5 Ridiculously Easy Tips To Make Your Everyday Kitchen Chores A Walk In The Park

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A kitchen is a magical place where all the food that we love is prepared. But why is it that many of us run away from the kitchen and all of the related chores?

The answer can be many reasons, but most significantly, the time consumption and energy drained make kitchen chores so repulsive.

To turn the tables in your favor and make you efficient in the kitchen, we come bearing a list of easy-to-follow and result-oriented tips. As a result, you’ll witness your pace of doing things increased, work done in an organized manner and with little or no lethargy. 

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Spend Money On Modern Kitchen Gadgets

It is the 21st century, and your kitchen should look like one. The easiest way of giving your kitchen a modern look is to have the latest and time-saving kitchen products in it.

These will not just share your burden but increase your efficiency in the kitchen.

You don’t have to extract juice from fruits with hand squeezers like your grandma did when you were a kid.Instead, look around and see that you have electric appliances that will do the chore in merely seconds and save you a lot of time and energy.

So spend your hard-earned money on the wise purchase of modern appliances because this improves the efficiency of the kitchen.

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Set Separate Corners For Everything

We don’t make special corners for everything, which is one of the numerous reasons cooking takes so long. Performing all duties in one place leads to distractions and adds time to even the simplest jobs.

You need a designated cutting, cooking, baking, and washing area in the kitchen. This method will make things less cluttered, making transitioning from one chore to the next easier, and allow you to finish activities more quickly.

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Make A Weekly Meal Schedule

We know what takes more toll on you, even more than cooking itself. It is deciding what to make.

Yeap, the decision is always the hard part. So, it is better to make a weekly healthy and balanced meal plan and buy groceries accordingly for the whole week in one go. Moreover, it will save you from unwanted trips to the super mart for getting small things repeatedly.

Having decided what to make every day in advance, you don’t have to spend hours thinking about it. Just get the groceries from the fridge, see the day from your weekly schedule and get busy making the meal of the day. It improves the efficiency of the kitchen significantly.

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Get Dressed For The Task At Hand

Getting ready for the task at hand is half the job done. The same goes for kitchen chores.

Consider cooking juicy steaks while wearing a loose full-sleeved shirt. An open sleeve garment is easier to catch the rising flames than one that is close to your body. Cooking while wearing a loose-fitting dress is difficult and even dangerous.

If you’re wearing a new dress in the kitchen, you’ll take extra precautions to avoid staining it. In this cautious endeavor, you won’t be able to concentrate on the task, and it will take longer than intended.

Wear an apron to cover your dress and save the time you would have spent cleaning it if it had been stained.

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Keep Your Knives Sharp

Keeping your blades sharp and ready to cut through anything is the most basic of all kitchen efficiency recommendations. Investing in a decent pair of knives that are kept sharp for use is a crucial but simple step toward cooking faster.

But it’s not enough to have pricey, well-knifed knives. You’ll need to learn how to use paring knives, chef knives, butcher knives, and boning knives, among other knives. This will make cutting, peeling, and everything else that requires a blade a lot easier.

If you use good-quality sharp blades, not only will your cooking speed improve, but it will also be safer. On the other hand, blunted knives are difficult to hold, yet they’re still dangerous because they’re sharp enough to pierce the skin.

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Bottom Line

Kitchen efficiency ideas are often overlooked and thought of as less significant. But the fact is that these small changes and improvements in the way you do things can lead to you being efficient, hence saving your precious time.

So the next time you have guests over for dinner, implement these tips so that you don’t have to spend all the time in the kitchen. Making a schedule, keeping knives sharp, wearing proper clothes for the kitchen and having separate corners for dedicated tasks are tips that are easy to implement and can contribute a lot towards your efficiency.