Misen Carbon Steel Pan Review – Complete Guide

Misen Carbon Steel Pan Review

Are you tired of hassling with your pan on a daily basis? Tired of vigorously rubbing and scrubbing your pan due to residues of food left on the pan.

Well, it means it is high time that you start looking for some great options. And for that here we have created this detailed Misen carbon steel pan review guide.

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Misen is not a very old brand compared to the other brands and was established in 2015.

Since then, they have been coming up with various cookware sets and been providing the industry with great cookware combos.

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But one thing that made them stand out was their best carbon steel pan. Aside from that their Misen nonstick carbon steel pans have also been the showstopper for them.

So, for our readers out there who are not aware of this brand, we have crafted this detailed Misen carbon steel pan review guide for you:

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Why Choose a Misen Carbon Steel Pan?

What makes the Misen the best carbon steel pan is its versatility and excellent performance as a non-stick pan.

Misen pans are less porous and when seasoned properly they last you a very long time without the problem of food sticking.

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Another remarkable thing about the best Misen pans is that they can tolerate high heat.

That means they are oven compatible and can be used for cooking food in an oven. These can withstand about 500 degrees of oven heat.

Moreover, one thing worth mentioning in this Misen carbon steel pan review is that these pans are compatible with all types of stoves.

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And that means you can also use these with your induction cooktops. Although you will find various carbon steel pans out there what makes these stand out is that this one has a large surface area.

That means it prevents overcrowding in the pan and cooks bigger batches in one sitting.

Multipurpose, versatile, easy to handle, and cleaning makes the Misen the best carbon steel pan out there.

Cooking Performance of Misen Carbon Steel Pan

When it comes to the cooking performance of the Misen carbon steel pans then they do provide you the performance they have claimed.

These pans are quite versatile for cooking any type of food but not acidic ones. You can sear, roast, fry, and sauté whatever you like.

These pans are also quite good in heat tolerance and they can tolerate heat around 900 degrees without the silicone handles.

Talking about the oven they are even compatible with the oven heat. The nonstick pans are capable of withstanding 500 degrees and the Misen nonstick carbon steel and withstand 450 degrees.

These pans do take a bit of time heating due to the triple-layer construction but once they are hot you are in it for some great cooking experience.

Moreover, the pan needs multiple rounds of seasoning before it becomes fully nonstick on its own.

But once it has absorbed the right amount of fat and is seasoned perfectly, there is no food sticking problem.

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Aside from that, it is also dishwasher safe so you can either go with that or you can clean it by hand.

If you want to improve the shelf life then better go for the hand cleaning option. All in all, the Misen is high maintenance, versatile, and longer-lasting pan.

Key Features of Misen Carbon Steel Pan

Ergonomic design: One thing very convenient about eh Misen that is worth discussing in this Misen carbon steel pan review is their ergonomic design.

These pans are designed in such a way that they are heavy to handle and easy to work with.

Moreover, the handles of their pans are made up of high-quality stainless steel with silicone covers.

The silicon cover makes sure that your hands remain safe without any worry of getting burnt. Lastly, the walls of the pans are high and you are safe from the food splashing on you.

Broader base: Another very important feature to mention in this Misen carbon steel pan review is the broader base.

A broader base allows you to cook in a wider area without crowding the pan too much.

So, you can easily make several eggs, sauté big batches of vegetables or make several pancakes in one go. Once you have put the pan on the heat and leave it until it is completely hot and then start making food.

High heat tolerance: Heat tolerance of the pan is really important and this is what determines whether the pan will be able to work with stoves and ovens.

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The great thing about these pans is that they are completely capable of withstanding high heat. They can easily withstand the heat up to about 450 to 500 degrees.

And the same goes when going for oven cooking, Moreover, these pans are compatible with all kinds of stoves so no matter which type you are using you can cook whatever you like.

Oven safe: As we mentioned before the best capability of this one is the oven-safe features. A lot of pans are not able to withstand the high heat and some are completely prohibited for oven use.

But not with this one. These best Misen pans are quite comfortable with the oven heat and you can easily go cooking in the oven as you like. The oven withstanding capability also depends upon the type of the pan.

