IMUSA Cookware Reviews – Useful Guide 2023

IMUSA Cookware Reviews
IMUSA Cookware Reviews

Are you planning to reinvent your kitchen with reasonably priced cookware that is safe to cook yet durable to serve long term then what else could be better than IMUSA cookware? So far IMUSA cookware reviews are positive and reflect the brand’s quality and their commitment towards safe and healthy cooking.

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List of Best IMUSA Cookware

Products Features Buy On
1. IMUSA Heavy Duty

Made with durable cast aluminum

Natural interior finish

Mirror polished exterior

Efficient pouring spouts

Beautiful Bakelite handle and knobs.
2. IMUSA 2 Piece Orange

Constructed with aluminum

Tightly sealed silicone rims

Uniquely designed calderas.

Tempered glass lids
3. IMUSA Charcoal set

Constructed with aluminum

Heat resistant body

Best nonstick cooking

Cool touch knobs and handles

Compatible with induction
4. IMUSA Purple Caldero

Constructed with aluminum

Heat resistant body

Oven safe

Compatible with induction
5. IMUSA Coated Wok

Constructed with carbon steel

Best non stick coating

Beautiful wooden handle.

Metal utensil safe

Heat resistant body
6. IMUSA Sauce Pan

Constructed with aluminum.

Bakelite handles


Flat bottom conducts heat quickly
7. IMUSA Black Stone

Constructed with aluminum

Non stick cooking surface.

Even heat due to spiral surface

Compatible with all cooktops

Dishwasher safe

Why IMUSA Cookware?

The best thing about IMUSA is that they produce tailored products to match the cooking needs of consumers belong to different communities and cultures.

Moreover, IMUSA offers reasonably priced kitchenware products that are carefully made to offer a healthy cooking experience by completely avoiding toxic substances and chemicals in the making. 

What are IMUSA Pots Made of?

IMUSA pots and pans are made of a variety of cookware materials. Let’s find out what materials are used what quality these materials possess in terms of cooking.


Aluminum is a reasonably priced, lightweight metal that is capable of distributing heat quickly and efficiently; however, it doesn’t retain heat for much longer.

It may seem to scratch easily as it is a soft metal but in IMUSA cookware set they wrapped a double coating of non stick cooking surface over it which makes it safe to use and doesn’t scratch easily.

Raw aluminum is also known to react with acidic foods as well but due to the durable non stick coating in IMUSA cookware sets, it is completely safe to use aluminum-constructed cookware.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum is more durable, better, and much expensive as compare to aluminum but it is worth money.

It is made by melting aluminum on high heat and then transfers it into the casting mold; this whole process is called die casting.

Cast aluminum is more porous than aluminum which is why it is less likely to warp and has better heat retention ability.

Unlike aluminum, it doesn’t scratch, leach, or react with acidic foods and is much safer.

The reason why IMUSA offers cast aluminum is that it is a lightweight metal that can be used on almost all cooktops and in the oven, can be washed in the dishwasher, or soaked in the sink without having to worry about any damage.

Moreover cast aluminum IMUSA cookware sets are better at thermal conductivity than stainless steel, scratch, and rust-resistant and release food easily without causing hassle.

 Enamel Cookware

Enamel cookware is made by using steel, aluminum, or iron as base and then coat it with porcelain.

No toxic chemicals or substances that may potentially be harmful are used in the whole process.

Most of the eco-friendly brands use enamel cookware due to its non-hazardous nature.

The best thing about enamel cookware is that they are beautiful, durable, long-lasting, and wear-resistant.

IMUSA cookware reviews suggest that the enamel cookware can be used at extremely high temperatures are resistant to acidic foods as well. 

Cast Iron Construction

Cast iron is indestructible cookware that lasts lifetimes if properly cared for.

Its ability to conduct heat is matchless which makes it withstand the heat of almost all cooktops that includes, grill, broiler, induction, and oven as well.

That’s why is liked by a professional chef and those you like to sear, brown or stir-fried foods.

Cast iron cookware needs to be seasoned every once in a while to perform naturally non stick.

