Hexclad Cookware Reviews [2023] – Pros & Cons

Hexclad Cookware Reviews
Hexclad Cookware Reviews

Wants to know detailed guide about Hexclad cookware? If Yes! then must read this an honest HexClad cookware review guided with pros and cons of each HexClad product.

You might have not heard about HexClad cookware because it is relatively new compare to the other brands introduced in the market.

But it is making its way to the top incredibly fast due to its incredible durability and healthy performance of its non stick coating.

The best thing about HexClad it doesn’t have the typical issues just like other cookware and you don’t have to waste your time in the maintenance of your cookware. 

Let’s find out what the consumers have to say about its performance and durability in Hexclad cookware reviews.

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Best Hexclad Cookware Set

Cookware Features Buy On
1. Hexclad Hybrid Cookware Set

Three Ply Construction

Highly durable non stick coating.

Suitable for all cooktops.

Easy to clean and Dishwasher safe.

Best Hexclad Frying Pan

Frying Pan Features Buy On
2. Hexclad Frying Pan

Construct with Aluminum core cladded.

Laser etched technology.

Compatible to almost all cooktops including induction.

Stay cool stainless steel handle.

Highly durable

Best Hexclad Wok Pan

Wok Pan Features Buy On
3. Hexclad Wok Pan

3 ply system delivers thermal conductivity.

Compatible with all cooktops Gas, electric induction.

Scratch and metal utensil safe.

Easy to handle.

Dishwasher safe.

Best Hexclad Saute Pan

Saute Pan Features Buy On
4. Hexclad Suate Pan

8-inch sauté pan.

Tri-ply construction.

Hexagonal surface.

Long stay cool handle.

Compatible with all cook tops

Dishwasher safe.
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Best Alternative of Hexclad Cookware Set

Black cube is best alternative of Hexclad cookware set. There are many similarities between Hexclad and Black cube. If you are not interested in Hexclad then Black cube could be best choice for you.

Black Cube Features Buy On
1. Black Cube Hybrid Fry Pan

Constructed with professional grade stainless steel.

PFOA free

Compatible with induction cooking as well

Scratch resistant.

Dishwasher safe and Oven safe

Easy to clean.
2. Black Cube Hybrid Wok Pan

Non stick cooking surface.

Heat up within 2 minutes

Stainless steel grid protection

Easy to clean

PFOA free

Induction Compatible
3. Black Cube Frieling Saute Pan

Metal utensil safe

Won’t scratch

Non-stick surface

Oven safe to 500 Degree

PFOA free coating

Longer lasting than conventional non-stick

Dishwasher safe

Why Hexclad?

Hexclad Cookware Review – A video Guide
Why Hexclad?

HexClad is hybrid cookware that is constructed by combining the properties of high-grade stainless steel and PFOA-free scratch-resistant non stick coating.

This unique non stick coating is featured with the diamond dust finish introducing an exceptional laser-etched hexagonal pattern that contributes to the non stick performance of the cookware.

Unlike other Teflon coated non stick cookware HexClad cookware is free from toxic chemicals and does not have any threats of flaking, peeling, or releasing toxic fumes.

This durable fusion of stainless steel and diamond infused non stick coating of HexClad pots and pans provide true sense of durability and longevity as it can withstand high temperature of various heat sources; unlike traditional cookware, the magnetic steel exterior endures heat up to 500F without getting warp or corrode.

Although according to some HexClad cookware reviews, the non stick coating gives up too soon; however the reviews of other consumers states that the HexClad surface is highly efficient and long-lasting.

The reason for these two extreme views is because the HexClad non stick coating withstand the medium cooking temperature.

Those who expect the non stick of HexClad not to stick food at continuous extreme temperatures with less grease end up losing the game; however, on the other hand, HexClad users who keep the temperature moderate enjoy the HexClad non stick pans for a much longer period.

The other mind-blowing factor of HexClad cookware sets is the ease to clean up these beauties.

Although as per the experts, it is always good to wash your cookware by hand and avoid unnecessarily putting your pots and pans in the dishwasher but HexClad pots and pans are great at keeping their finish intact even in the dishwasher.

Moreover, if you are not in the favor of a dishwasher you can try abrasive washing pads and steel wool to scrub off the strong stains and burnt food without having to worry about the scratches.

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Where Is Hexclad Made of?

Where Is Hexclad Made of?

It is not just about the marketing claims of the manufacturer but according to the HexClad cookware reviews of its customers, the quality of Hexclad cookware sets and pans are superb and incomparable to the traditional cookware.

