5 Most Expensive Cookware Sets In The World – But Why?

Have you ever think, which is the most expensive cookware set in the world right now? & why it is so expensive?

Today I will share you top 5 most expensive cookware sets in the world. These are actually popular brand products.

1. Mauviel M’Heritage 9-Piece Cookware Set

Price: 1500$

Extremely pricey cookware line is Mauviel M’Heritage. Mauviel has several cookware collections, but the M’Heritage set is one of the most popular.

Why It Is So Expensive?

Mauviel is one of the most well-known copper cookware brands globally, with a lifetime warranty on all of its items. In addition, copper conducts heat faster than other metals, giving the user greater control over the cooking process.
The set consists of 90 percent copper and 10 percent 18/10 stainless steel parts.
It has quick and consistent heat distribution and attractive copper exteriors.

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