If you are looking for inexpensive yet durable cookware that is safe to cook healthy food then cast iron is the best choice.

The only two drawbacks for which cast iron is known for is its heavyweight and the other is maintenance, but keeping in view the long last performance and healthy cooking we suggest that this cookware deserves good maintenance and proper seasoning.      

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is basically a combination of various metals. It is highly durable and versatile cookware that doesn’t warm or rust but is not good at thermal conductivity.

This is why cookware brands bond stainless steel with different layers of aluminum and copper to increase its efficiency.

The tri-ply or 5-ply cookware is made of stainless steel exteriors with layers of aluminum or copper bonded inside.

The tri-ply and 5-ply cookware are highly expensive but they are highly versatile and durable.

Stainless steel is overall a durable and long-lasting metal that doesn’t react with food, warp, or rust.

It is very light in weight and can be used various heat sources; however, it needs a sufficient quantity of oil before adding ingredients as it may stick food badly in case the surface is not properly greased.

Are IMUSA Pots Safe to Use?

Whether it’s IMUSA ceramic cookware, IMUSA frying pan, or IMUSA cast iron wok; each and every item of IMUSA is safe to use.

The reason is IMUSA believed in bringing a healthier approach to cooking from every aspect whether its material, coating, or design.

IMUSA uses material and coatings that do not leach, peel, flake and are free from PTFE, PFOA, lead, cadmium, and other possible chemicals that could be harmful to health. 

We have already discussed the cookware materials used in IMUSA cookware but the coatings are still left.

IMUSA tries to support and promote natural non stick surfaces as there are no health concerns related to them.

Natural finish cookware is that which offers non stick performance without being especially coated with non stick layers.

IMUSA ceramic cookware, hard-anodized aluminum are some of the examples of the naturally finished non stick; though they are not efficient as non stick coating itself is but they are efficient at releasing food and avoiding much grease in food.

Pre-seasoned non stick coating in IMUSA is comprised of natural or vegetable oils that are applied to cookware to keep the surface from damage or rust that may cause the environment.

It is usually done in cast iron to keep it from possible rust.

What IMUSA Offers?

IMUSA Cookware

IMUSA Cookware set

IMUSA offers different kinds of cookware items under the cookware range. They have calderos, woks, pressure cookers, pans, pots, and steamers.

All these items are made of different cookware materials and are uniquely featured upon their, size, capacity, and coating so that you may able to select the best possible staple for your kitchen. 

IMUSA Pressure Cooker

IMUSA Pressure Cooker

IMUSA pressure cookers (Buy On Amazon) help in cooking 70% faster than any other cooking method or kitchen staple.

They are solely constructed with natural finish aluminum offering four different capacities such as 6 quarts, 7.2 quarts, 16 quart, and 22 quarts.

These stylish and highly durable essentials add convenience in cooking with the help of four pressure safety systems which perform their job without over pressurizing while the aluminum lid is making sure not to burst out and maintain the pressure with the regulator and steam valve. 

The cool-touch handles are ergonomically designed and sturdy to carry a heavy cooker easily without any risk. 

IMUSA Frying Pan

IMUSA Frying Pan

Whether you like to sauté vegetables, braise meat, or make pancakes; IMUSA has a big range of frying pans from 8-inch to 32-inch sizes to serve your needs.

And according to the IMUSA cookware reviews, we found so far people are loving it.

You can choose any frying pan or griddle you want from a variety of materials they offer such as aluminum, carbon steel, cast aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, forged aluminum, and light cast iron.

With a variety of coatings and cooking surfaces, IMUSA frying pans are highly efficient and adaptable.

All the coatings are PFOA and PTFE free to help you embrace healthier meals with less grease and hassle-free cleaning.



If you are fond of Asian cuisine then IMUSA wok is a must-have for your kitchen.

They are available in aluminum, cast iron, and carbon steel built with pre-seasoned, nonstick, and natural finish coatings these versatile woks are ready to offer ultimate flavor with less grease.

As per the IMUSA wok reviews, IMUSA cast iron wok featuring natural finish is the best so far in performance and durability.