If you are using the Misen nonstick carbon steel pan then these are capable of withstanding heat around 500 degrees. But if you are using the Misen carbon steel cookware that is not the nonstick one then these can withstand the oven heat of around 450 degrees.

Easy Cleaning: Cleaning is another characteristic that determines whether the cookware is worthy to buy or not. So, for the Misen pans, they have been quite active in that field.

Although they come with the label of being dishwasher safe, the recommended practice is hand care. A soft scrubber with soft hand cleaning is what improves the shelf life of the pans and the pans will last longer than warranty clams.

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Product Review

1.      Misen Non-Stick Carbon Steel Pan

So as this is the Misen carbon steel pan review we have the Misen nonstick frying pan. Available in different sizes from the nonstick to the stainless-steel formation you will find the pan you are looking for. Comes in 8 inches to the 12 inches formation and the same goes for the stainless-steel ones.

As our focus is on the non-stick ones, let’s talk about that. This best Misen pan comes in different combinations so you can get either an individual one or a combination of 2 pans.

Made up of titanium with the PFOA-free nonstick coating this one is bound to give you superior long-lasting performance.

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Now talking about the design, the flat bottom evenly distributes the heat and the ergonomic design makes the handling of the pan easy.

Another excellent feature of this one is the stay-cool handles that mean no worries of getting your hands burnt. The wider base provides extra room without the overcrowding of food. So that means you can make as many pancakes or eggs in this at one time.

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Oven-safe compatibility means you can even bake food in this. The heat compatibility depends upon the size of the pan. The nonstick ones are capable of withstanding 450 degrees of heat. Whereas the Misen nonstick carbon steel pans are capable of withstanding about 500 degrees of heat.

Lastly, these do come with the dishwasher safe so you can either go for that. Or if you want to be cautious then maintenance and cleaning by hand is a better idea. You can clean it by the traditional methods of cleaning.

  • PFOA free plasma infused titanium coating
  • Compatible with the oven
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ergonomically designed riveted handles
  • Flat aluminum base hence even heat distribution
  • These are quite on the heavier side
  • If not seasoned properly food may stick

Seasoning Process of Misen Carbon Steel Pan

Seasoning the Misen carbon steel cookware is very important to prevent the food from sticking to it. And doing it the right way is most important.

The first seasoning is very important and it is a bit of a long process but it will save you the hassle of working with the stuck food later.

So following are the steps of seasoning the Misen carbon steel pan:

  • Step 1: Almost all pans have a coat of protective beeswax on them. This is a protective coating and the Misen pan will also have it.
  • Step 2: Your first step is to remove that protective coating. You can start by scrapping the protective coating with the help of hot water. Hot water melts the beeswax and you can scrub it off with the scrubber.
  • Step 3: Now after the beeswax coat is removed comes the step of bloating the pan with the seasoning oil. Use the cooking oil and with the help of a paper towel season the pan with the oil.
  • Step 4: Now after the proper amount of seasoning, put the pan in the oven and do this about three times or may four.
  • Step 5: The pan should remain in the oven until it starts changing color. The silver pan will turn golden or black depending upon the pan construction.
  • Step 6: Now it is ready to cook. But do keep this thing in mind that during the first cooking you still may need to grease the pan. As the food will still stick to the pan. Slowly the pan will absorb enough oil and will become nonstick on its own.

Downsides of Misen Carbon Steel Pans

We have already talked about the pros of the best Misen pan but of course, if something is great it also has some downsides. The same goes for the Misen carbon steel cookware. Following are some of the downsides of the Misen carbon steel pan:

Heavy design

Although Misen is the best carbon steel pan when it comes to performance, one thing that is not great about this pan is its heavy size.

They do perform well but due to their heavy sizes handling these pans might be a bit difficult. For better understanding following is the weight of the pans of different sized:

  • 8 inches Misen Carbon steel pan: 2.4 lbs.
  • 10 inches Misen Carbon steel pan: 3.7 lbs.
  • 12 inches Misen carbon steel pan: 4.6 lbs.

Compared to this if we talk about the Misen nonstick carbon steel pans then they are quite lighter. The most the Misen nonstick carbon steel pan weighs ranges from is about 1.8 lb to 3.6 lb not more than that.

