel cookware has been gaining quite a lot of attention among cookware enthusiasts. Why because one thing that stands out the most is their nonstick property that appears after a proper seasoning. So, I thought why not give it a try as me being an egg lover was looking for a great omelet pan. And that’s where I came across the De buyer. So, this de buyer omelet pan review is for those readers who are not aware of the brand or looking to buy one but not sure about it.

De Buyer has been in the market for a very long time and this French brand has been providing cookware to the market since the eighties. They first started by providing the people with bowls, containers, and other utensils. Later on, they expanded the collection, one of which the most famous is the Mineral B collection.

So, if you are looking for something to add to your carbon stainless steel collection OR you are looking to start using the carbon steel pan. Then look no further this de buyer omelet pan review has all the details about the pan.

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Why Choose De Buyer Pan for Omelet?

De Buyer has been in the market for a long time and has been providing some of the best de buyer cookware in the market.

This is a French brand that has been in the market since 1810 and from then it has been providing some great cookware but the de buyer mineral b omelet pan is one of the most sought products among the customers.

They have an excellent stainless-steel collection that has great heat conduction capability. Once seasoned properly their pans are best for not only making eggs but also sautéing and searing other foods.

Moreover, one thing that makes them unique is that these pans are free from any kind of synthetic coating. This means that it is good for health and free from any toxic residues getting mixed in the food.

Moreover, this pan can also be used on a commercial level and you will see these pans a lot in restaurants. Aside from that, these are available in different sizes so you have different sizes to choose from.

Cooking Performance of De Buyer Pan for Omelet

As this is the de buyer’s omelet pan review so reviewing the cooking performance of the pan is a must. The cooking performance of the pan mainly depends upon its ability to heat and the food sticking. Those are the main two factors that determine how the pan will work.

So, about the non-stick frying pan, these are quite good when it comes to the heating part. Due to the thin carbon and iron stainless steel walls, these heat up quite quickly.

The heat conduction property of the pan is excellent and another great thing about this is that as compared to cast iron the heat retention quality of the pan is quite excellent.

So, it means that your food will stay warm for a good amount of time. Now as we are talking about the heat tolerance of these best de buyer pans these are oven compatible but talking about the degrees then these can withstand only around 400 degrees. So quite a limiting temperature.

As for the seasoning of the pan, if seasoned properly following all the steps mentioned then you will not be facing the food sticking problem. But keep re-seasoning it for the non-stick to last long.

Key Features of De Buyer Pan for Omelet

Free of synthetic coating: The most unique feature worth mentioning in this de buyer omelet pan review is that this pan is free from toxins. This means that no synthetic coating is coated over this pan to keep it free from any type of toxins. This gives it a more of a healthy outlook and the people who are always concerned about coating mixing with the food. This pan could be their ideal go-to one. Free of any kind of nonstick coating so no residues left in the pan during heating so no means of toxic residue getting mixed in the food.

Sloped walls for safety: This best de buyer cookware has sloped walls. Sloped walls make the sauté and searing food easy. Not only that, the lop-sided walls do not let the food stick to the walls. That means the liquid or gravy of the food is going to slide back down to the base meaning cleaning the pan will be easy. But again, that depends upon if the pan is seasoned properly otherwise there are chances for the food to stick.

Excellent heat conduction: The heat conduction properties of this one is quite like the cast iron pan. These heat up quite quickly and that is mainly due to the thin stainless-steel walls. Another great thing worth mentioning in this de buyer omelet pan review is their compatibility with all stovetops. Moreover, it also can conduct the oven heat. But be sure to handle it with care as the handles are also made up of stainless steel. So, handles getting heated up could be a problem that you can face. Better to handle these with the grip protector.

No food sticking: These best de buyer pans once seasoned properly have the ability to turn into a great non-stick pan. And the great thing is that seasoning is only done with the help of the oil. So, no extra nonstick or PFOA coating. Now the pans do come with the manual having the instruction on how to season a pan. But most of the time those instructions are not enough. So, for that, you can either check online or you can follow the steps mentioned below in this article. The de buyer does have a video on the seasoning but that is in French so if you know French well and are good at it not then no problem you can search online.

Easy cleaning: Cleaning these pans is easy but should be done with the hand. Although these pans do not come with the dishwasher safe label that is kind of upsetting for some people if you are looking to increase the shelf life of the pan then go with the hand cleaning. As we mentioned food this one has a minimum food sticking problem and it releases the food immediately. So, when no food is stuck to the pan that means no scraping or scrubbing is needed. Always use soft hand and gentle soap for cleaning purposes.

De Buyer – Mineral B Omelet Pan – Nonstick Frying Pan – 9.5″

One of the most famous and sought pans that are worth reviewing is the de buyer omelet pan review is the 9.5″ non-stick frying pan. With various 5-star ratings on Amazon and customers’ favorites, this pan is said to be the best de buyer pans. Available in different designs and sizes you can easily choose one according to your need.

Made up of a carbon stainless steel pan with 99 percent of iron and 1 percent carbon, this one has a beautiful silver-gray finish.

The unique thing about this one is that it is free of any synthetic coating that gives it a better sear property. Also, the beeswax finish gives you a protective coating and protects the pan from oxidation. 

Because the de buyer mineral b omelet pan is free from any kind of synthetic coating that means these are safe for health. No harmful residues will be present in food.

