Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pans – Buyer’s Guide

Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pans
Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pans

When it comes to the kitchen a frying pan is considered to be an essential kitchen appliance. Whether it’s fluffy pancakes, sizzling bacon, or delicately fried salmon; a non stick pan is a necessity of every household. Though there are several brands of non stick pans available in the market claiming to be durable and have a long life span; but in actual reality is different when it comes to performance. The fact is we can’t take the risk of buying any random cooking pan as kitchenware items are not bought everyday. That is why we want our cookware items especially the pans to be long-lasting and durable as they have to tackle some challenging cooking tasks. Speaking of durable non stick pans with excellent long time performance; how can we not discuss Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic nonstick fry pans.

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Review about Gotham Steel Pro 2-piece Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pans

Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pans

This award-winning pan endorsed by celebrity chef Daniel Green is available in 2 different sizes that are 9.5-inches and 8-inches. Featured with a strong combination of titanium and ceramic (Ti-Cerama) coating these Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic frying pans not only helps in the effortless release of food but also known for their design, durability, and versatility. Whereas, the solid Aluminum construction ensures quick and even heat distribution.  These pans are recognized for their eco-friendly nature as the ultra-durable and scratch-resistant interior withstand any temperature without leaching or releasing toxic elements.

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According to the manufacturer, the cookware is safe to use with metal utensils but as per the Gotham steel pro pan reviews by various consumers, the non stick coatings get scratched with metal utensils.  The best thing about this pan it offers smooth and healthy cooking by offering versatile cooking experience without any oil or butter.

A low to medium heat is recommended for a pleasant and safe cooking experience. Gotham steel pro pan is oven safe yet dishwasher safe and can withstand up to 500F. The stay-cool riveted handles offer a strong grip and comfortable handling without burning your hands.


  • It is light-weighted and well balanced pan Three size variants to choose from
  • Stay cool handles ensures comfortable and solid grip
  • Solid construction with combination of Titanium and Ceramic
  • Eco-friendly free of toxic elements such as  PFOA, PTHE & PFOA
  • Gotham steel pro pan is oven safe and dishwasher
  • Withstand oven temperature up to 500F


  • It doesn’t support induction cooking
  • The handle quite thin and uncomfortable
  • The pan is not provided with a lid

Are Gotham steel pans toxic?

Most people after learning that Gotham steel pro 2-piece ceramic nonstick fry pans are actually made of titanium get confused. If you are also one of those people and wondering are Gotham steel pans toxic or not; then let us tell you that Gotham steel pro pans are entirely safe.  We appreciate your concern and it actually comes under consumer’s right to research find the facts before any product. If you haven’t heard about titanium’s usage in any cookware then the best way to disperse your doubts is to get informed and we are here to familiarize you with it.

First of all, we need to understand that Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic nonstick fry pans are eco-friendly and are made of non toxic materials. Gotham Steel Pan is made of entirely safe materials that do not contain any harmful or toxic components. The non-stick coating is free from PFOA, PTHE, and PFOA; which doesn’t leach or release toxic substances at high temperatures. Now comes to titanium, it is an expensive, lightweight, and exceptionally strong metal that is acid-resistant and does not corrode easily. Though Titanium alone is not known for ideal heat retention that’s why it is combined with Copper for excellent heat conduction.

Gotham Steel Pan Seasoning Instructions

If you find your Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic nonstick fry pans sticking food and releasing food seems not easy then it’s time to season your pan. Seasoning is a suitable solution to keep the surface of non stick pans greasy and sleek yet prevent them from sticking food.

For all those Gotham pan users we have shared below Gotham steel pan seasoning instructions to keep their pan in shape and avoid any uneven spots.

  • Before starts seasoning, make sure your pan is clean, dry and there are is no food stick to its surface.
  • If you found the pan greasy or there are food particles then wash and clean you’re the pan with warm water using dishwashing soap.
  • Make sure you don’t use any abrasive pads or steel wool. A soft kitchen towel or piece of cloth can do the job. This will remove any particles or debris that could interfere with the seasoning process.
  • So now you have washed the pan just to make sure there is no possible debris on the surface. You can place the pan on a clean dry place to dry or can gently dry it using a power towel.
  • Now turn on your cooktop with a low temperature and place the pan on it. Keep the pan on the same temperature for a minute.
  • Now turn off your stove and carefully take off your pan from the cooktop. Making sure it will not burn your hands.
  • Now you are ready to grease your pan. Take a suitable quantity of vegetable oil, make sure you take enough oil that can spread over the whole pan’s surface and gently spread it with a spatula or by whirling around the pan. 
  • Now let the warm pan along with the oil to cool down. As the oil cools down it will form a thick greasy layer over the pan’s surface.
  • You can repeat the same process as per your usage and need.
  • If you want to know detailed guide about How to Clean Non Stick Pans with Burnt On Food check this.

