GreenPan Valencia Pro Reviews – Is It Good For You?

GreenPan Valencia Pro Reviews
GreenPan Valencia Pro Reviews

Speaking of healthy non stick cookware, how can we not discuss the GreenPan Valencia cookware set that is known for its safe, healthy and ecofriendly features? Upon researching, we found that there are unlimited positive GreenPan Valencia Pro Reviews favoring this GreenPan cookware line for its environmental friendly construction and features. 

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What is GreenPan?

What is Green Pan

GreenPan is a Belgian cookware brand that started manufacturing its non-toxic yet environmental friendly ceramic coating 2007.

They are intended to produce PFOA free cookware that is free from any kind of toxins, preservative and chemicals.

This is the reason there is no reason they could release any harmful toxins when overheated.

Throughout their healthy cookware manufacturing journey, GreenPan has researched and worked extensively to improve their formulation along the way.

Green Pan non stick cookware is ideal for almost all kinds of heat sources including induction cooktops.

Featured with diamond reinforced ceramic non stickcoating with scratch resistant hard anodized exteriors and heavy gauge construction that is efficient at  quick and even heat distribution.

Unlike other non stick cookware, GreenPan cookware is committed to make nonstick cookware without the harmful toxins that could be potentially harmful for human health such as PFAS, PTFE, PFOA, lead and cadmium.

Their patented Thermolon coating is in its fifth generation that is infused with diamonds for offering much durable and slick nonstick surface that is capable to withstand the metal utensils.

Thermolon is derived from sand that is non toxic free from PFAs and PFOAs means it does not release toxic fumes nor peels of poisonous chemicals even if the pan overheats.

Moreover, it is highly heat conductive and creates 60% less emissions than any other conventional nonstick coatings; so you can cook just like professional chefs without having to worry about the temperature setting after every other second.

Being the advocate for ecofriendly and healthy cookware,GreenPan lives up to its name by utilizing the upcycled stainless steel and aluminum in manufacturing their pots and pans.

GreenPan has introduced extensive cookware lines under their ecofriendly brand name; though it is pretty much difficult to differentiate between them as do have common features offering almost same functionality and reliability with different budget range.

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GreenPan Valencia Pro Cookware Set

This ceramic non stick cookware is no doubt the best GreenPan cookware set with a  combination of solid heavy gauge construction and durable nonstick coating that is ready to offer outstanding performance with its well-designed shape and compatibility with various heat sources.

The GreenPan Valencia Pro set quickly and evenly distributes heat and delivers impressive searing, braising, frying and sautéing experience to its users with high heat resistance.

Thanks to its Thermolon ceramic nonstick coating Valencia Pro works much better unlike other traditional non stick cookware sets; by offering a healthy diet using less grease or oil, release food quickly and clean effortlessly.

The manufacturing process is monitored responsibly utilizing modern methods of cookware designing and production; in order to make sure the set so completely safe to be used under extreme temperature without any risk of releasing toxic elements.

The hard anodize aluminum construction offers heat distribution in the best possible way so to eliminate the issues of overcooked or undercooked meals.

Talking of compatibility the cookware is highly efficient and can be used on all heat sources including induction.

In order to discuss the construction and the additional benefits of GreenPan Valencia pro set; we highlight some of its characteristics and features in detail below so you may get an idea how unique and different this whole set is from all the other conventional sets which claim to be the best non stick green pans and pots.

Performance and Reliability

The performance of a cookware basically depends upon its construction and the quality of materials used.

If you observe you will find that the ceramic non stick coating of GreenPan Valencia Pro set comes from organic sand.

Moreover, the heavy gauge construction guarantees even heat distribution and ensures the functionality of this cookware on the gas, electric, ceramic, induction, broiler or oven.

Safe & Healthy Cookware

When it comes to cookware these days, safe and healthy cooking is the primary perspective that cannot be ignored.

Being the best Green Pan cookware set, this Valencia Pro cookware is made free from toxic elements; such as PFOA, PFAS, Lead, and Cadmium.

