Le Creuset Dutch Oven Review – Best Guide Ever

Looking for the best le Creuset Dutch Oven? So you are at the right site. In this article, you will get to know about Le Creuset Dutch Oven Reviews!

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Le Creuset Dutch Oven is one of the best and most affordable oven. An oven is also one of the most essential kitchen appliances and a basic need for every kitchen.

An Oven is an appliance that is used for heating, soups, or other food preparation, etc. it is more frequently used in cooking.

You can bake each and every kind of food at home at your ease. Moreover, Oven makes your work easier and faster!

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This article is whole about Le Creuset Dutch Oven. So let us first understand what basically Dutch Oven is!

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Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are basically thick-walled cooking pots used for making stews, sauces braises and soups, etc. having a tightly fitted lid.

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They are made up of seasoned cast iron; even so, some are also made with cast aluminum or ceramic.

Dutch ovens are used to make food prepared by the moist-heat cooking method. You can easily cook a casserole or a whole chicken in it.

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If you want to brown your meat and vegetables on the stove, it is also possible through a dutch oven.

Dutch ovens are designed in a way that you can cook on the stovetop and can quickly move to the oven.

It is basically perfect for slow cooking meat and vegetables. Its ability to hold heat means less energy is required in it for a long time.

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Reasons to get Dutch Oven

  • Smooth Heat distribution.
  • Cook pasta with sauce.
  • Multi-skilled cooking tool.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Best for soups and stews.

History of Le Creuset Dutch Oven

 Belgian industrialists Armand Desaegher and Octave Aubecq decided to create a foundry of various enamel cookware items.

Le Creuset was established in 1925 and its business set took place in Fresnoy-le-Grand in Aisne, France.

Le Creuset is well-known for its enameled cast-iron Oven. The company also sells bakeware and tableware.

Having a selection of bold, rich color ranges and versatile materials, Le Creuset is leading all over the competition.

Its highly-durable and enameled cast iron products make it more ironic. Easy accessibility has been provided to its customers from the company with little to no experience.

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You can discover a lot of valuable utensils from its online store. You can do shopping anywhere around the world. Is not it astonishing?

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

The iconic le Creuset cookware which is made up of enameled cast iron deals with every kind of slow-cooking and from roasting to braising.

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It can be used over every heat source such as Ceramic Stovetop, halogen, Electric gas, Induction Oven, etc.

It has been the world’s best color and quality benchmark for almost a century, having a lifetime warranty.

Le Creuset Dutch oven locks in moisture with its tight fitted lid. This iconic Dutch Oven is very essential in every kitchen whether it is the kitchen of home cooks or professional chefs alike. It has 2 piece count and is dishwasher safe.

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Key Features of this Oven:

  Let us Read Some Key Features of le Creuset Oven!

  • Tight-Fitting Lid:

 The Le Creuset Dutch Oven has a tightly fitted lid to lock moisture and exposes ingredients to a consistent heat source. This results in a flavor full final dish.

  • Self-basting Cycle:

 Self-basting is the time when steam builds in the oven and has nowhere to go allowing the moisture to tenderize the food throughout the cooking.

  • Shapes and sizes:

 Le Creuset Ovens are available having a vast range of shapes and sizes. Usually, its diameter revolves around 23, 25, 29,    31, etc. Having quart capacity of 2.75, 3.5, 5, 6.75, and vice versa.

  • Enameled cast iron walls:

 Le Creuset ovens are essential in every kitchen. They play a vital role in the kitchens of home chefs and professional chefs.

Its enameled cast iron walls make it ideal for cooking, baking, frying, etc. Its enameled wall does not react with any food and thus it is non-toxic.

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  • Loop handles:

While wearing oven mitts, one may feel insecure to carry a pot with a fear that it may fall. Le Creuset Ovens provides wide loop handles which have an easy and comfortable grip and you can carry it even while wearing oven mitts. The handles can be replaced easily.

  • Color selection:

The company has a versatile collection of kitchen appliances as well as their color variety is also amazing.

It allows sits customers to choose the color of their appliance themselves according to their kitchen décor.

Nut the company’s more glowing color is orange which they must prefer and orange is so popular for their ovens and pots.

  • Budget pick:

The Le Creuset Dutch Oven is so inexpensive.  If you’re on a tight budget then it is best for you because you’ll be able to get it without breaking the bank.

