How to Clean Non Stick Pans with Burnt On – Useful Guide

How to Clean Non Stick Pans with Burnt On
How to Clean Non Stick Pans with Burnt On

Trying to find a solution that How to Clean Non Stick Pans with Burnt On?

When it comes to cookware non stick pans have been a blessing. From making eggs to pan-searing fish and to making tempting pancakes; no doubt non stick pan is a must-have gadget of the modern kitchen. The first and foremost reason which is liked by health enthusiasts is it helps to cook without using much fat to our meal, followed by better food release and definitely clean-up is a breeze.

If you like to cook and experimenting different cuisines and dishes then you probably must have faced such incidents where your non stick pan is in a complete mess making you clueless how to clean non stick pans with burnt on food.

Such incidents are always challenging whether you are a professional chef or a home cook. Seeing your most handy and reliable kitchen tool leave you baffle and how to clean non stick pans with burnt on confectioneries and meals.

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How to Clean Baked on Grease from Non Stick Pans?

If you are fond of baking and use non stick pans for preparing luscious delicacies then you probably know how to clean non stick pan with burnt on food can be a dreadful process. With other metal pans you can easily scrub it up but with non stick pan, you can’t compromise the sleek non stick surface.

It seems almost impossible to get rid of the stubborn grease and grime covered the surface of your pan. But throwing them off is not the choice you have because you cant throw your pan after baking each time. If you are freaked out and don’t find a clue how to clean baked on grease from non stick pans then we have some interesting techniques that will help you get back the perfect look of you non stick pan.

So finally you have enjoyed your luscious lasagna or tempting chocolate dessert. And here comes the most challenging part; so here you are experiencing a greasy layer of oil that seems nearly impossible to remove. But don’t worry, since you have a non stick that has a sleek and glossy surface which made it easier to clean the stubborn baked-on grease as compare to any other material pan. Checkout detailed guide about top 5 best non Stick Pan options

Using Water & Vinegar

Fill your non stick pan with a mixture of water and vinegar; depending on the capacity of your pan the ratio should be 3:1.

Now place the filled pan on the stove to give it a boil. Now here comes the magic part as the solution starts to boil you will see the grease starts to rise along with the boiling water.

Now dispose of the solution along with the grease. Give your pan a gentle wash using dishwashing soap and a nylon scrubbing pad. Place the pan on the countertop to dry before storing it in the cabinet.

Using Ketchup

While thinking of how to clean baked on grease from non stick pans, you definitely didn’t consider ketchup as a solution for it!

Ketchup contains a high quantity of vinegar and other acids which have the potential to flake of the grease from the pan’s surface.

If you don’t want to use Ketchup you can use white Vinegar as well. Anyways grease your pan’s surface with Ketchup and let it stay for half an hour.

Now add water to the pan and mix it well with the Ketchup. Now place the non stick pan on the stove and let it boil for 10-15 minutes.

Now dispose of the solution carefully and let the pan cool enough so that you could wash it with dishwashing soap and scouring pad.

How to Clean Non Stick Pan with Burnt on Food?

How to clean non stick pans with burnt on food

No doubt how well we keep our non stick pans; but sometimes in a rush we get our food burnt while trying to cook our meal in high temperatures, or somehow the amount of oil wasn’t enough. And this is where we are being challenged how to clean non stick pan with burnt-on food as a kitchen expert.

Of all the chaos that happened what we suggest you no to try things immediately for how to clean non stick pan with burnt on food; because you may get too harsh or use things that could damage the delicate non stick surface of your pan. The first mistake usually seen people doing with burnt pan is to throw it in the sink with the tap on; a sudden temperature change will not help you instead it will more increase your trouble. 

The best way to respond such a situation is not to wonder how to clean non stick pan with burnt on food; rather turn off the stove, let your pan cool down, and get yourself relaxed because getting panicked is not going to help.  Cleaning non stick pans or getting rid of burnt food residue has never been easy however there are several ways of doing it without risking your non stick pan.

Using Hot Soapy Water

After the pan is finally cooled down now get some hot water and pour it into the pan slowly making sure that it will not spill on your hands or body.

Add 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid soap to that hot water and mix it. Now keep that pan aside and you can continue with your other kitchen routine mean while that hot soapy water slacking off the burnt-on food.

It may take some time; after the burnt food residue is visibly loosen throw that soapy solution and with the help of a nylon scrubbing pad wipe off the remaining residue.

Now wash and rinse the pan as normally you do with cold water; let it dry naturally keeping it on the counter.

Using Baking Soda

Another solution for finding how to clean non stick pans with burnt-on delicacies and foods is using baking soda combining with water.

After the pan is finally cooled down on normal room temperature. Remember a sudden temperature change may compromise the non stick ability of your pan. Don’t try to get rid of the burnt food residue by using utensils and steel wool; it will ruin the non stick layer. Now sprinkle some baking soda onto the burnt-on area followed by a few drops of water and let it sit overnight to do the magic.

How to Remove Stuck on Food from Non Stick Pan?