Unlike other conventional non stick cookware, Valencia Pro has the best GreenPan frying pans, pots and saucepans which do not add any harmful substances even on extreme heat nor release any toxic fumes to keep your environment green healthy.

Being derived from organic sand the ceramic non stick coating has successfully able to offer the best GreenPan pots and pans.

Thermolon Non Stick Ceramic Coating

Infused with diamonds all the items in this cookware set are featured with durable GreenPan’s Signature Thermolon Minerals Pro healthy ceramic nonstick coating that is free from PFOA, PFAS, Lead and Cadmium.

As per the GreenPan Valencia Pro reviews, the Thermolon ceramic coating is extremely safe and healthy allowing its users to consume less fat and oil into their food without having to worry about the food sticking to surface or expecting any hassle in the cleaning. 

Furthermore, you will get to experience a much sturdy non stick surface that is scratch resistant, metal utensil safe and do not risk your health by releasing toxic fumes as a result of extreme temperature.

Magneto Induction Technology

Due to the hard anodized structure that is reinforced with Magento Induction Technology the cookware set is highly resilient to tackle variety of cooking expeditions over various heat sources without any chances of getting wobble or perhaps warp over time.

Moreover, the GreenPan Valencia pro set remains scratchproof for a long time even with the usage of metal utensils.

Being one of the best GreenPan cookware set, you are going to get even cooking, searing, and browning experience with this exceptional cookware set; as per the GreenPan Valencia Pro reviews the performance is due to the Magneto Induction Technology.

Multiple Stovetop Compatibility

If you love to cook then you do not have to limit yourself just to a single stovetop. Similarly, with having the best GreenPan pots and pans in your kitchen you can try out various food recipes that require different heat sources such as oven, induction, and broiler.

As per the GreenPAn users and their GreenPAn Valencia Pro reviews, all the items included from fry pans, saucepans to casserole and skillet are compatible to withstand oven, broiler and induction.

So you do not have to face the disappointment just like the other ecofriendly cookware sets which claims to be the best green pans; however, don’t able to withstand heat up to 350F.

With GreenPan Valencia Pro cookware set you can safely cook up to 600F except the lids that can bear the temperature up to 425F only.


  • The whole set is able to withstand heat up to 600F, except the lids that can take up to 425F only.
  • Hard anodized aluminum construction adds maximum strength and durability.
  • Furnished with Magneto Induction Technology, that ensures superior induction efficiency.
  • GreenPan’s Signature Thermolon Minerals Pro ceramic nonstick coating that is safe, healthy and eco friendly; free from PFOA, PFAS, Cadmium and Lead.
  • Ergonomically designed dual riveted stainless steel handles that remain cool even on cooktop.
  • Scratch resistant, metal utensil safe stand up to years of durable use.
  • Effortless to clean by hand or in dishwasher.
  • Superb performance on all heat sources, including broiler and oven without any loss of energy and heat.


  • Prone to discoloration.
  • Not suitable for harsh scrubbing and scouring pads.

How to Care for your Ceramic Non stick Cookware?

Prepare your Ceramic cookware to Use

If you have recently bought your ceramic non stick cookware , then before start prepping your very first dish take a while to remove the labels, stickers, and any other plastic wraps from the cookware and make sure nothing stick to it so they don’t melt onto the surface area when put it on the stove.

Though it is necessary to know about your cookware before even buying it; but the product manual is also very important to read.

As it may help to avoid things that can ruin your brand new cookware easily. After discarding all of the inserts read out he manual thoroughly and prepare out cookware as per the instructions mentioned in it.  

The manual is quite helpful in providing lots of information about the features and functions of your pots and pans.

You may get to know washing and maintenance criteria, the heating mechanism and stovetop compatibility.

Clean your cookware with warm and soapy water to get rid of any leftover residue, dirt or debris from the industrial and delivery procedure.

Dry it with a soft table cloth, and your shiny yet sparkling ceramic non stick cookware is ready to be used.