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  • Everyday use:

This Oven is evenly more perfect for everyday use. You can add its usage to your routine and will definitely find excellent results. You can buy it from their online stores.

  • Oven- Safe:

Dutch ovens are oven-safe. This is a benefit in making them ideal for braising meat or baking bread. Your pot is probably heatproof.

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So, if you are baking on high heat then be aware. The knob on the lid frequently has a heat limit below 400º.

Most Popular Size of Le Creuset Oven

There are so many styles, sizes, and colors of Dutch Oven available at Le Creuset that it can be so difficult to choose. It can also be a bit enormous to choose which one to buy.

However, it is not confidential that the 5 1\2 quart (Round Dutch Oven) and 6 3\4 quart (Oval Dutch Oven)of Le Creuset Dutch Oven, are the most popular sizes. The perfect you will choose the size, the perfect cooking it will be.

In choosing the size, you should keep in mind what kind of food you want to cook or how many people you are gonna feed.

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Like if you are a family of 4 then your ideal Oven size will be 5-6 quarts. You can get a recommendation from the company. So, that it may help you to choose the perfect one according to your need.

How to use Le Creuset Oven

After buying your Le Creuset Oven, your first and foremost priority should be hygiene. So, it is beneficial if you clean the non-stick surface.

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All you have to do is to put some amount of cooking oil over the surface. On the flame and let it get heated for 2 minutes, then cool and rinse it with hot water. Dry it thoroughly.

Even though most of the customers prefer their Le Creuset Dutch oven as their favorite piece of cookware, but many of them think to use it when making soups, stews, etc.

But the Dutch oven can handle just about any recipe or task in the kitchen. It is an uber-versatile workhorse.

It might be the most versatile pot for everyday cooking due to its durable cast iron manufacturing and lively colorful enamel.

You might never put it away again, if you understand its uses and how beneficial it is for everyday cooking.

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Casseroles and One-Pot Meals

The Dutch oven really sparkles when it comes to one pot meals. It’s perfect when cookware if you are cooking for a large family, bundle cooking, or meal preparing because of the amount of food it can hold.

Since everything can be cooked in stages or layered in the same pot it cuts down on the number of pots and pans needed because of the speeding up clean up time.

Bread and Desserts

Enameled cast iron creates a pie-in-the-sky environment for bread baking as it is High-duty.

It can trap steam and moisture inside the pot, as a result, it creates an artisan-quality bread with a crispy crust and tender crumb.

It also preserves a tender and uniform heat which results in perfectly cooked and golden brown baked goods. You can also make desserts in it with ease.

If you turn the lid upside down, you can also use it as a separate baking surface for things like pot pies, etc.


The Le Creuset Dutch oven is also known as a one-pot slow cooker. It effortlessly goes from stove to oven to table.

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You can follow the following steps to understand cooking with this oven.

  • Burn the stovetop to seal in juices.
  • Build flavor.
  • Add your favorite liquid into the oven to taste.
  • Cover it with a heavy lid.
  • Place the Dutch oven into the oven to finish cooking.
  • The heat and moisture will evenly transform meat and vegetables into falling apart tender dishes.
  •  Now you can bring your mouthwatering dish straight to the table for serving.


A Dutch oven is ideal for shallow frying at home. Firstly, you have to keep oil at a low temperature to heat up as it is crucial for frying.

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The extraordinary heat distribution and reservation properties of enameled cast iron help adjust the oil temperature which results in the food to be turned out golden brown and crispy without oily or soggy.

The high sides of the pot help contain splatters for less is counted as a premium. Dutch ovens are oven-safe.

This is a benefit in making them ideal for braising meat or baking bread. Your pot is probably heatproof So, if you are baking on high heat then be aware.

The knob on the lid frequently has a heat limit below 400º.  You can simply twist off the knob and bake without it, or use a metal knob instead.

Now you will see some pros and cons of the Le Creuset Dutch Oven;


  • Oven to table easy transport.
  • Lifetime warranty program.
  • Its plastic knobs don’t get warm easily.
  • Consider as a leader.
  • Enameled cast iron wall
  • The heavy lid keeps moisture in the food.
  • Available in a wide range of sixes.
  • A vast range of colors.
  • Handmade material.
  • Interior color allows you to see the cooking process easily.