For availing of its non-stick properties, you have to season it properly and be sure to season it according to all the recommended practices. Moreover, due to its effective manufacturing, this carbon stainless steel pan is lightweight and is 40 percent lighter than the cast iron pan.

The sloped-sided wall makes searing and sauteing the food easily and the walls prevent the food from splashing. The heat-conducting capacity of this pan is even better.

The conduction property of the de buyer mineral b omelet pan is excellent and due to the thin design and walls, the pan gets heated in a few minutes.

The riveted handles of the pan are made up of stainless steel and due to this, there are high chances that the handles may also get heated.

So, it is better to use the handgrip protector with the pan. Another thing about the pan is that it is oven compatible. This means you can use it for oven cooking but the oven heat compatibility of this one is just 400 Fahrenheit.

Not very high as compared to the other pans but still a good thing that it is made for oven cooking.

Lastly comes the cleaning part and these pans require the same cleaning as the cast iron ones. That means you need to clean these by hand and gentle cleaning is the best practice.

  • Available in different sizes
  • No synthetic coating hence safe for health
  • Lighter in weight than the cast iron ones
  • Sloped sidewalls for safety from splashing
  • Excellent heat conduction due to thin walls
  • Moderately on the expensive side
  • Less oven heat compatibility
  • Not dishwasher safe

Seasoning Process of De Buyer Pan for Omelet

Seasoning a pan is an important process and it is this process that determines how good your pan is going to work in terms of the nonstick part. Seasoning a pan is a bit of a process but once done properly you can easily cook whatever food you like except for the acidic ones.

Most of them come with an instruction manual that has all the steps listed on it. But if not, then the following are the steps that you can follow to season your best de buyer pan:

  • Removing the protective coating is the first step to take. As the carbon stainless steel pans do not come pre-seasoned b these are mostly coated with a protective coating. Most of the time it is a beeswax coating.
  • Removing this one is kind of hard. You can use hot water and some soap or detergent to remove the coating. The coating is mostly done to prevent any type of rusting of the pan.
  • Now after the coating is removed, immediately dry off the pan. As the coating prevents rusting, now it is gone, which means it is prone to rust. Pat dry it and dry the remaining moisture by heating on the stovetop.
  • Now it’s time to start the seasoning process. Apply a thin layer of oil and heat the pan. You can either do that by heating it over the stove or you can even heat the pan in the oven to 450 degrees. Make sure to season with a light hand.
  • As the pan starts seasoning pan will start to turn into a brown color. Be sure to have your fan on as this process produces quite a lot of smoke.
  • Repeat the process until the pan turns into a dark shade of brown. After that, your pan is ready to use. But still, during the first few times, you will need to season the pan again and again.

Downsides of De Buyer Pan for Omelet

Limited oven use: One important downside about the de buyer nonstick frying pan is the limited oven use. You cannot use these pans over the high heat of around 500 degrees. The Only temperature that this one is compatible with is 400 degrees. Which is pretty less as compared to the other pans available in the market.

Still a bit on the heavier side: As we mentioned before and this is the main selling point of the de buyer, the pan is lighter as compared to the other cast iron pans. But even with such claims and being lightweight, it is still a bit on the heavy side. So, you will have to handle it with care.

A little bit expensive: A moderately expensive kind of pan. There are a lot of other pans available at more affordable prices with the same features. So according to properties, we can say it is a bit overpriced.

Not compatible with acidic food: Another downside about this pan is that they are not compatible with acidic food. The acidic food tends to release some juices that mix up with the stainless steel giving your food a very metallic taste. So, cooking the acidic food alone in this pan is not a good idea.

Not a dishwasher safe: Another thing that a lot the people like to have in the pans is the dishwasher safe capability. And this de buyer nonstick frying pan lacks that property. So, if you are someone who doesn’t like to use your hands for washing you might not like this one.

Conclusion: Should I Consider it?

So, this brings us to the end of the de buyer omelet pan review. If you are looking for various stainless-steel options to choose from then do consider the de buyer one among them. With its excellent cooking feature and performance, this one surely is worth your try. They do provide you with 30 days return policy so if you’re not satisfied with the pan, you can return the pan in the meantime.

We hope that with the help of this de buyer omelet pan review we were able to help you in deciding whether the de buyer is a suitable choice for you. So now when you are sure it’s time to go shopping for a great stainless-steel pan.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are De Buyer nonstick frying pans worth it?

Yes, due to some of the astounding properties and excellent performance giving this a try is worth it. De buyer is one of some very famous carbon stainless steel pans that provide some great cooking capabilities.

With the excellent heating properties, helping handle for better handling, easy cleaning and no food sticking this pan is definitely worth your money.

Can best de buyer cookware be used in an oven for 500 degrees?

No, unfortunately, this is one of the limitations of the de buyer cookware. Though these pans are compatible with the oven, they can withstand heat up to 400 degrees.

So, any cooking that is needed to be done at this temperature or less than this can be done in the oven, but anything higher than this cannot be done in the oven.

As for the stovetops, these can tolerate the highest possible temperature of the stovetops. So, when cooking on the stovetops you can easily cook food without any worry.

Can de buyer mineral b omelet pan be used for acidic foods?

No not only this but any of the carbon stainless steel pans are not compatible with acidic food. This is because acidic foods like tomatoes, vinegar, or lemon juice release some enzymes that hinder the pan’s steel.

Due to this, you can feel the metallic taste of the pan in the food and even some of the pan residues get mixed in the food.