IMUSA Pots Review – Is It Good For You?

IMUSA Pots Review
IMUSA Pots Review

If you love cooking and want enjoy it more just like your favorite chefs do on TV you must have a durable cookware that can withstand the versatility of your cooking style. Owing a good quality yet durable cookware doesn’t mean you have to be filthy rich. We suggest you to have a look at Imusa pots reviews, so that you get to know a reasonably priced can also outclass the highly expensive and branded cookware.

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Where is IMUSA Pots made?

IMUSA was established in Colombia in the year 1934 to produce aluminum cookware. The firm then expanded its operations into making cookware made of other materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, non stick enameled cookware, small kitchen appliances and household gadgets.

IMUSA is known for producing tailored products to match the versatile cooking needs of its consumers belong to different communities, regions and cultures.

All the cookware items whether its non stick IMUSA egg pots, plastic utensils, aluminum pots, and stainless steel stockpots are produced all over the world and then shipped back to IMUSA warehouses situated in USA.

Imusa is a reasonably priced cookware and kitchenware brand that believes in the providing healthy cooking experience to its consumers by using non toxic chemical free elements in the manufacturing of its cookware.

Main Features of IMUSA Pots

  • Tailored cookware products suitable for variety of cooking experiences.
  • Introduces healthy, eco friendly, safe and natural non stick coatings.
  • Durably constructed pots and pans that withstand all cooktops.
  • Premium grade materials utilize to construct high quality cookware.
  • Perfect to be used by both professional and home cooks.

How to Clean IMUSA Pots?

  • No matter what material cookware you are using and how much the manufacture has ensured you about the durability of the product. Do not use metal utensils or tools with your cookware even with cast aluminum and stainless steel pots. Its not about just flaking or scaring but the scratched marks looks quite nasty and you get away with it. So its better to prevent than regret; use instead wooded or silicone utensils.
  • Avoid your cookware from extreme temperature changes. Do not submerge hot pots into the sink nor put cold pots coming out of the refrigerator or with cold ingredients on to the stovetop right away.
  • Avoid dishwashing even if it is allowed. Be gentle; use mild dishwashing soap, sponge and warm water instead of scouring pads or steel wool.
  • Cook on low or medium heat. Extreme heat cause non stick coatings to give up while metal Cookwares such as stainless steel and aluminum gets discolored.
  • Always consult the manual before use. Check the maximum temperature the pots, pans, lids and handles can endure and follow accordingly.

Is Imusa Cookware Safe?

If you are looking for best Imusa pots or Imusa egg pots, then you will be amazed to find they have variety of cookware lines made of aluminum, cast aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and cast iron. 

Each and every cookware item of IMUSA is made using high quality materials that are safe to use and does not have any health hazards.

The reason is Imusa believes in healthy cooking and in order to achieve it the cookware plays an important role in our lives. A cookware must be made of material that is competent to stand various heat sources with a safe yet healthy non stick coating that requires less grease to cook and effort to clean is crucially important.

The design and size are important aspect but they do come latter. However, the brand has introduced some of the best Imusa cookware that are both aesthetically pleasant with eco friendly designs.

All the materials and non stick coatings used in Imusa are free from toxic chemicals such as PTFE, PFOA, lead and cadmium. That is they do not posses any health risk by leaching, peeling or flaking into food.


Aluminum is considered as the most amazing cookware material that possess highly efficient thermal conductivity feature; moreover, it is a reasonably priced, lightweight material.

IF combined with other materials as in tri-ply or 5-ply cookware it offers great cooking experience by providing quick and optimal heat distribution; however, it doesn’t possess heat retention ability just like cast iron do.

When it is about reacting to food ingredients, aluminum is not considered good. A heavy gauge aluminum works well with heat sources without getting warp or corrode; however with stainless steel core it performs exceptionally well on induction as well.

Aluminum is a soft material and can get easily scratched that is why Imusa has wrapped their aluminum cookware using safe and durable non stick coating to introduce  you some of the best Imusa cookware.     

