How to Fix Scratched Non stick Pan? 4 Simple Steps

How to Fix Scratched Non stick Pan
How to Fix Scratched Non stick Pan

Non stick pans have become the essential cooking equipment of every kitchen. They are considered perfect for frying eggs, stirring sausages and flipping pancakes. There are certain rules suggested for keeping the best non stick pans in good condition. Failure of which may lead to damage your non stick pan that can compromise the quality of your meal.  If your non stick pan is scratched before time or you don’t want to toss it; then we recommend you to read and find the best techniques about how to fix scratched non stick pans.

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How to Fix Scratched Teflon Pans

Almost all the people who use non stick pans face the issue of flaking or scratching of non stick pans; making us wonder how to fix scratched non stick pans. But you will be amazed to find how easy it is to fix by simply following a few easy steps without spending much money.

Clean the Pan With a Sponge or Plastic Scrubber

Before start fixing make sure to clean your pan thoroughly with a soft sponge (Buy on Amazon) or plastic scrubber using lukewarm water and dishwashing soap.

Clean pan with sponge

Smear Cookware Spray

Get a cookware repair spray; you can easily get it from any cooking materials store or buy on Amazon in a convenient price. For an even coating and better results spray the cookware repair spray from 1 foot above your pan and continue doing it until an even layer covers the whole pan. Allow the pan to sit for 30 to 40 minutes at normal room temperature.

How to use cookware spray

Bake the Pan

Preheat your oven at 500F for 10 minutes before putting your Teflon pan in it. Once the oven is heated carefully put the pan on the middle rack of your oven and let it bake for almost 40 to 45 minutes. This will help the spray to set on the surface of the pan and regain its sleek non stick surface it once had.

After done baking, leave the pan to stay inside the oven for one more hour before taking it out. Take out the pan after an hour and keep it at normal room temperature until it’s completely cooled down.

Thoroughly Wash Your Pan

Once your pan has been evenly sprayed, baked, and cooled down you need to wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water and dishwashing soap using the sponge to gently clean the spray off.

In case of an unsuccessful attempt, you will have to repeat the whole method until it gets back the glossynon stick surface and safe to use again.

Risks of Using Scratched Non Stick Pans

Risk of using scratched non stick pan

We hope that now you are no more wondering about how to fix scratched non stick pans but we like to mention the risks associated with the use of scratched non stick pans.

The non stick coating can flake off easily if your pan is get scratched by the use of rough kitchen utensils and abrasive scrubbing pads. The small toxic particles from the scratched coating can leach into your food while cooking or it can get dissolved into gas making the environment hazardous due to over-heating resulting critical health issues.

How to Remove Scratches From Non Stick Pans

So you are now aware of how to fix scratched Teflon; let’s discuss how to remove scratches from non stick pan.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the pan; season or grease your non stick pan with canola oil, and leave it on the stove with low heat for a minute. Now turn off the heat and let it cool for some time, then wipe off the excess oil with a paper towel and dry it. This method helps to avoid food to get stick to the pan’s surface.

If you are still not satisfied with the above method for how to remove scratches from non stick pan or how to fix scratched non stick pan; then you can also follow the method mentioned below.

Add some water, vinegar, and baking soda to your non stick pan. This mixture helps to deep clean and take off stains and food particles stick to your pan’s surface. Let the mixture boil on medium temperature; then take the pan off the stove. Wash the pan gently using a soft sponge and dishwashing soap. Dry the pan with a soft cloth. Season it with any cooking oil.

Proper Handling of Non Stick Pans

Instead of worrying about how to fix scratched teflonpans and pots; the best way is to maintain proper handling procedures your cookware needed.

As we have already shared tips on how to fix scratched non stick pan; we now want to share a few important tips to keep up your best non stick pans in good shape.

  • Make sure your kitchen is properly ventilated to let the fumes escape before started cooking with non stick pans.
  • Always cook on low or medium temperatures with your non stick pans.
  • Don’t preheat empty non stick pans always make sure there is some food in the pans. As the non stick pans have the tendency to get extremely hot in a few seconds and start to emit toxic polymer fumes that are hazardous for health.
  • Avoid dishwashing; gently wash your non stick pans with a soft sponge, lukewarm and soapy water.
  • Abrasive scrubbing pads and steel wool can leave nasty scars and scratches. Avoid using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is It Time to Throw Away Your Teflon Pans?

When your Teflon pans start to show signs of discoloration, scratches, or appear warped then it’s the right time to toss your scratched Teflon pans. 

Is it OK to use scratched non stick pans?

Using scratched Teflon pans or warped non stick pans is a total risk as they can release toxic compounds and the non stick coating may flake into your meal.

How do you repair scratched stainless steel?

Fixing scratched stainless steel pan is an entirely different process as comparing how to fix scratched non stick pan. It can be repaired with a sandpaper, an abrasive pad, or rubbing compound; Stainless steel polish can also be used to restore its lost shine.

How do I prevent non-stick pans from scratching?

You can prevent your non stick pans from scratching by using wooden or silicone utensils. Medium is best for cooking with for non stick pans. The dishwasher is not recommended rather use a sponge or plastic scrubber instead of a metal scouring pad. 

Are cooking sprays bad for nonstick pans?

On asking how to fix scratched non stick pans, many people suggest to use cooking sprays on scratched Teflon pans but ideally it is not an acclaimed option. As they result in damaging your best non stick pans. Cooking Sprays tend to burn at lower temperatures which can result in damaging the non-stick coating.

It is useful to know how to fix scratched non sticks pans; but keeping them in good condition following the proper handling guidelines as suggested by the manufacturer is a much better option.