The reason is, HexClad pots and pans are made entirely upon the eco-friendly laser imprinted HEXCLAD combination.

This HexClad arrangement is set specifically to offer its customers non stick cooking experience that is completely safe without causing any reaction towards heat; moreover, provides quick and even heat distribution for perfectly seared, fried, or raised food.

According to the Hexclad cookware reviews, the Hexclad cookware sets or pans doesn’t work as non stick when cook on high heat.

If you are experiencing food sticking to the surface you are advised to check the burner of your stove; it is a possibility that the high temperature may keep you from enjoying the incredible non stick performance of your HexClad frying pan.

With HexClad non stick pans, always use low to medium heat otherwise you may find it difficult to enjoy a healthy yet properly seared brown crust food.

With traditional non stick cookware pots and pans you are always at risk of losing the non stick coating even maneuvering with wooden utensils, but with HexClad the reality is quite different.

HexClad non stick pans and pots are scratch resistant and metal utensil safe; so you are authorized to check the reliability claim of HexClad manufacturer by using metal utensils, whiskers, or beaters.

And this is not it, unlike the traditional nonstick pots and pans; you are set to put your HexClad nonstick pans and pots in the dishwasher and it will come out clean with the same glazed finish without losing its shine.

Moreover, if you are hand wash you can use steel wool or abrasive washing pads to scrub off the hard stains or food stick to the surface; the scratch-resistant surface of Hexclad frying pans or pots are not easily peeled or flaked nor it releases toxic fumes.

There are two points that should always keep in mind as referred by the manufacturer and as per the HexClad cookware reviews, always preseason your Hexclad cookware before start using them and keep the burner from lower to medium setting for enjoying better non stick cooking results.

Is Hexclad Cookware Good For Health?

Is Hexclad Cookware Good For Health?

HexClad cookware sets and pans are fairly good compared to other traditional pan and pots in terms of healthy cooking.

It is completely free from PFOA and other harmful chemicals that are potentially harmful to health and may react to extreme heat.

Although HexClad non stick coating doesn’t support extreme high temperatures; however, rather reacting to heat it stops facilitate non stick performance which is better than making the food hazardous to consume.

The patented laser-etched HEXCLAD combination is quite efficient for following a healthy diet that is free from excess fats.

With Hexclad you get to experience all-new level of frying, braising, searing, or simmering without needing much oil or grease to the pan or pot.

This is the reason why people who are facing health issues such as cardiac, diabetes or cholesterol are recommended to use this uniquely built staple.

Unlike other traditional cookware, the HexClad’s diamond-infused non stick coating is highly durable so that it doesn’t get easily scratched or peeled by the use of metal utensils, whisks, or beaters. 

Made with cladding premium grade aluminum that is efficient in even heat conductivity and distribution in between the HexClad interior and magnetic stainless steel exterior; this super durable pan is safe for all stovetops including induction. The maximum temperature it supports is maximum 500F.

Overall it is a good quality cookware that works exactly as advertised; cooks evenly, healthy less greasy, non stick food that is effortlessly easy to clean even with harsh abrasive pads or steel wool without losing its fine surface. 

However, it is a bit pricey but if you are a health-conscious individual that seeks to avoid the typical yet possible hazards of traditional non stick cooking then you should go for it. 

What Hexclad Offers?

Before getting into the details of what this brilliant has to offer us this is important to know how it is built and why it is different from the rest of cookware available in the market.

Featured with the unique HexClad technology that consists of perfectly blended laser-etched hexagonal designs with the premium grade stainless steel layer; it offer a highly durable scratch-resistant, anti-warp surface for a versatile cooking experience.

The interior is further finished with diamond dust that not only adds resilience to the HexClad combo but also adds a shimmery yet gorgeous look to it.

The reason to add diamond dust is to avoid the chemicals or toxins used by almost every other cookware in the making of non stick coating so that the surface offers a healthy cooking practice free from any chemical additives as a result of exposure to high temperature. 

All the items offered by this brand including HexClad frying pans, woks, or cookware sets are tri-ply constructed; reinforcing professional-grade aluminum between two non stick and magnetic stainless steel layers.

The aluminum core being the lightweight and efficient conductor of heat in combination with hard-wearing stainless offers a remarkable performance on almost all heat surfaces including induction.

HexClad is new to the market as compared to the big brands which have already earned their reputation, but due to its safety features and reliably built it is gaining recognition among household and professional users.

