Nordic Ware Sheet Pan Review – Top 3 Picks of 2023

Nordic Ware Sheet Pan Review

No doubt, sheet pans are serious workhorses. They are expected to prep almost anything from baking cookies to braising meat and roasting vegetables. However, there are various brands in the market but the overwhelming Nordic Ware sheet pan reviews made us to explore these bare aluminum pans that are now making waves among its users for its exceptional performance  and durability.

Lets see how these Nordic Ware sheet pans are different from the rest!

Product Feature Buy on
1. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet, 2

Best for baking sweet and savory

Pure aluminum construction

Heat distribution

Easy to clean
2. Nordic Ware Naturals® Quarter Sheet with Oven-Safe Nonstick Grid


Pure uncoated aluminum

Easy clean up

Oven safe up to 450F
3. Nordic Ware Naturals Aluminum NonStick Baker’s Half Sheet 13″ x 18

Pure recyclable aluminum

Natural Non stick Interior

Effortless clean up

Best durability

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Construction of Nordic Ware Sheet Pan

No doubt currently Nordic Ware has introduced the best sheet pans in the market. This is why we decided to review about some of the best Nordic Ware pans.

Talking of a cooking staple, you cant deny the importance of the construction material, its durability and performance. The more a sheet pan is heat responsive and distributes it well the best results you achieve.

Aluminum sheet pans are commonly found in market and mostly preferred by both professional and home cooks.

Both aluminum and aluminized steel works best. Its just that aluminized steel is carbon steel treated with an aluminum silicon alloy. This is not to confuse you! Whatever the construction is the main metal core plays huge part and so far we found aluminum as the base metal in some of the best Nordic Ware pans.

Some people prefer to have bare aluminum while some chooses to have silicone coated but as per the experts both works well and features the best heat conductivity.

Not only this Nordic Ware are the most durable sheet pans in the market right now that do not warp, rust or corrode. Even if you dish wash them, which is not recommended they may get discolor or oxidize but wouldn’t affect the quality of your food nor cooking performance.

Mostly people, think that cooking acidic ingredients in aluminum pans can be harmful and toxic; however, its not the case. The use of acidic ingredients like vinegar and tomatoes doesn’t affect the quality of cooking at all, though they can become darker but do not cause toxic affects to your food.

Similarly the use of metal utensils can scratch the shiny surface of your aluminum pan, that’s why the manufacturer suggests to use wooden or silicon utensils.

It is not just Nordic Ware sheet pans reviews from the customers, but many expert chefs and professional also has vouched for the quality and durability of both Nordic Ware full sheet pans and half sheet pans. 

Factor to Choose the Nordic Ware Sheet Pan


Whether you buy Nordic Ware half sheet pan or Nordic Ware full sheet pan go for an uncoated aluminum sheet pan. Though you may find variety of cooking sheets but compared to all those choices uncoated aluminum conducts heat quite well and cools down pretty quickly once you take it out of the oven.

Non Stick/ Natural Non stick 

Considering the extreme heat sheet pans have to bear non stick baking sheets are not as durable as uncoated aluminum does. Non stick can degrade at high temperatures and eventually lose their efficacy over time.

Instead of non stick coated sheet pans, its better to use light colored uncoated aluminum with a sheet of parchment paper. This is a convenient method to keep your ingredients from sticking but also cleanup easy and helps prevent burnt marks.

Rimmed Vs Rimless

Experts suggest buying rimmed sheet pans. Rimmed sheets are versatile in nature; they not only good at baking but also help in keeping oils and juices from roasting meat or vegetables and further allow you stir food.

Rimmed sheets allow belter air circulation that helps cook food faster.  However, both rimmed and rimless sheets produce foods with golden-brown texture.


You may find jelly roll baking sheets easily at your nearest grocery or kitchen supply store but they are not sturdy enough give up easily upon heating.  The best are the Nordic Ware half sheet pans that are used in commercial kitchens, restaurants and help home bakers and cooks to achieve optimum results.

Nordic Ware half sheet pans generally measure 13 by 18 inches. It is the perfect size designed to fit snugly in an oven or microwave.

Review Products:

1. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet, 2-Pack, Silver

Constructed of pure aluminum this Nordic Ware sheet pan is no doubt among the best Nordic Ware pans that will never rust and guarantees life time durability to its customers.

As the name suggests, this sheet pan is made considering industrial grade cooking requirements so both commercial and home cooks can enjoy the optimum baking and roasting results.  

The uncoated aluminum construction guarantees superior heat conductivity and adds strength along with the reinforced encapsulated steel rim that prevents warping. If you like to keep your sheet pan all bright and shiny avoid sending it to the dishwasher, the manufacturer also said so.

Dishwashing cause oxidization and discoloration; however, it is still safe for cooking. Similarly acid ingredients darken the surface so better avoid prepping meals with vinegar and tomatoes.   

This Nordic Ware Commercial Baker’s half sheet pan is a perfect solution for all your baking and roasting needs that help you make cookies and prepare your favorite recipes for dinner.

If you are hesitating thinking about the non stick coating that may require while baking cookies you can simply layer a silicone mat or parchment paper on the surface so you may find it easy to release and eventually wouldn’t have to make efforts in cleaning.

  • Commercial grade bake ware
  • Best for sweet and savory baking
  • Pure aluminum construction
  • Compatible with parchment paper or silicone baking mats
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwashing not recommended

2. Nordic Ware Naturals® Quarter Sheet with Oven-Safe Nonstick Grid

Likewise the Nordic Ware half sheet version, this oven safe non stick Nordic Ware quarter sheet seems to be the perfect solution for home cooks and bakers.  With the dimensions of 13 x 9.5 inches, is perfect for preparing delicacies, roasting nuts or reheating a slice of pizza. Constructed of 18-gauge aluminum with a naturally non stick surface this sheet pan is a solid and efficient kitchen workhorse.

