Gibson Home Cookware Reviews – A Complete Guide 2023

Sometimes, it is very frustrating to choose the right cookware set that includes all the items you are looking and that too in a price you could afford.

You mostly end up either getting few items that are completely useless or paying extra bucks.

After reading the Gibson Home cookware reviews, we are agreed that it is the perfect brand that offers all the essential pieces in a pretty reasonable price. 

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What’s Special in Gibson Home Cookware?

Gibson Home is a California based cookware and houseware brand that has continued to add style and substance to your house and kitchen with innovation and design.

The objective of the company is to provide accessibility to every kitchen with their products.

You may not find the products equivalent to top cookware brand but this is because the manufacturer has tried to cut the cost to keep their product in the affordability of every individual.

But that doesn’t mean the products are not worth to use; its just you need to care more for the cookware while using and maintaining them so that they can serve you well.   

Main Features of Gibson Home Cookware

Main Features of Gibson Home Cookware

Affordability: The cookware is intended to offer a highly reasonably price cookware who wants to enjoy aesthetically beautiful and highly functional cookware within their limited budget.

Though it may not seem durable to you but how can you be sure about the expensive brands to stay lifelong.

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You may need to deal technically so that your Gibson frying pans and pots stay long to serve; however, if they don’t it wouldn’t be a loss as they are not really expensive to buy.

Even Heat Distribution: Thermal conductivity is the most important aspect of a cookware that cannot be ignored. We knew that for an evenly cooked meal we cannot rely on the stainless steel built.

A stainless steel construction though may able to stand durable against heat sources, dishwashing and maintenance but it is not good to prepare an evenly cooked meal.

An aluminum core is always needed for its efficiency to conduct quick and even heat distribution.

According to the Gibson Home cookware reviews the aluminum encapsulated bottom works efficiently to do its job.  

Glass lids: Featured with shatter resistant glass lid this stainless steel cookware offers a clear view so that you do not need to lift the lids each time to keep check on your cooking status.

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Moreover, the vent holes guarantees splatter free closed lid experience by releasing the excess steam in a precise manner so that the food stays warm and moist.

Gibson Home Vs Concord Cookware: Which is Best?

Gibson Home Vs Concord Cookware: Which is Best?

Gibson  Home: Gibson Home was established in 1979 by the name of Gibson Overseas Inc. holding the experience of four generations in the houseware industry.

Mostly it is famous for dinnerware, tableware, flatware, glassware; however, their cookware are also making their way in the market due to their incredibly affordable prices.

Though it is a US based brand that has warehouses in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Canada but the production and quantity is monitored by various offices located in China, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

The company is known to bring design, innovation and affordability to its customers to add value to consumer experience.

Whether its Gibson home non stick pans and pots or its stainless steel cookware, the pots and pans are made with the intention to bring convenience and functionality in your kitchen.

Concord: Concord Cookware was established in Los Angles, California in the year 2010. The company mainly focuses on home and outdoor cooking.

Just like the manufacturer is intended to bring good quality materials with beautiful design and  aesthetic to your kitchen in reasonably affordable price.

Which is Best?: So now we know that both the brands have the objective to bring good quality affordable cookware with functionality and accessibility to bring ease to your pocket and maneuverability.

Lets compare the two brands with a similar 7 piece stainless steel cookware they both offer.

Both Concord and Gibson introduced a stainless steel cookware featuring the same staples; containing Dutch oven with covered lid, two differently sized sauce pans with lids and a frying pan.

The cookwares are known for their highly affordable prices; definitely you would not get the quality like Le-Creuset or All-Clad but it is not too bad either.

The concord cookware set costs you $49.98 while the Gibson 7 piece cookware’s selling price is $34.64.

Both stainless steel cookware looks great with their mirror finished polish. However, the Concord and Gibson Home cookware reviews tells us that the cookware is light in weight so if you looking for heavy weight pots and pans then it is not the one for you.

The reason must be the thin and medium grade used in the cookware which helped the manufacturer to keep the price minimal. If you something better built then it would be expensive.