Until now HexClad has introduced limited items which include three different kinds of pans and woks; apart from a pot set and two cookware sets.

There are three different kinds of hybrid woks introduced by HexClad; and as per the Hexclad wok reviews, all are good to go for household or professional kitchens as well.

The 14-inch wok is perfect for prepping meal for a family dinner with a steel lid to capture the flavor and moist inside.

The other woks are 12-inch sized one with a tempered glass lid and the other is without lid. Though these woks are considered expensive but according to Hexclad wok reviews those who used it find it great and worth the hype.

If we talk about pans there three pans in the clan; one is a 12-inch griddle pan and the other two are 12-inch and 10-inch size respectively.

Perfect for a healthy non greasy frying, searing, braising, or simmering experience. If you are a fan of keeping and using pans in your daily life then you would also like a pan set that includes three 8, 10, and 12-inch pans with lids and a wok.

The HexClad offers two different sets which are perfect to serve your daily kitchen tasks. One is the 6 piece hybrid pots set which includes three pots 2-Qt, 3-Qt, and 8-Qt pots with lids; and the other is 13-piece cookware set which includes all the essentials of a household or professional kitchen. 

It is actually made by combining a pan set and a pot set; consisting of three pans and a wok with a lid including three pots with their transparent lids. 

1. Hexclad Hybrid Cookware Set

Hexclad Hybrid Cookware Set

These high quality pans are constructed with durable stainless steel cladding sturdy aluminum layer that ensures quick and consistent heat conductivity throughout the surface.

Using a laser process, the interior consists of stainless steel that is infused with slick and greasy non stick surface incorporating with HEXCLAD design offering matchless food release and golden brown texture to food even with less or no grease.

The patented laser etched HEXCLAD combination is completely free from toxic chemicals and is scratch resistant, metal utensil safe.

The dual riveted stay cool handles are convenient to handle and sturdy to grip. The exterior is made of magnetic stainless steel that is compatible to almost all stovetops including gas, ceramic, electric, halogen and induction. 

The PFOA free HexClad is oven and dishwasher safe can withstand up to 500F; however if you are not in the favor of dishwashing you can also scuff off the pans with sponge and soap.

  • Triply construction consists of aluminum cladded with stainless steel.
  • Highly durable HexClad Hybrid non stick coating.
  • Compatible to almost all cooktops.
  • Oven, metal-utensil and dishwasher safe.
  • As per the Hexclad cookware reviews, not completely non stick.
  • It may discolor easily.
  • Lids are loose and not that durable.


2. Hexclad Frying Pan

Hexclad Frying Pan

Constructed with aluminum core wedged between two robust layers of stainless steel; interior furnished with HexClad hybrid technology while the magnetic stainless steel exterior is not only suitable for induction hobs but also efficiently suits to all cooktops.

The laser etched hexagonal design provides perfect golden brown sear to ingredients with less grease and much effort.

The impressive non stick scratch resistant coating is not only great for healthy cooking but is good for dishwashing or heavy hand wash with abrasive washing pads.

The 3-layers of metals are great to serve variety of foods with its incredible quick and even heat conductivity. 

The stay cool stainless steel handle is quite comfy to hold a strong grip over your maneuvering; while the rounded rims keeps your counter top clean by offering drip free pouring.

  • Aluminum core cladded between two stainless steel layers.
  • Laser etched HexClad hybrid technology.
  • Compatible to almost all cooktops including induction.
  • Stay cool stainless steel handle.
  • Drip free pouring with soft rounded rims.
  • Highly durable offer long term performance
  • Food sticks on high heat.
  • Not available with lid.
  • Not suitable for prepping large servings.

3. Hexclad Wok Pan

Hexclad Wok Pan

This 12-inch wok is perfect for home cooks and professional chefs; fabricated with Hexclad Hybrid tri-ply system that delivers even and efficient thermal conductivity with the ability to withstand heat from almost all cooking surfaces including, gas, electric induction, ceramic and oven safe up to 500F.

The premium grade non stick coating offers incredible release with less grease or oil can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water swipe.

The hexagonal pattern incorporating with stainless steel appears both inside and outside of the wok, not only add adds aesthetic looks but is also naturally durable to stand the wear and tear.

It offers a large and deep surface area, light in weight and easy to handle to supply generous portions.

This scratch resistant metal utensil safe wok can be thrown in the dishwasher safe; however if you want to remove the burn spots with abrasive washing pads you can easily try it without having to worry about the flaking or peeling of surface.

As per the Hexclad wok reviews, it is a best choice both for household and professional kitchens as well.

