Masterclass Premium Cookware Wooden Handle Review – 2023

Masterclass Premium Cookware Wooden Handle Review

Masterclass Premium Cookware is getting popular in the market and among the cooking enthusiasts for its durability and ecofriendly features.

As per the Masterclass premium cookware wooden handle reviews, of its consumes the cookware is highly affordable and successfully able to deliver safe, healthy and durable cooking experience just like premium grade ecofriendly cookware does.

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Why MasterClass Cookware?

MasterClass is an aesthetically beautiful and durably constructed cookware brand that is known for its longevity.

Made of premium grade materials the construction of the cookware ensures a high quality cooking experience that you may expect from any big names in the market.

This is the reason why the Masterclass premium cookware wooden handle reviews are more positive.

Moreover, the cookware is known for its long term customer warranty which is backed by the trust the manufacturer has invested in the production of their cookware.

MasterClass cookware is constructed of super durable materials using copper, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel layered with chemical free non toxic coating, ensuring a healthy and ecofriendly cooking experience to its users.

The cooking surface is said to be safe, scratch resistant and non hazardous so you there is no health risk associated.

The manufacturer claims its cookware to be metal utensil safe; however, experts suggest prevent using them anyways. 

Overall, it’s a worth to buy cookware that is available in an affordable price range.

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Main Features of Masterclass Wooden Handle Cookware

The lids are ergonomically designed handles and the PTFE, PFOA free non stick coating works as the game changer because the only thing you cant compromise is your health and the brand knows it pretty well.

The handles are highly comfy and duly constructed to offer sturdy grip with balance handling so you don’t feel any strain while maneuvering. 

The non stick coating offers a slick and greasy experience to stir, fry, bake, braise or sauté with minimal oil.

The cookware is compatible to almost all heat sources including induction and oven no matter from which material they made of and the reason is the manufacturer uses super sturdy induction ready core to their cookware so they can perform on variety of heat surfaces without getting warp or damage.

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MasterClass Wooden Handle Vs Carote Wooden Handle: Which Cookware Is Best?

Carote 3 Quart Nonstick Saute Pan

Both the cookware are famous for their ecofriendly and durable non stick coatings. Their greyish non stick coating with speckles offers a unique yet elegant look to sight.

Lets find how they both perform and differ on the basis of their functionality and features.

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Construction: Both Master and Carote wooden handle are constructed of cast aluminum. Cast aluminum is actually the molten aluminum that is combined with smooth metal parts under high pressure.

This is why the cooking experience is extremely versatile with this durable and sturdy construction.

Both brands offer quick and even heat distribution across the surface to help you enjoy almost any cooking experience.

Non stick Coating: Carote Wooden handle is layered with five layers of non toxic PFOA free Granite non stick coating.

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The Swiss grain non stick coating is known for its ecofriendly nature; does not leach, or flake chemical peels.

The Masterclass  non stick coating is made of enameled non stick coating that is free from PTFE, PFOA, BPA and other toxic chemicals.

The coating as per the Masterclass premium cookware wooden handle reviews releases food easily without using much grease or oil to help you consume healthy yet fat free diet.

Stovetop Compatibility: Master Wooden handle and Carote both offer superior heat conductivity and distribution to provide a professional grade cooking experience to its users.

The two cookwares are compatible to almost all heat sources and suitably works on gas, ceramic, halogen, and induction.

Carote wooden handle is oven safe up to 350F Masterclass is said to be oven compatible; however the temperature it can withstand it still unknown. 

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You can check the manual before using it in the oven to avoid any possible damage due to excess heat.  

Since both the cookwares claim to be eco-friendly so far there is no risk associated as the traditional cookwares do have; such as flaking peeling or releasing toxins.

Which is Best?: Both are one of the best cookware utensils in terms of ecofriendly, safe and healthy cooking experience.

The Carote wooden handle has a durable non stick coating with five layers of Swiss non toxic PFOA free coating which lacks in MasterClass; however, it does not mean its non stick coating is any less.

Masterclass is also comprised of PTFE and PFOA free non toxic coating. If we compared prices, Masterclass is much reasonable than Carote Wooden handle.

Cook on Low or Medium Heat: In order to cook the beautiful enameled surface and durable core avid cooking on high heat.

High heat damages the enamel coating and corrode the bottom of pots and pans. Always prefer low or medium heat to protect the beauty and functionality of your enameled non stick cookware.

Make sure the cookware is compatible to the stovetop you use; a non compatible stovetop can also become the reason of damage.

If you use gas stove makes sure to prevent the flames from going up to the walls of the pot.

Prevent Sticking Food: Enamel non stick cookware  are resistant and offers a healthy cooking experience requiring less grease and oil for cooking.

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But you need to be careful with the cooking temperature and especially while pre heating the cookware.

Being careful prevents you from making extra efforts in cleaning and scrubbing your  Masterclass frying pans and pots and keeps their shine and glide.

Wash Right Away: Stains and discoloration may appear when you don’t clean your Masterclass wooden handle cookware right on time.

This is to understand that keeping your used kitchenware utensils in the sink overnight may not help them clean shiny and sparkling.

The finish of your enameled non stick starts to fade eventually. To keep your Masterclass frying pans and pots in the best condition, it is important to wash them immediately right after cooking with dish soap and warm water.

Washing your cookware after use, prevent stains and residue from sticking and turn into stubborn food residue which cant be easily removed without scrubbing.

Use Wooden or Silicon Utensils: As said by the manufacture, Masterclass wooden handle cookware is scratch resistant and capable to stand the use of metal utensils.

But it is better to use only wooden, silicone, or plastic utensils. It definitely would not show up right away but may compromise the enamel finish.