  • The Interior gets scratched easily with any metal tool.
  • The stain of food remains in it.
  • Plastic handles are not oven safe.
  • It is expensive.

Some Important Facts about Le Creuset:

Is Le Creuset worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. Its performance is better than all of its competition. It is beautiful, durable, and worth taking.

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Isn’t it so amazing? What a chief requires more than all of the features it has.

In France, 30 skilled craftsmen inspect the whole process of making the Dutch oven at their foundry in France.

Le Creuset made in China?

  Le Creuset basically started its product manufacturing in France and it manufacture its cast-iron products at the original foundry in Northern France.

Its stainless steel products are manufactured in Portugal. It gets its stoneware from Thailand. From China, Le Creuset gets its accessories.

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The First in Colorful Cookware:

With a matchless selection of bold finishes, Le Creuset is a leader in rich colors in a vast range.

The most popular Le Creuset Oven colors are;

  • Cerise. (3.5-Quart)
  • Marseille. (2.4 Quart)
  • White.
  • Oyster.
  • Flame.

Favorite for Generations:

Le Creuset has been trusted by professional chefs and home chefs for generations due to the delivery of its amazing performance and its personal statement.

Yes, you can totally say that it is the backbone of all around the kitchens in the world now and for sure in the future.

Quality and Design

The finest quality and design, handcrafted in France, provides even heat and moisture to the dishes.

Which results in superior texture and flavor of food. No doubt Le Creuset is iconic due to its versatile performance.

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You can order it from its online website with free shipping.

Safe to use:

Round Le Creuset Dutch oven is totally safe to use in daily routine cooking. Like every other appliance general cleaning and care is required.

Le Creuset Stoneware is alright to use in the oven, broiler, refrigerator, freezer, etc.

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It can also be used in a microwave. It is oven-safe upto 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 260 degrees Celsius.

Beware of the fake one:

In the process of buying, beware of the fake one. Don’t need to get confused. You can check its realness from its bottom.

Check the bottom of the pan you will see the sizing marks over there. The bottom is the most crucial place for identifying its realness.

Which the help of the inside diameter you can measure your pan. Now you will know whether everything matches it. If not then it is not Le Creuset.

Boil water in the oven:

You can also boil water in it. The Le Creuset website says that: “High heat temperatures should only be used for boiling water for vegetables or pasta, or for reducing the consistency of stock or sauces.

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Additional Features:

  • Loop handles.
  • Sand-colored enamel.
  • High-quality cast iron.
  • Tightly fitted lid.
  • The vast range of color selection.


Now you will see some of the answers to the questions you may have

Le Creuset Dutch oven lid is oven-safe?

Yes, the best Le Creuset Dutch Oven lid is oven-safe upto 425°F. It preserves the moisture and transforms the pan for the user for braising, poaching, etc.

Which is the popular color of le Creuset?

Flame (Orange) is the popular color of le Creuset. As its name is the most ironic of all of them.

Will it get cracks?

It can be because it is manufactured with enamel which requires special care. It has more chances of getting cracks when it is exposed to thermal shock.

What will happen if you heat an empty Dutch oven?

If you heat the oven too fast, the food can burn. You should never preheat it while empty, this can result in enamel cracking. First, put your cooking oil in it then switch on the stovetop.

How hot the Le Creuset knob gets?

The quality black phenolic knob is only oven-safe up to 375°F. It could melt, smoke, or heat up ata hotter temperatures.

Is Le Creuset safe to use?

Round Le Creuset Dutch oven is totally safe to use in daily routine cooking. You should have it in your kitchen. Its high-quality cooking and design can impress and attract each and every heart.

Like every other appliance general cleaning and care is required. Le Creuset Stoneware is alright to use in the oven, broiler, refrigerator, freezer, etc. It can also be used in the microwave. It is oven-safe upto 500 °F or 260°C.

How to check if it is the real Le Creuset Oven?

During the process of buying, beware of the fake ones. You can check its realness from its bottom.

Don’t need to get confused.  Check the bottom of the pan you will see the sizing marks over there.

The bottom is the most crucial place for identifying its realness. Now you will know whether everything matches it. If not then it is not Le Creuset.