Nordic Ware Naturals Aluminum Quarter Sheet Pan is for the home cooks offering them to experience the professional grade results just like Nordic Ware’s bigger versions do in your favorite restaurants and cafes. 

Constructed from uncoated 18-gauge aluminum its natural non stick surface does not rust. Moreover, the rolled stainless steel rims are secure with wire to prevent warping. Considering the durability, performance and the Nordic Ware sheet pan reviews from its customers its affordable price draw attention.

This shiny and non porous natural non stick surface can stand oven temperature up to 450F without causing discoloration. Dishwashing is not recommended; however if you do it will still be able to perform its just that it may get discolored. The manufacturer of Nordic Ware offers a lifetime warranty on these Nordic Ware Sheet pans.

  • Set of 2 quarter sheet pans
  • Made of pure uncoated aluminum
  • Reinforced encapsulated steel rim
  • Easy clean up
  • Oven safe up to 450F
  • Reactive to acidic ingredients
  • Not metal utensil safe

3. Nordic Ware Naturals Aluminum NonStick Baker’s Half Sheet 13″ x 18″

Made of bare aluminum coated with premium gold non stick, this beautiful Nordic Ware sheet pan is time tested for its superior heat conductivity, durability, effortless release, anti warping and anti scratching abilities.

Made of pure aluminum you seem to enjoy proper distribution of heat across the pan’s surface that helps you get evenly baked savories and sweet delicacies with perfection.

For both commercial and home cooks who are looking to have non stick sheet pan with exceptional baking performance and durability the interior of these natural aluminum pans are featured with their premium grade gold nonstick for effortless cleaning and easy release.

This proprietary nonstick is proven to be durable and resistant to scratching which makes it stand apart among the other non stick pans.

The reinforced encapsulated steel rims prevent the sheet pan from warping even on high temperature. The product is not dishwasher safe, but even if you send it to the dishwasher you only get some discoloration which is not going to affect the quality of your meal and cooking experience.

  • Made of pure recyclable aluminum
  • Natural Non stick Interior
  • Encapsulated galvanized stainless steel rim
  • Effortless clean up
  • Perfect size for full oven
  • Hand wash recommended

Nordic Ware vs USA Pan

The Nordic Ware and USA sheet pans seems to be similar and almost carry the same features except Nordic Ware sheets are constructed of uncoated natural aluminum.

The manufacturer of Nordic Ware made sure to blend durability and efficiency together through its high quality pure aluminum construction and natural non stick ability.

Whereas, USA pans are made of heavy-gauge aluminized steel and to make the sheet pan non stick, they used a patented silicone coating, which is obviously PFOA and PTFE free; however, it is prone to scratching which can lead to further food sticking, burning and discoloration. With Nordic Ware sheet pans there is no chance of non stick coating scratching and peeling off as the sheets are naturally non stick.

The 18 gauge aluminum construction of Nordic Ware and heavy gauge aluminum of USA pans both are exceptional at even distribution of heat. Both staples have rolled rims to prevent warping and are oven safe up to 450F.

Final Words

Nordic Ware sheet pans are versatile and inexpensive kitchen staples that are getting popular among professional and home cooks for their incredible cooking performance. The sheet pans we included are ones that have received overwhelming Nordic Ware reviews for their quality and performance.

The secret weapon of Nordic Ware sheet pans is its natural aluminum construction that compared to other metals provide efficient distribution of heat and resistance that help prep meals evenly.

Moreover, unlike the Teflon coated non stick sheets the natural non stick surface is safe yet healthy for baking and roasting without any risks of giving up.

Just like any other sheet pans, Nordic Ware sheet pans are also not dishwasher safe but the main difference is that Nordic Ware sheets offers the same performance even after dish washed and discolored.

The reassuring thing about these sheet pans is the lifetime warranty provided by its manufacturer showing us that even if you fail to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines the Nordic Ware sheet pans wouldn’t give up easily.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nordic Ware good quality?

Nordic Ware has no doubt one of the great sheet pans in the market. Considering the quality and price, the Nordic Ware sheet pan reviews suggest it the best quality product that gives optimum results at high heat without getting warp.

Do Nordic Ware sheet pans rust?

As per the Nordic Ware sheet pan reviews, do not rust. The reason is, they are made of pure uncoated aluminum that ensures superior heat conductivity and produces evenly baked or roasted foods consistently. The manufacturer gives life time warranty for its lifetime durability.

What sheet pans do professional bakers use?

When it comes to sheet pans, uncoated or bare aluminum is generally the material professional chefs or home cooks prefer to use, due to its reasonable price, durability, heat conductivity and efficiency.

Can you put Nordic Ware sheet pans in the dishwasher?

As per the manufacturer, Nordic Ware sheet pans are not dishwasher safe. The temperature and dishwashing detergents can cause the aluminum to oxidize and discoloration. However, as per the Nordic Ware sheet pan reviews,  both Nordic Ware half sheet pans and Nordic Ware full sheet pans are very easy to clean by hand.

How do you clean Nordic Ware sheet pans?

Cleaning Nordic Ware sheet pan is so easy. All you need is a soft sponge and a mild dishwashing soap. Using scouring pads and harsh chemicals will cause scratches and are not recommended.    

Dishwashing is not recommended as it will oxidize and discolor the sheet; however, it wouldn’t affect your food and cooking performance.