So, if you are looking for something lighter than you might have to reconsider whether you should go with this or not. But talking about performance than going with this one is not a bad choice.

Not good for acidic food

Now one thing about the Misen carbon steel cookware is that it is not a great choice for cooking acidic food alone on the pan.

Combined with other ingredients no problem but cooked alone these do tend to rip off the coating of the pan. Foods like lemon juice. Tomatoes and vinegar especially are not a good choice for cooking in these pans.

These not only strip off the coating but also mix it in the food giving it a very metallic taste which is not good for health.

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Longer Heating time

As we already mentioned before during the Misen carbon steel pan review that these pans are made up of a high-quality titanium layer.

Along with that other layer are infused with the titanium to make it better quality and give it rust and corrosion-resistant finish. But that can be a little bit of a problem for our inpatient cooker out there.

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Due to the hard build and multiple layers, these pans might take a bit of time before they are heated perfectly for cooking. You might be tempted to throw up your food immediately in the pan but that can cause sticking of the food so it is better to wait a bit for better results.

Food Sticking if not heated enough

Last but not least food sticking can be a problem if you have not seasoned and heated the pan effectively. Seasoning the pan properly, especially when it’s new is important and it determines whether your food will stick or not.

If everything is done properly, food will never stick. And we have already mentioned the steps for that.

Aside from seasoning, another important thing is heating the pan effectively. Before cooking anything makes sure your pan is heated effectively. After that start cooking otherwise you will be facing the problem of sticking.

Conclusion: Should I Consider it?

 So, this is the wrap of our Misen carbon steel pan review. Overall, this pan is versatile, easy to clean, beautifully and ergonomically designed, easy to handle.

So that’s a plus. But what makes it more unique is its compatibility with heat, broader base, and ability to withstand the oven heat. The thick and big walls keep you safe from food splashing and the best part is it is affordable.

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Although there are some downsides if you are in it for performance then these are the ones to go for.

So here comes the question: should I consider the Misen carbon steel pan. The answer is that yes you should. If you are looking for some great pans and want a wide variety to choose from then you can keep this one in the top three. This one certainly provides you with performance along with some other great features.

So now when you are aware of all the features of Misen, time to get your own Misen carbon steel pan for your kitchen.

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●       Do the Misen Carbon steel pan warp?

Well, yes, it can warp. Carbon steel pans do tend to warp or crack, but you can prevent it by maintaining it the right way. If you are taking care of your pan and cleaning it the right way then there are no chances that it would warp.

And by taking care it means you are cleaning it properly and seasoning it properly, do not let the moisture sit in it then you are surely taking the right care of this one.

Another important thing is to never let the moisture sit in the pan. It can cause corrosion and that means your pan can warp or crack before time.

●       Are the reasons for the food sticking to the carbon steel pan?

The main reason that the food is sticking to the carbon steel pan is that it is not seasoned properly. It is emphasized a lot that you should season your pan properly and follow all the techniques that are mentioned for seasoning the pan properly.

Moreover, another important thing is that the carbon steel pan should be hot enough. If you are trying to cook in a cold pan then there are high chances that you are going to face the problem of food sticking.

●       Is the Misen carbon steel cookware dishwasher safe?

Well technically you can say yes but if talking about the life of pan then no. Although they do have the label of being dishwasher safe if you practice cleaning by hand then you are increasing the chances of increasing the life of the pan.

Standard practice while cleaning by hand is to use a soft sponge, do not use metal scrubbers. Use soft soaps and warm water to clean the pan.

●       Do Misen carbon steel pans come with a warranty?

Misen does not provide you any number or value of warranty but they do claim that their pans come with a lifetime warranty.

So, it means you can reach out to them whenever facing any problem with your Misen cookware. Now they have mentioned on their site that they have a 60-day return policy.

This means if you return the product within 60 days, they won’t say anything. But after that, they will present you with different options and you will have to choose from them.

●       Do the Misen Pans come with a lid?

No, the Misen pans do not come with the lid. The other cookware set does come with the lids but the pans do not. Pans mostly come in combo sets with different sizes stacked up in one set.