Cast Aluminum

Compared to aluminum, cast aluminum is much sturdier, non reactive and expensive but it is worth your money. Constructed of following a die cast process by melting aluminum on high heat and transferring it into casting mold; cast aluminum counts among the durable materials to cook on various heat sources.

Cast aluminum doesn’t scratch, leach, or react with acidic foods. Moreover, it is a super sturdy material that possesses best heat retention capabilities and doesn’t warp or corrode easily. We have discussed below some of the best Imusa cookware made of cast aluminum. 

Since Imusa is a big supporter of safe and healthy cooking; this is why they have used cast aluminum extensively to manufacture and introduce some of the best Imusa pots and pans in the market.  It is a lightweight metal that can be used on various heat sources, can be washed in dishwasher or effortlessly clean by hand.

Stainless Steel

Imusa Stainless Steel Pots are highly durable and versatile in nature, constructed with the combination of various metals it is a cookware that doesn’t warm or rust.

Since we all know that stainless steel is not good at thermal conductivity Imusa has used with different other materials such aluminum or copper to make it heat efficient.

As per the IMUSA pots review, the tri-ply or 5-ply cladded Imusa stainless steel pots that are constructed using aluminum or copper are highly versatile, durable and long lasting. Moreover, they don’t react with food, warp, or corrode.

Stainless steel cookware of Imusa are compatible to various heat sources; however, you may need to be careful and use a sufficient quantity of oil or grease to prevent ingredients from sticking.

Non stick Coating

Imusa is a cookware brand that is known for its healthy and eco friendly cookware. The brand uses non toxic chemical free substances that are not potentially harmful even when exposed to different heat sources and temperature.

All the non stick coatings used by IMUSA uses material are free from PTFE, PFOA, lead, cadmium so there is no risk of leaching or flaking hazardous elements into your food. Imusa always promote natural non stick surfaces or eco friendly non stick coating. So people who actually avoid non stick coatings due to health concerns can also use Imusa cookware. According to Imusa pots reviews, their coatings are designed in a way that their natural non stick finish withstand scratches and metal utensils without causing any risk to health.

Top 5 Best IMUSA Pots For You

IMUSA JUMBO Caldero (Dutch Oven) for Cooking

Made of heat efficient cast aluminum, this 17.9 quarts caldero is all set to amaze you with its amazing heat efficiency. With its humungous size it can both serve the demands of a large family dinner or needs of a professional kitchen.

If you’re not willing to spend a lot for a single piece of cookware, this Caldero offers you the same features and performance at a much reasonable price than any other high end Dutch oven can do.

Since this jumbo Caldero is constructed of cast aluminum that is known for its lightweight, versatile and durable nature. The cast aluminum construction conducts heat excellently; and compared to raw aluminum it is non reactive to acidic ingredients or sauces.

Means you need to be careful while selecting the ingredients you want to cook in this Caldero. However, it is ideal for prepping large batches of rice, beans, soups, braising meat, simmering stews and much more.

Since the cast aluminum is considered heavy in weight relatively to other materials, this 17.9 quarts caldero is considerably heavier than some other Dutch ovens.

As per the Imusa pots reviews it can work on almost all cooktops including oven; however, it’s a cast aluminum and the manufacturer doesn’t claim to have stainless steel core but this claim needs further research.

It has a large size so a normal size stovetop wouldn’t help you cook food evenly. The lid is perfect to lock in the flavors; however, the knob on it is not oven safe. The handles are made of the same metal so you may need to wear your kitchen gloves while maneuvering. 

  • 17.9quarts jumbo heavy duty cast aluminumcaldero.
  • Works well in both home and professional kitchen.
  • Compatible to oven and other heat sources.
  • Safe and natural non stick finish.
  • Tightly fitted metal lid.
  • Cast iron requires seasoning to stay non stickstick.
  • Handles are not comfortable.
  • The knob on the lid is not oven safe.