Handling Instructions for Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pans

You already have read enough about the durability and long-term performance of Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic non stick fry pans, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need proper care and handling. Just like any other pan, your Gotham Pro pan needs the same maintenance and treatment and there is no exception to it. 

Low to Medium Heat Cooking

For keeping your Gotham steel pro ceramic pan in good shape; low to medium heat is recommended for cooking. High heat can damage and cause your pan to warp. Whether you to sauté, sear or frying avoid high temperature for best performance otherwise your food may stick or scorch to the surface.

Don’t use Cooking Sprays

According to experts, frequent use of cooking sprays forms an invisible build up in the pan over time that burns at low heat damaging the non stick coating and causing the food to stick. The layer builds up by cooking sprays is not possible to remove and later cause the reason for the damage to your pan.

Instead of using cooking sprays, we recommend you to season your pan once a month. We have shared Gotham steel pan seasoning instructions above to help you keep the shiny greasy surface and sleek non stick performance of your pan.

Store Properly your Non stick Pans

Dedicate a specific place for your non stick pan to hang. Don’t stack your pans on to one another if you do so place a paper towel between them. The bottom of one may rub against the non stick surface of another causing it to scratch. Using a paper towel or soft piece clothe may keep them from any possible scratches.

Don’t use Metal Utensils

According to the manufacturer of Gotham steel pro 2-piece ceramic nonstick fry pans; these are a pair of scratch-resistant kitchen appliance but as per some consumers who denied the manufacturer claims in their negative feedback about Gotham steel pro pan reviews, that they used metal utensils and it caused scratches on their pan’s surface.

Metal utensils are potentially harmful to the non stick surface of your Gotham steel pro pan and may ruin the surface. Always use wooden or silicone; heat-resistant utensils and spatulas instead of metal or steel utensils. If you are not sure which material to prefer as utensils opt for silicone utensils as they are more durable than nylon and plastic and can withstand high heat.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

Sudden temperature changes can cause the non stick cookware to warp or damage. You may not notice initially but it will affect your cooking later. Always let your nonstick pan to cool down completely before submerging it in the sink or water.

Don’t use Abrasive Cleaning Materials

Although Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic non stick fry pans are dishwasher safe means they are durable. But that doesn’t mean at all that you can use strong abrasive materials like steel wool, abrasive scouring pads for hand cleaning it. The best way is to clean it right after it is cooled down by wiping it using a paper towel or using a sponge along with mild dishwashing soap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gotham ceramic pans safe?

Most people who never heard about the combination of Titanium and Copper, feel concerned and found asking are Gotham steel pans toxic or safe to use. Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pans are made with PFOA-free and PFOS-free coating which don’t leach and release harmful chemicals even at high temperatures.

Are Gotham steel frying pans any good?

Gotham steel frying pans are comparatively good as compare to other mediocre level pans that are claimed to be durable enough and scratch-resistant. Furthermore, the Gotham steel pro pan is oven safe and can withstand temperature up to 500F. According to some Gotham steel pro pan reviews, the non stick coating gets compromised in case of rough usage.

Can you use oil on Gotham steel?

Gotham steel is featured with Titanium Ceramic coating which doesn’t need any oil or grease to cook food but if you still want to add some then it is necessary to follow the guided heat setting.

Does Gotham steel pro compatible with an induction stovetop?

As per the manufacturer guidance, Gotham Steel Pro 2-piece ceramic nonstick fry pans are not made for induction stovetop and don’t support induction cooking.

What is the smallest Gotham steel frying pan?

The smallest Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic nonstick fry pans are available in an 8.5-inch size.


In short Gotham Steel Pro Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pans (Buy On Amazon) could be a best choice for you if you are not using induction cooktop because this is not compatible with induction cooktop.