If you are a professional cook then these stainless steel pieces are not for you. Since they are made of light weight stainless steel they cant withstand high temperatures and not made for intense heat.

The manufacturer also recommends cooking on lower to medium heat. Moreover, if you want them to serve you longer you need be careful while using as they not good corrosion resistant, heat or warp resistant; so you can’t expect them to last you a lifetime just like famous cookware brands.

In the cookware industry riveted handles are considered much durable. But the Concord and Gibson both have rivet less handles.

Though there are no complaints received about Concord or any negative Gibson Home cookware reviews found means they are sturdy and safe to use.

The long handles are super comfy to hold while the Dutch ovens handles provides much room to hold even with mitts on.

There is no evidence found in the Gibson Home cookware reviews if the handles are cool to touch.

The bottom is tri ply constructed with aluminum core to provide fast and even thermal distribution for an optimal cooking experience.

Both cookware are safe to be used on electric, gas and halogen but don’t work on induction. The Concord is said to be dishwasher safe but the Gibson home cookware reviews suggest that they are supposed to dish wash and it is better to hand wash them gently.

Even if you prefer hand wash you are advised to dry them with soft kitchen towel before storing them in the cabinet to avoid water stains.

The lids are transparent making it easy for you to look after your food without having to lift each time. However, these are not oven safe.

The gleam and shine of both the cookware is not metal utensil safe so you better use wooden or silicone utensils.

 Both Concord and Gibson are made to serve its consumers who are looking for an affordable cookware solution.

Possess the same features and functionality; however, since they are not that durable you need to be extra careful while cooking and maintaining these staples.

Moreover, these staples are not made to serve you lifelong just like the big cookware names. If you want us to pick one then there is no such dissimilarities which can make one special over other.

There is slight difference of few bucks between the two; Gibson Home is less priced than Concord.

Gibson Home Landon 7 Piece Cookware Set

If you are looking for a durable stainless steel cookware at a bargain price then it is the right cookware for you.

The cookware includes 0.9 and 2.1 quarts saucepan with lids, 3.7 quarts Dutch oven with lid, and a 9.2 inch frying pan.

Construction: If you do not like coated cookware then this must be your go to cookware. Made with 0.4- 0.7mm stainless steel; this healthy old fashioned stainless steel cookware is light in weight.

Since the construction is not like the heavy gauge steel it is not an expensive choice to make; which means on the other hand that a slight negligence towards the temperature may warp or corrode your cookware.

This is the reason you found many bad reviews which were made by the users who didn’t use the staples wisely.

The cookware is actually made for home cooks who do not require intense heat to prepare meals.

The reason to add a thin and medium quality of stainless steel is to keep the price range in the affordability of every consumer to enjoy a classy yet healthy cooking experience.

But that doesn’t mean that the Gibson pots and pans can endure high temperatures from different heat sources.

So if you are admired by the gleam of this Gibson frying pan and pots then you must keep in mind to always cook on low to medium heat.

Stovetop Compatibility: Since it has aluminum encapsulated base, that means the Gibson pots and pans distribute heat quickly and evenly across the surface so that you get to enjoy a perfectly and evenly cooked meal.

Since it is a stainless steel cookware many people assume it to be induction compatible; however, it is not induction compatible. The cookware is said to work on gas, electric and halogen stove tops.

The reviews about Gibson home stainless steel pans and pots suggest that it don’t work on induction cooktops.

The best way to check whether your cookware can work on induction is to hold a magnet near its bottom and check whether the magnet stick to the surface or not. Induction friendly bottoms are magnetic in nature.

Another reason that justifies the consumer reviews about the non-compatibility to induction is that these Gibson pots and pans are not made of heavy gauge stainless steel this is why they are not safe to be used on heat surfaces that possess extreme temperatures.

Using these pots and pans on extensive heat temperature may result in damaging their cookware surface and you may not able to use them further. 

Lid: The two saucepans and Dutch ovens are provided with shatter resistant glass lids; making it suitable for you to keep an eye on your food so that it don’t get stick to the surface.