IMUSA 8-Piece Cast Aluminum Cajun Cookware Set

Constructed of heavy duty cast aluminum this 8 piece Cajun cookware with its timeless design and mirror polished finish offers a perfect solution to all your cooking needs.

This 8 piece cookware set has all the kitchen utensils that can serve the needs of every home and professional kitchen. The set includes 10 inch frying pan, 1 quart saucepan with lid, 2 quart saucepan with lid, 5 quart stockpot and tray.

The long Bakelite handles don’t get hot or burn when exposed to high heat. Bakelite handles are capable of resisting high temperature due to its non absorption and non conductive nature.

This is why cookware manufacturers use Bakelite handles so that they remain cool and can be hold easily with harming hands.

The heard wearing cast aluminum construction offers fast and even heat distribution across the whole cooking surface on various heat sources without getting corrode or warp.

Not only the hard-wearing performance but the super shiny interior and exterior is also due to the cast aluminum natural finish. The thick casting makes the cookware withstand any heat source except for induction.

The durable and heavy cast iron lids keeps the food secure and fresh without compromising the steam; however, you may find it little hassle lifting each time for checking the status of your meal.

Pouring and transferring liquids was never been so easy but the smart pour spouts made it easy so that you can keep your counters spotless clean.

  • 8-piece cast aluminum heavy duty cast aluminum constructed set.
  • 10 inch frying pan with 2 saucepans and 5 quarts stock pot.
  • Handles and knobs are made of Bakelite.
  • Mirror polished exterior with naturally seasoned non stick interior.
  • Works on all heat sources including oven.
  • Not compatible to induction.

IMUSA USA Heavy Duty Cajun Oval Aluminum Roaster

Mostly people get confused among baking pans and roasters. Baking pans are relatively shorter with thin and light material while roasting pans are taller and much thicker. Roasting pans are commonly used and are convenient to roast turkey, beef, pork or chicken.

This 15-inch cast aluminum roasting pan with its mirror polished interior and exterior perfectly fits in your kitchen. The cast aluminum ensures fast and even heat distribution; you may need to have some efforts to season it regularly to keep it in good shape and to make to perform at its best.

The Imusa pots reviews tells us that the side handles are quite challenging, since they are just a straight rectangular metal coming out of the both sides of the roasting pan without any hollow space for grasping the heavy roasting pan with strong grip. It may get even more difficult with your mittens on.

Featured with removable steamers inserts that helps to hold the vegetable, meat and chicken so they can be steam perfectly. 

The tomb shaped lid is quite helpful to cover large chunks of meat, chicken and turkey and hold the steam inside so that the ingredients get cooked perfectly. Perfecto be used on any cooktop and this 15 inch roasting pan can be easily placed in the oven; doesn’t give up even on temperature up to 450F.

  • Constructed of heavy gauge cast aluminum.
  • 15-inch Cajun classic roasting pan.
  • Removable steamer inserts works for variety of ingredients.
  • Uniquely designed domed lid perfect to seal in big chunks of meat.
  • Don’t get corrode or warp easily.
  • Oven safe up to 450F.
  • Don’t work with induction cooktop.
  • The handles are difficult to grip or hold.

IMUSA Colombian Natural Caldero Glass Lid

Aluminum is already acknowledged for providing perfect heat distribution within an affordable price. This is the reason why the manufacturer incorporated this heat efficient material to construct this Colombian caldero set.

Made of heavy duty cast aluminum material that is an excellent conductor of heat this Caldero set is known for providing the highest thermal conductivity.

This 6-piece Caldero set includes three different sized calderos with their lids. You would see many calderos are provided with metal lids which make them a little difficult to keep an eye on their ingredients.

However, this Imusa Caldero set is provided with shatter resistant glass lids. While the lids are sturdy and intact to lock in the flavors along with the required steam the vent holes makes sure to maintain proper condensation.

When you are carrying a large chunk of meat or liquid then maintaining balance is crucially important. Unfortunately, just like any other Imusa Caldero the handles are not really that great in terms of design.