  • Hybrid tri-ply system delivers efficient thermal conductivity.
  • Gas, electric induction, ceramic and oven safe up to 500F.
  • Scratch and metal utensil safe.
  • Extremely light in weight.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • It is a bit expensive wok.
  • Food sticks on high heat.

4. Hexclad Suate Pan

Hexclad Suate Pan

This 8-inch saute pan from HexClad is ideal for prepping eggs or searing a chicken or steak. It is basically perfect for making single serving meals.

This revolutionary sauté pan is constructed of the hard wearing tri-ply for which HexClad is known for; cladding aluminum core in between the premium grade stainless steel layers.

Using the patented hybrid technology that combines the properties of HexClad and stainless it offers evenly cooked food without getting warp or stained with hot spots.

The hexagonal non stick in the interior that fully supports healthy cooking by releasing food with less grease but the exterior is also coated with the non stick which keeps the looks of the pan as new.

The long stay cool stainless steel handle is great for strong gripping and comfy holding. This induction ready pan also works with gas, electric, ceramic, glass and halogen.

The tempered glass lid is provided with steam vents which keeps the steam and heat locked inside to keep the food fresh and make it easier to keep an eye on the performance.

The hexagonal surface is scratch resistant and metal utensil safe can withstand the hardship of dishwasher as well.

  • 8-inch sauté pan provides versatile cooking experience.
  • Hard-wearing tri-ply construction.
  • Hexagonal non stick surface.
  • Long stay cool stainless steel handle.
  • Support various cook tops including induction.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended.
  • Can only prepare single serving meals.
  • Food sticks on high heat.

Hexclad vs Black Cube Cookware

HexClad Black Cube
Amazon Amazon

As such there is no big difference between HexClad and Black cube cookware both are tri-ply constructed with cladding heat efficient aluminum between the sturdy stainless steel layers; offering the same incredible performance.

However, the difference is between the laser etched diamond infused hexagonal imprints of HexClad raised stainless steel pixels with recessed layer of PFOA free non stick coating Both the cookware are durable to withstand temperature of different stove tops including induction up to 500F.

Both the cookware are scratch resistant and metal utensil safe. In fact the issues faced by their consumers are also same;  many consumers who are not aware of a common  cooking trick necessary to make the most  out of these cookware is to cook on medium heat so when they cook on high heat the food starts to stick.

This problem raised by many consumers who cook on high heat get to experience food sticking to the surface.

The only way to avoid your food stick to the surface is to keep your burner on medium heat.

How to clean hexclad cookware

How to clean hexclad cookware

Cleaning HexClad is not a big deal. Whether its cookware set, frying pan or wok you can throw it in the dishwasher without worrying about any damage, scratch or warp.

As per the manufacturer even according to the HexClad cookware reviews the cookware is highly resilient to dishwashing.

However if you are a supporter of hand washing you can use steel wool or abrasive washing pads if required. The finish of diamond infused non stick coating remains the same without losing its sparkle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are HexClad pans toxic?

Unlike traditional non stick pans, HexClad pans are highly durable, safe and long lasting cookware.

Traditional non stick coatings are not considered as they are potentially harmful and cause severe health conditions such as cancer, kidney failure, liver dysfunction and many more.

However, HexClad are safe and healthy to use; you can use metal utensils without worrying about the flaking or peeling of the coating.

Although the durable scratch resistant non stick coating is good to be washed in dishwasher however if you use abrasive washing pads it can also endure it as well.

With HexClad you can cook on various heat sources without reacting to high temperature.

How do you season HexClad pans?

Wash your HexClad cookware with dishwashing soap; once dried spread a slight layer of vegetable or coconut oil on to the pan’s surface.

Now turn on the stove on medium heat, put the pan on the burner and let it there for at least 3 to 4 minutes.

Once the pans starts to smoke turn off the burner and let the pan cool down. Once the pan is cooled wipe off excess oil with a gentle sweep; now your pan is good to use.

Is Hexclad dishwasher safe?

HexClad cookware is highly durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean. You can easily throw it in the dishwasher or can use steel wool and scorching pads to clean strong stains.

What are HexClad pans made of?

HexClad pans are against all the heat sources. trip-ply constructed by cladding highly efficient aluminum in between the magnetized stainless steel base and non stick steel interior.

This whole construction makes the whole HexClad body highly robust and resistant

Which is best Hexclad or Black Cube?

Both cookware are almost offering the same features and quality; however black cube is comparatively less expensive than HexClad.