The lid is also featured with a vent hole that makes sure to release excess steam from the pots to keep the food from splattering and your cooktops from any additional mess.

The lids are extremely light in weight and easy to clean. However, they are not oven safe and must not be used while baking or roasting.

One drawback with the lids is that the knob provided on the lids are not cool to touch so you must need to use kitchen gloves or oven mitten to hold them.

Moreover, they are not suitable to hold with a strong grip; there is no hollow given or proper space to pull it through your hand or using fingers.

It can be slipped from hand which is quite dangerous and may hurt your hands or body if hot.  

Handle: If we talk about the handles of the Gibson home stainless steel pans and pots, we find that they are pan welded handles.

Since riveted handles are considered much durable in the cookware industry so these rivet less handles make the consumers raise eyebrows if whether they are durable to have a sturdy grip that wouldn’t lapse.

However, there are no complaints reported about the handles on the various consumers’ portals.

Apart from the concern above, the handles are comfy to hold and does not cause strain to the hands.

Even the Dutch oven has big hollow handles that offers much room so that can easily grip them wearing your kitchen gloves and mitts.

The manufacturer claims it to be cool to touch but there is no evidence found to back this claim.

Cleaning: The manufacturer didn’t claim that the product is dishwasher safe and since it is lightweight stainless steel we would not recommend it to give a try.

The best way is to clean it by hand using mild dishwashing soap and warm water to get rid of the stubborn food residue.

Don’t forget to pat your Gibson home stainless steel pans and pots with soft cloth to dry them before storing them into the cabinet. This will keep them shiny and prevent any possible water stains.

  • 7 piece stainless steel cookware.
  • Transparent shatter resistant lids.
  • Aluminum core for even heat distribution.
  • Gas, electric and halogen compatible.
  • Oven safe.
  • The cookware is not metal utensil safe.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Not induction compatible.

How to Care for your Gibson Home Stainless steel Cookware?

How to Care for your Gibson Home Stainless Steel Cookware
  • When start cooking always preheat your Gibson frying pan before adding oil and later add ingredients. Though you can skip this technique while using your Gibson non stick pan but according to experts, adding oil to preheated stainless steel surface temporarily makes it a non stick. Toss the ingredients only if find the oil is shimmering.
  • You have seen the annoying water stains appeared on your stainless steel pots and pans when they get dried. However, you wouldn’t find those marks on your Gibson home non stick pans and pots. The best way to avoid these marks is to dry your pots and pans  right after washing them. Simply just dampen the surface with a soft table cloth or sponge and store them as usual.
  • If you are cooking meat, fish or chicken, let the ingredients stay outside from the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes prior cooking. Cold food sticks to the hot stainless steel surface and if not given attention may cooked unevenly.
  • Never submerge your hot Gibson non stick pan or stainless steel pots into the cold water just after finished cooking. This will create thermal shock to the cooking surface and cause irreparable warping to your cookware.
  • Using stainless steel cookware doesn’t mean you can use scouring pads. Using abrasive cleaners and scouring pads can scratch the surface of your stainless steel and  may cause permanent damage to its mirror finish. You can use vinegar, baking soda to scrub off the stubborn food residue. 
  • Boiling salt water or liquid ingredients that contain salt can cause tiny pockmarks which cant be removed easily and also dull the interior cooking surface. If possible always add salt at the final stages of cooking.
  • Do not rush to preheat your Gibson non stick pans or steel pans by using intense temperature. Even high quality stainless steel cookware does damage in such scenarios and the Gibson stainless steel is already a lightweight cookware which may not survive it.  
  • If you ever found stubborn food residue stick to your cookware do not haste; sprinkle some baking soda with water and let it stay for a while and later brush it off with soft sponge or nylon scouring pads. This technique can be used on Gibson home non stick pans and post as well.

You can also use lime and salt technique by rubbing the squeezing the lime juice and sprinkle and salt over it; let the mixture rest and later using sponge rub off the reside and wash it with water.