Only use the recommended Utensils

You can’t use your cookware without the help of utensils. Utensils are crucially important to sauté, braise, broil, stir, simmer or fry.

Ceramic cookware is naturally made resistant and durable with the capability to withstand the scratches of various utensils.

Therefore you can use variety of utensils without having to worry about the scratches and peeling of non stick layer as in the case of traditional non stick cookware.

However, selecting the right utensils will make the maneuvering a lot easier and helps extend the life of your cookware as well.

The most suitable kind of cooking utensils for ceramic pots and pans are wooden, silicone, plastic or nylon. These utensils are safe to be used and ensures longevity to your cookware.

It is always better to stay away from metal utensils as much possible as can. Metal utensils have rough or sharp edges which can damage the surface.

Not all ceramic pans are durably made and may not stick to their claim of scratch resistance so in that scenario you may need to be extra careful.

Safe Cooking Habits

Your maneuvering, handling style and cooking method decides the performance and longevity of your cookware.

If you want your ceramic non stick cookware to look great, and want to maintain their slick yet glossy surface for longer period of time then it is important to use them with proper care.

Ceramic cookware is known to withstand extreme high temperatures. Unlike, traditional non stick cookware which can melt at 2200F, high quality ceramic cookware brands can survive heat up to 2500F.

That gives much flexibility in various cooking tasks without having to worry about the cookware damage, fire and any possible health risks.

Different ceramic cookware have different capacities some are safe to use on gas or electric stovetops, in the oven, or under the broiler and some are induction compatible as well.

It is important to check the manual of your cookware and find out their compatibility to different heat sources along with their lids, and handles.

As in most of the cases, the handles and lids are not that much heat resistant compared to the cookware itself.

Even though ceramic cookware is highly durable and withstands high temperatures, it is always best to err on the side of caution.

Showing your cookware a little TLC when you use it extends its life even more and avoids unnecessary roughness.

Prevent your Ceramic pan from Burning

Never preheat your empty ceramic pans; or even if it is necessary use it on the lowest possible temperature settings.

The same rule is applicable when you are cooking food with no or less grease; however if you are cooking food filled with water, gravy, sauces or much grease you can use the high temperature.

Ceramic non stick coating is know much healthy and non toxic because it is naturally derived from sand therefore you do not need much oil or grease to keep your food from sticking or fearing release of toxic fumes or peeling of chemicals.

However, if you like to add butter or oil then you can add as per your need. Using excess oil may cause build-up on the surface which is prone to burning at high temperature.

That is why it is suggested to use low heat settings as it enhances longevity and prevents your cookware from getting damaged before time.

Experts also recommend using vegetable oil or canola oil rather using extra virgin oil; as it tends to leave a thin carbonized coating on the ceramic non stick surface which makes it unable to withstand high temperature and reduces the non stick performance making it impossible to prevent the food from sticking or burning.

Store you Ceramic Cookware Carefully 

After cleaning or washing your ceramic cookware set, let the pan completely dried out, or perhaps wipe it down with a soft kitchen towel.

Prevent stacking your ceramic pots and pans on to one another. The hard and heavy construction is potentially damaging in case of stacking.

Some ceramic pans have rough surfaces or ceramic rings on the bottom; so if you place them close or over one another they might cause scratches.

If you have a limited storage capacity and you have no option other than stacking then you can use polyester pot protectors, kitchen towels or cloth napkins in between each pan.

These things will works as a protector or cushioning to keep the pans from banging and scratching into one another.

Dedicate a space for storing your ceramic pots or pans; keep them where they are safe and there is no possibility of them falling or dropping off.

As they may get broken or any such scenario can damage their surface. Store the pans on a leveled surface or in an enclosed cabinet so they could stay clean, protected and won’t be knocked down.

Cleaning your Ceramic cookware

After you are done cooking, let the pot or your pan cool down before submerging it into the water.

Never put a hot ceramic cookware into the cold water or a cold ceramic pan right onto the stove.