IMUSA Saucepan

IMUSA Saucepan

Saucepans of IMUSA are available in many different materials such as aluminum, cast aluminum, or stainless steel with a variety of sizes, durable glass lids, and stay cool Bakelite handles.

Since a saucepan is an ideal staple to prepare sauces, curries, soups, and batters which are mostly south Asian dishes; the entire line of the saucepans is made in India. 

Best IMUSA Pots and Pans Review

1.IMUSA USA Heavy Duty 8-Piece

IMUSA USA Heavy Duty 8-Piece

Looking for a set that is a combination of heavy-duty construction and timeless design then this Cast Aluminum set by IMUSA is perfect for your kitchen.

Keeping in mind the requirements of a commercial kitchen this cookware set is a perfect choice for the home cook and professional chef as well.

All the gleaming exterior and interior is entirely made of cast aluminum that is responsible for its hard-wearing performance.

The thick casting throughout the IMUSA pots and pans ensures efficient heat conduction and distribution while the extra thick base withstands the heat of any cooktop except induction stovetops.

Ergonomically designed Bakelite handles are super durable but according to IMUSA cookware reviews, they get hot on the cooktop.

The heavy cast lids keep the food intact which helps in quick-cooking, without compromising the steam and flavor of your meal.

Pouring and transferring liquids or sauces has become very easy with the pour spouts that do not let the contents spill and keep the counter clean.

The cookware set includes a fry pan, a stockpot with lid, 2 saucepans with covers.

  • Durable cast aluminum built.
  • Natural interior finish.
  • Mirror polished exterior.
  • Cast-in frame guards.
  • Efficient pouring spouts.
  • Bakelite handle and knobs.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Not induction compatible.

2. IMUSA USA 2 Piece Orange Ceramic Cookware

IMUSA USA 2 Piece Orange Ceramic

Due to its unique design and adaptability, this Caldero set is known as the perfect workhorse of any versatile kitchen.

This beautiful orange set is made of durable aluminum that doesn’t get warp or react at extreme temperatures yet conducts and distributes heat evenly.

Covered with double ceramic layer coating it favors healthy cooking by needing minimal or no oil to cook delicious meals. 

The vibrant orange exterior with its beautiful design allows you to serve the food directly to the guests without converting it into serving platters.

If you are fond of vibrant ceramic pots and pans then these two from the IMUSA ceramic cookware could be a lovely addition to your collection. 

The tempered glass lids with the beautiful silicone rims seal the steam and flavor to help you keep an eye on the food without compromising the quality and taste of the food.

The double-riveted stainless steel handles are highly durable and comfy.

This colorful set is compatible with almost all cooktops except induction and is not dishwasher safe either.

  • Made of aluminum.
  • Tightly sealed silicone rims.
  • Uniquely designed calderos.
  • Tempered glass lids.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Not induction compatible.
  • Too small handles.

3. IMUSA Charcoal cookware set

IMUSA Charcoal cookware set

Whether you are more into making pancakes, grilling sandwiches, or sautéing vegetables; this beautiful charcoal cookware set has all the essentials included that can help you serve a variety of meals and delicacies. 

Constructed with premium quality aluminum that is reliable in even heat distribution; the heat-resistant exterior is made of hammered finish while the interior is layered with slick and greasy non stick coating.

The sturdy hammered exterior makes it ideal for almost all cooktops including induction.

The lids and handles are highly durable, soft, and remain cool while on the stove. 

The set includes 2 fry pans, a nylon toolset, a stockpot, a square griddle, and two saucepans with beautiful and transparent lids that keep the food’s aroma and steam seal inside while offering a clear view of how is it doing.

  • Made of durable aluminum.
  • Heat resistant body.
  • Nonstick cooking surface.
  • Cool touch knobs and handles.
  • Induction compatible.
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty.

4. IMUSA 2 Piece Purple Caldero

IMUSA 2 Piece Purple Caldero

Made of good quality aluminum this two-piece purple Caldero set is constructed to create even heat distribution for a perfectly cooked meal.

Similar to the Dutch oven these two are quite helpful in daily kitchen chores.