It is not about the durability because they are not fastened with rivets but they are so small to have a strong grip; they wouldn’t allow your fingers to get in and get a grasp of it. Moreover, they are not silicone wrapped which mean they get hot faster and stay likewise.

If you are looking for a non stick finish then you might not find it great but if you maintain and season it the way it requires you may able to enjoy natural non stick performance. The seasonednon stick surface will help you cook safe and healthy food more than any Teflon coated cookware can offer you.

  • Heavy duty cast aluminum construction offers excellent heat conductivity.
  • Three different sized calderos including 1.4, 3.4 and 6.6 quarts.
  • Proper seasoning helps to enjoy the natural non stick surface.
  • Tempered glass lids helps monitor the food.
  • Works great on all heat sources including oven.
  • The lids are not oven safe.

IMUSA Red Ceramic Nonstick Caldero (Dutch Oven) with Silicone Rim & Glass Lid

This beautiful bright red 3.2 quarts Caldero constructed of premium grade aluminum. With its rounded sides and unique design this vibrant Caldero is featured with tight fitting lid offers versatility and superior heat distribution. 

From prepping tasty gourmet recipes to cooking rice, making pasta or roasting meat this multipurpose kitchen staple is all perfect for even slow cooking meals. The ceramic non stick coating is set to provide a safe and healthy cooking with less grease and makes cleaning effortless.

The tight fitting shatter resistant glass lid allows you to monitor food and supported by the silicone rim that helps provide a tight seal to lock in the heat to keep the food stay fresh, warm along with its flavors. The vented hole on the lid makes sure that no splattering takes place by releasing excess steam.

The beautiful rounded sides, tight fitting lid and metal handles is no doubt a great serving piece;permits you to show off your aesthetic sense by taking this caldero directly from the stove to the table. The bright red exterior does not get warp or corrode and works on all heat sources except induction.

Like all the handles above we discussed, the handles are smaller in size. Since they are made of metal they get hot easily and holding them with kitchen gloves making it much difficult to get a strong grasp.

  • Premium grade aluminum constructed red colored caldero.
  • Shatter resistant glass li with silicone rim and vent holes.
  • Durable and safe ceramic non stick coating.
  • Perfect design to cook and serve from stove to table.
  • Works great on all stovetops except induction.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Not compatible with induction cooktop.


Imusa is a cookware brand that started its journey by manufacturing aluminum cookware. They were the pioneers of high grade bare aluminum cookware.

As the brand started to make its name in the cooking industry; their line of products also expanded to different home gadgets, kitchen appliances and  different kinds of cookware items under the cookware range such as woks, Calderos, pans, pots, pressure cookers, and steamers.

Since the company has introduced different cookware materials but so far the IMUSA pots reviews suggest that all are uniquely featured upon their, size, functionality, capacity, and non stick coating so that you may able to select what you need to have for your cooking needs. .

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Imusa pots good for cooking?

All the Imusa pots including the Imusa stainless steel pots, aluminum and Imusa non stick pots are ideal for cooking rice, prepping sauces, browning and braising meat. Imusa pots reviews suggest that their pots are safe made with commercial grade material and natural nonstick coating; provide a healthy cooking experience its users without any risk of peeling, flaking or reacting to ingredients.

Are Imusa pots safe?

According to Imusapots reviews, the aluminum, stainless steel, Imusanon stick pots and Imusa egg potsare safe to use; to provide a healthier cooking experience needing minimal oil or butter, can be used in dishwasher and oven without getting warp or corrode

What are Imusa pots made of?

Imusa pots are made of aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron. Imusa non stick pots are made of toxic free non stick coating.

Where is Imusa products made?

IMUSA started off as an aluminum cookware manufacturer in Colombia in 1934. Later the company started to make other cookware, Kitchen appliances and home gadgets. The brand is known and sells its products throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Are Imusa pots anodized?

Yes, some of the best Imusa pots and pans are made of hard anodized aluminum that are durably constructed and is ideal for soups, stews and sauces