Sudden exposure to extreme temperatures is potentially harmful for your ceramic cookware and may impact the cooking performance of your pots or pan.

Even if you are using the best GreenPan frying pan or any other pot that claims to be dishwasher safe; try to clean your ceramic cookware by hand using warm water, dishwashing and sponge.

Always pay attention to the small spaces; like the riveted part of the handle or the holder of your lid where the food residue can be stored.

These are the parts where germs like to stay; keep a closer look to all those areas and make sure to keep them clean with the help of brush.

If you find some food particles are stubborn and difficult to get rid off; fill that piece of cookware with warm water and later rub it gently with soft sponge.

Using harsh chemicals or abrasive washing pads may ruin the lick and colorful surface of your ceramic non stick cookware. 

Clean burnt food from Ceramic cookware

There are times when you can end up with a burnt food on your ceramic non stick cookware; but it doesn’t mean that your cookware life is over.

You may use a wooden or nylon spatula to scrape off those stubborn food particles. If you find it not working, you can soak your pot or pan with warm soapy water for half an hour and later rub that burnt food with a soft sponge.

You can also use a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water to soak your burnt pan.

When you find that the water is cooled down you can get rid of the stuck on meal with a sponge or using wooden spatula or nylon spoon.

These tricks mostly work out; but do not try to use abrasive washing or scouring pads to get rid off burnt food.

It may help you get rid of the burnt residue but will leave a nasty scratch over your shiny and greasy ceramic non stick coating. 


The Valencia Pro cookware set from GreenPan is the finest and premium grade hard anodized aluminum cookware.

The cookware set is complete safe and healthy to use with its Thermolon Non stick coating and offers an effortless cooking experience with variety of cooking sources.

Moreover, the Magneto Induction Technology makes it compatible to induction cooktop as well which was missing in Paris Pro cookware.

It is highly durable non stick cookware set that can serve for ages if used and maintain properly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GreenPan Valencia Pro safe to use?

All the pieces included in the GreenPan Valencia Pro are considered the best GreenPan pots and pans as they are finished with GreenPan’s signature Thermolon ceramic non stick coating; which is free from PFAS, PFOA, lead and cadmium.

The diamond infused non stick coating is metal utensil safe, scratch resistant, offers durability with heat resistance and compatibility to different stovetops.

Is GreenPan safer than Teflon?

Different top class cookware brands claims that their cookware are Teflon coated and is safe from PFOA.

However, you can’t assume that their products are completely safe by any other means.

If we talk about, best non stick green pans and pots GreenPan cookware brand is known to be the safe alternative Teflon coated non stick pots and pans.

The reason is that GreenPan uses its signature Thermolon ceramic non stick coating that is derived from natural sand and do not contain toxic elements that can possibly react and cause severe health issues.

Which line of GreenPan is best?

As per the experts and the GreenPan Valencia Pro reviews found on different blogs and websites, Green Pan Valencia Pro is the best cookware set so far.

The set is manufactured with hard anodized aluminum using the Thermolon ceramic non stick coating and Magneto Induction Technology.

It is the safest and healthiest cookware that has no threats of toxins involved in the making and do not react or release hazardous fumes that can cause severe medical conditions to its users.

Is GreenPan good quality?

GreenPan is highly recommended to people, who are health conscious. It is a little pricey cookware brand as compared to the other brands that claims to provide the best non stick green pans and pots.

The reason for being expensive is their uncompromising quality attitude towards nature and health.

Constructed from sand derived ceramic non stick coating and heavy gauge heard anodized aluminum the brand offers some of the best GreenPan frying pans and pots that are made to last long offering superior cooking performance without causing any health risks.

What is the difference between GreenPan Paris and Valencia?

The main difference as per the GreenPan Valencia Pro reviews is that Valencia is the improved version of GreenPan Paris which means Paris is a little bit heavy having stainless steel handles and lids that are prone to heating, the set is not induction compatible as well just like Valencia Pro.