Non-stick pans are great kitchen assets until they making you wonder how to get stuck on food off non stick pan, start sticking.

Remember that Honey Garlic Chicken that was so delicious; but damn that honey which got stuck terribly on the bottom of your nonstick pan.

Even the simple morning omelets could stick to the surface no matter how nicely you dealt with it; making you wonder all along the breakfast how to get stuck on food off non stick pan.

If your non stick pan is now causing trouble and you always find the food sticking to its surface. Don’t worry we have some incredible ways for how to clean baked on grease from non stick pans and get your non-stick back.

Using a Baking Soda

The best way to keep the quality of your non stick pans for longer period of time is to wash them right after they are cooled  rather keeping the in the sink with the food residue or stains on.  This way you may not need to wonder how to remove stuck on food from non stick pan and it will save your time as well.

So now you have finished making dinner and the pan is already cooled. Fill half of the pan with water so that it doesn’t spill if gets a boil then add half cup of baking soda to that water. No stir it well and keep the pan on the stove to boil. You will see after sometime as the water starts to boil, the stuck food particles starts to release along with it. You may speed up the process by using a wooden spatula. When you finally see there is no stuck food remains, turn off the stove, carefully dispose off the hot water and continue with normal washing process after letting it cool for some time.  

Using a Vinegar

There are many how to get stuck on food off non stick pan; and this is just another way how to remove stuck on food from non stick pan. Make sure the pan is cool, now fill half of the pan with water so that it doesn’t spill if gets a boil then add half cup of vinegar. Stir well the solution, turn on the stove and keep the pan on to boil that solution. As the solution of water and vinegar gets hotter, you will see the stuck food particles starts to release and rise up in the pan.

Now turn off the stove, carefully dispose of the hot solution and  let the pan cool enough to hold it or can be rubbed with paper towel. Continue with normal cleaning process using a sponge or soft nylon scrubber and dishwashing soap. Keep the pan on the counter to let it dry on normal room temperature.

How to Take care of your Non Stick Pans?

Whether you are a professional chef or a beginner level cook; there are certain rules which can be followed to preserve the quality of your non stick pan and help it to perform efficiently for many years.The following are some handling tips for your non stick pan suggested by experts.  These are some common and very easy to comply guidelines that if followed will never leave you ponder how to clean non stick pan with burnt-on food or meal.

Hand Wash

Many people follow the guidelines written on the manual religiously. That’s why if the pan is dishwasher safe written on the manual; they don’t give it a second thought. Most of the manufacturers do write their pans as a dishwasher and it may not seem to make any visible difference in the first few attempts, but eventually, it does in the long run and things will be out of your hands by then. 

Always wash your non stick pan by hand using lukewarm water and dishwashing soap. Don’t use any abrasive pads or use steel wool. Try to wash your non stick pans just after using them; don’t let them stay overnight in the sink with the food residue. 

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Don’t Use Metal Utensils

Metal whisks, forks, spatulas, and spoons are a big NO to use with non stick cookware; It is undoubtedly the most crucial rule that you need to keep in mind. No matter how carefully you use they will leave nasty scars on the non stick surface. Some people consider only using a wooden spoon while they keep using all the other metal utensils; this will not help and eventually damage the surface. Even if you have to turn your pancakes; use a spatula made of silicone or wood. If you don’t have wooden or silicon-based utensils, buy a few while purchasing your non stick cookware. It’s a must-have duo!

Use Medium or Low Temperature

Non stick pans are sensitive to extreme temperatures; that’s why always cook on moderate or low heat. Most of the nonstick pans cannot endure high temperatures. Medium and low temperatures help preserve the nutritional properties to keep the taste of the food better.

Don’t preheat your pan without adding oil or grease to it; it may compromise the quality of the non stick surface in the long run.

Experts suggest heating a pan above 500°F or drastically changing the temperature of pans; is the reason why nonstick material gets weaken.

Don’t Use Pans for Storing Food

Non stick pans are used for cooking delicate meals not for storing foods. Most people store the foods in the same pans they cooked it; avoid storing your food in the pans. Always use plastic containers for storing food. It is not good for your pan’s quality and doesn’t ensure safety for your health.

Don’t Use Cooking Sprays

Don’t get trapped with cooking sprays claiming to be vegetable sprays. Cooking sprays can polymerize and ruin your nonstick pans faster; no matter what they contain or made of.

These sprays build up a coating on your pan’s surface when heated making it impossible to clean. You may use vegetable or castor oil instead of using cooking sprays.

Avoid Stacking Pans

Keep your non stick pans smartly, avoid stacking them. Make a space in your kitchen specifically for hanging your pans. Stacking pans on another may lead to rubbing or grating that can cause instead of stacking them, which can scratch the delicate coating of your non stick pan.

If in case you don’t have much space and you have to stack the pans then place a clean and soft kitchen towel or a thick layer of paper towel in between them to avoid the possible rubbing and scratching.

Hope! this little guide about cleaning burnt non stick pans put values in your kitchen handling tasks.