Layered with the health-promoting non stick coating it keeps the meal secure from excess grease or oil and makes cleaning a breeze through its slick and slippery surface.

The two 4-quartz and 9-quartz Calderos are highly versatile that can be used for a small family or prepping meal for a big family dinner. 

The two beautifully rounded staples are good with multiple stovetops; both are oven safe and can endure temperature up to 350F without lids.

Users on Amazon don’t suggest putting them in the dishwasher.

  • Aluminum built.
  • Heat resistant body.
  • Oven safe without lids.
  • Induction compatible.
  • They are not dishwasher safe.
  • Handles get too hot.

5. IMUSA USA Coated Wok with Wood Handles

IMUSA USA Coated Wok with Wood Handles

However, we have discussed earlier what IMUSA wok reviews suggest and how users compliment the IMUSA cast iron wok but it doesn’t mean that IMUSA doesn’t have much to offer. 

This versatile IMUSA Wok is also a must-have for any chef or cook who likes to try expertise in stir-frying, braising, searing, or stewing their favorite meals.

Made of carbon steel this multipurpose round-bottomed wok features 14-inch pre-seasoned non stick cooking surface that not only makes healthy non greasy cooking a breeze but also makes cleaning effortless.

Don’t take it hefty looks seriously as it is quite lightweight and comfortable to hold.

The four riveted wooden handles on both sides are highly sturdy offer comfy hold or maneuvering without any risk.

As per the users and IMUSA wok reviews, this versatile cooking vessel is good for all cooktops except the oven and induction.

  • Carbon steel construction.
  • Non stick coating.
  • Stay cool wooden handle.
  • Helper side handle.
  • Metal utensil safe.
  • Heat resistant body.
  • They are not dishwasher safe.
  • Not oven and induction compatible.

6. IMUSA Sauce Pan

IMUSA Sauce Pan

Constructed with durable aluminum this 1 quart saucepan is highly resistant to heat and efficiently distributes the heat across the surface.

The warp resistant durable base is compatible to almost cooktops.

Featured with double riveted Bakelite handles are quite comfy for a strain free maneuvering.

The IMUSA Sauce pan is incredibly light in weight; ideal for preparing sauces, boiling eggs making tea, curries, soups and stews.

  • Made of aluminum.
  • Bakelite handles.
  • Tapered rims for drip-free pouring.
  • Lightweight.
  • Flat bottom conducts heat quickly.
  • Handle is not durable.
  • Gets warp easily.

7. IMUSA Black Stone Non Stick Pan

IMUSA Black Stone Non Stick Pan

This simple yet classy black stone IMUSA non stick pan is made of aluminum that adds uniqueness to your meals with its reliable heat conductivity.

The durable double layered non stick coating along with a single glaze of marble provides a precisely seared, browned, or stir-fried meal without sticking the ingredients to the surface.

The stone-like exterior is highly resilient to heat and compatible with a variety of cooktops except for induction and oven.

Soft-touch wood-like handles remain cool on the stove ensuring a comfortable and strong grip.

This black stone speckled pan is not dishwasher safe; it is advised to wash with hand using mild-warm water and dishwashing soap. 

  • Made of aluminum.
  • Non stick cooking surface.
  • Spiral bottom for even heat.
  • Compatible with all cooktops.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Not oven safe.
  • Too small in size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are IMUSA products made?

IMUSA plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel products are made all over the world and then shipped to IMUSA’s warehouses located in USA.

Are IMUSA pots safe?

Yes, according to IMUSA cookware reviews IMUSA pots are safe to use as they are mostly made of aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel using toxic free non stick coating.

Can IMUSA pots go in the oven?

Yes IMUSA pots and pans can go in the oven; however, we have found IMUSA cookware reviews about their pots with Bakelite handles or lids with aluminum and glass are cannot be placed in the oven.

Does IMUSA have Teflon?

No, IMUSA cookware is made of PTFE, PFOA free non stick coating that is completely safe from any adverse or toxic chemicals.

Is IMUSA Cookware compatible with all cooktops?

IMUSA cookware is compatible with almost all cooktops.