Avoid Thermal Shocks: The bottom of enamel cookware made of various metals such as cast iron, aluminum, or stainless steel; just like your Masterclass premium collection cookware that is made of induction ready steel bottom.

No matter how sturdy your cookware is constructed, thermal shocks are potentially harmful to damage the cooking surface of your cookware.

Extreme temperature change such as your Masterclass frying pan right after prepping the basket thrown into the sink for a quick clean up may cause a thermal shock.

The best way to prevent your Masterclass pots and pans from thermal shocks is to use them on medium or low heat and let them cool off before taking them to the sink. Similarly, do not fill your hot pan with cold water.

Using high heat to preheat your enamel cookware is also not a good idea; it can cause cracks. Let the pots or pans preheat on lower temperature and then ad ingredients to it.

Prevent Scratching: The non stick enamel coating chips off if not cared properly. No matter how much the manufacture convinces you about the scratch resistance; try not to use metal utensils, tongs, and spatulas.

Instead buy pair of wooden or nylon utensils to prevent from accidental scratches. Moreover, clean your cookware with nylon scrubbers or soft sponge.

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Avoid steel wool or metal scouring pads. They are potentially harmful for the sleek yet smooth surface of your enameled cookware.

Be Gentle: Do not band, throw or drop enameled cookware onto the counter as it can get dents, may chip or crack. If your cookware gets chipped, you may not be able to use it anymore. 

Stovetop or Temperature Compatibility: If you are using enamel coated cookware that has aluminum or copper core then it wouldn’t work on induction.

So if you are looking for an induction cooktop go for stainless steel core or bottom with enamel cookware.

Similarly check the manual before choosing the cookware, if it is right for your cooktop or not.

Some cookware doesn’t respond to the heat of the heat sources with whom they are not compatible to; so it is better check then regret later after buying.

Enameled cookwares are oven safe up to 360F to 500F mostly. The lids and handles are less tolerable than the mentioned temperatures than the overall structure and construction.

Some handles are detachable so you can detach them easily before putting them into oven or remove the lids before placing your pans in to the oven.

Review Product

Masterclass Wooden Handle Premium Cookware

This Masterclass wooden handle cookware is made of heavy duty cast aluminum. Cast aluminum is highly efficient at conducting heat but unlike hard anodized aluminum it is reactive to ingredients such highly acidic or saucy foods.

Cooking such items in die cast aluminum could be risky as it may leach the aluminum into food.

In order to overcome such situation, this Masterclass premium collection cookware is coated with toxic free non stick coating.

The double coating of this speckled non stick interior is great to prep healthy foods using less oil or grease.

The beautiful grayish surface with white speckles is incredibly helpful to prep delicious chicken, sear steaks, stir fries, braise meat or make pancakes.

Though the manufacturer claims the coating is metal utensil safe; however, in order to preserve it in good shape you better keep metal utensils at bay.

The tough steel induction base incorporating with cast aluminum body works on all stovetops, including gas, electric, ceramic, halogen.

The durable combination of sturdy stainless steel bottom with hardwearing cast aluminum construction serves for years.

Thanks to the cast aluminum body these Masterclass pots and pans are secured and don’t get hot pots.

Unlike the other cookware, handles of these Masterclass premium collection cookware are highly durable; the casseroles have handles made of the metal they are constructed of.

One drawback generally complains they don’t offer perfect room for the hands to grip in. The sauce pan has handle made of wood; fixed duly to the pans with the help of metal.

The glass lids are shatter resistant provided with a wooden knob that is easy to grab without wearing mittens.

The vented holes prevents any possible splattering by keeping maintaining the right amount of heat inside and letting go the additional steam. These Masterclass pots and pans are dishwasher safe.

  • Heavy Duty cast aluminum construction.
  • Non toxic, chemical free non stick coating.
  • 8 and 9 inch low casserole pans.
  • Shatter resistant glass lids with vented holes.
  • Wooden handles don’t get hot on stovetops.
  • Works on all cooktops including induction.
  • The handles of casserole are short to grip.


The Masterclass Premium cookware wooden handle reviews shows that the cookware is pretty popular for its incredible cooking results it offers on various cooking surfaces without any hitch.

The cookware is perfect for stir, fry, stew, bake, or braise without reacting to ingredients, flaking, corrosion and warp.

The materials used including the heavy gauge construction and induction compatible core  provides cooking results just like the way your favorite restaurant offers you.

The healthy and eco friendly non stick doesn’t give up easily and guarantees to stand metal utensils and dishwashing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MasterClass cookware a good brand?

So far the MasterClass cookware is considered a good brand among its consumers especially the Masterclass wooden handle cookware that is known for its safety and durability in the Masterclass Premium cookware wooden handle reviews.

The cookware is made of 100% chemical free enameled non stick coating using heavy gauge aluminum with induction ready bottom.

Can MasterClass cookware go in dishwasher?

For finding a cookware that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, you do not to find the best MAsterclass cookware. All MasterClass pots and pans are dishwasher safe and serve for long without getting damaged.

Can MasterClass premium cookware go in oven?

As per the Masterclass premium cookware wooden handle reviews, the cookware is oven safe and is further compatible to gas, electric, halogen, ceramic and induction cooktops.

Does MasterClass use Teflon?

No Masterclass cookware does not use Teflon, PFOA and BPA. The manufacturer uses non toxic non chemical non sticking coating for its enameled or non enameled nonstick cookware that is considered safe for health in every way. 

Where is MasterClass premium cookware made?

The head office of the cookware brand is situated in California, US. However, the production for most of the cooking utensils of the brand is done in China.