Prestige Cookware Reviews – Is It Good Choice?

Prestige Cookware Reviews

When its about buying pressure cooker, the first name that comes in mind is Prestige. Prestige pressure cookers have always been discussed for its durable materials, performance and affordability among the customers in various Prestige cookware reviews. This is why we decided to choose the brand to highlight some of its best cookers and cookware here.

Product Feature Buy on
1. Prestige Manttra Omega Select Plus 250 Deep Fry pan

Easy to clean


Value for money

Light weight
2. Prestige Deluxe Alpha Induction Base Pressure Pan

Lock feature

Value for money

Solid design

3. Prestige SS Platina Popular Cookware Sauce Pan, 140 mm

Easier cooking

Good design

Value for money
4. Prestige Omega Select Plus Non-Stick Omni Tawa, 25cm

Metal spoon friendly

Sturdy handles

Residue free cooking

Scratch and abrasion resistant technology

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Why We Choose Prestige cookware?

If you are looking for a reliable pressure cooker that comes in an affordable price range then what else is better than Prestige. It is a

good choice for people with limited budget looking to use pressure cooker on their conventional cooktops. The brand seems nicely done its job by the Prestige cookware reviews and the customers seem happy.

The brand has intrioduced varaity of sizes, designs and different price ranges from low, mid level to premium level cost.

 Factor to Choose the Prestige Cookware

  • Make sure what kind of material you are looking for. Are you looking for a Prestige stainless-steel cookware set or Prestige nonstick cookware set would work best for you? IF you are looking to make delicate items then go for Prestige nonstick cookware set or non stick Prestige pan. If you are an expert cook looking for evenly cooked meal go for tri ply Prestige stainless-steel cookware set for optimal seating, braising or stewing experience.
  • Cookware sets are considered by number of pieced and that includes the lids too! Means that if you buy 6 piece set then probably you would get 2 to3 pots or pans. Think do you need such number of items or go for individual pieces.
  • A Prestige cookware set may have additional pieces that aren’t required in your kitchen such as two different sized Prestige fry pans. Do you really need those Prestige fry pans? Don’t pay for any item that is not needed.
  • Define a budget and stay within it. check out the sales announce online or in-stores. Check Prestige cookware reviews and see what is good and performing well.
  • What you cook and like to eat more often will help you determine what material of cookware needed. Want to make pancakes or eggs for breakfast, switching to a less greasy or oil food go for a  Prestige nonstick cookware set; cook acidic foods more often buy stainless steel cookware.

Difference Between Hawkins And Prestige Pressure Cooker

Prestige and Hawkins has been in the kitchenware industry since 1959. Both Prestige and Hawkins are Indian brands; Prestige is head quartered in Chennai while Hawkins is in Mumbai.

Prestige remains one of the most recognizable brands for its low cost pressure cookers. Though the brand has not utilize technology like other brands did to bring innovation in the kitchen; however their products always get the job done with quality.

Prestige pressure cookers are known for their longevity and offering timesaving convenience with affordability. All their pressure cookers are manufactured in India: however, they have offices all around the world. 

Compared to Prestige, Hawkins is an expensive brand that has a global reach. The brand is known by its trademark inner fitting lid internationally and is recognized sign of reliability.

Hawkins has introduced pressure cookers ranging from low cost to high-end prices; No doubt, pressure cookers from Hawkins always have a competitive advantage over others for its class and quality.  


Prestige offers a massive selection of pressure cooker sizes. Their smallest pressure cooker is as small as 1.5 liters and reaches all the way to 8 liters capacity. The objective is to provide variety of pots that can suit everyone’s needs and choices. 

ON the other hand Hawkins has introduced over 73 different pressure cookers across 12 unique product lines. It has models with starting size 3 liters to 22 liters.

The brand has introduced an impressive range of pressure cookers of various qualities, designs and styles considering the needs of its users across the globe.


Prestige pressure cookers are available in a variety of unique yet attractive shapes such as straight-walled pots to curved, wide-mouthed, and even apple-shaped cookers.

Each one of these designs has their own price category. If looks and design matters to you then you can easily find an affordable design in Prestige pressure cooker range.

Hawkins is famous for its diverse range of designs from ceramic coated to vibrant yet colorful cookers. Hawkins aims to blend quality, innovation and affordable design.

Even if you are going to renovate your kitchen and like to match its specific decoration; you can add Hawkins’ uniquely designed pressure cookers to with its ideal style and vibrant color scheme.


Prestige pressure cookers are constructed with high quality materials; provide durability with a 2-year guarantee. Anodized aluminum construction in combination with sturdy base makes it the most reliable option in an affordable price in the market.   

All the screws and rivets are strongly in placed to prevent any kind of damage to the cooker itself and to or injury to the user.

Among all the varieties available at the Prestige, The Royal Prestige offers the longest duration   warranty that is for 50 years,   topping the quality of most cookware available at a price.

Overall, Prestige is a good brand and performs well with long term if you take good care and follow the direction suggested by the manufacturer.  

Hawkins pressure cookers offer both stainless and aluminum constructed cookers. Stainless steel to ensure superior durability, and with anodized aluminum to provide heat efficiency.

The entire product range can be trusted for its long-lasting, durability, and relaible manufacturing. Many users or families buy Hawkins pressure cookers for once that last for their lifetime; however, the longevity also dependent on the frequency of use, maintenance and the product  model.


IF you have a limited budget and in search of an affordable yet quality cooker, go for a Prestige pressure cooker. Though the pressure cookers are constructed of regular anodized aluminum; however, Prestige offers excellent value for money.

Though there are affordable options available within Hawkins’ range of pressure cookers, however, they are still far more expensive than Prestige. The reason could be there strong marketing which boasts about their high quality materials, long lasting performance, engineering, and manufacturing.

People who used Hawkins pressure cookers claim that they didn’t ever need to buy another as the one they bought is already performing well.


Prestige pressure cookers come with multiple safety features. Such as the Gasket Release System and Metallic Safety Plug make sure that you’re fully protected. Excess pressure releases through gasket release and metallic safety plug in case of extreme steam build up.  

The sleek handle design is made with comfort and durability to protect your hands well against heat and without causing m strain. .

On the other hand, Hawkins pressure cookers have safety features like a shielded safety valve and highly durable gasket. Pressure regulators provide enhanced safety and opportunity to cook more even meal.

The locking inner lid is a seal you can rely on and smart positioning of the safety valve beneath the lid offer better safety and much comfort in Hawkins cookers.


The twist locking lid with an inner seal on every Prestige pressure cooker ensures complete pressurization. However, this secure seal can still twist open with force when under pressure.

Unlike Prestige pressure cookers, the Hawkins’ inner lid guarantees that the pot can’t open even if it is under pressure.

A specially designed valve in Hawkins prevents steaming and frothing. Moreover, in Hawkins there’s far less mess, and the temperature regulation allow you to prep evenly cooked meal and make it simpler to use.


As per some of the Prestige cookware reviews, the handles of Prestige pressure cookers get loose easily. The problem is commonly are come up with found almost in all the cookers of Prestige. This seems to be a serious issue especially when you cook food in a larger quantity.

Similarly, the plastic handles on some of the Hawkins pressure cookers eventually need to be replaced.

Are there alternatives to Prestige Cookware?

If you are looking for a reasonably priced pressure cooker that can be used on a conventional electric or gas stove, then there is no choice better than Prestige pressure cookers. Prestige cookware sets and pressure cookers are no doubt the go to choice for anyone shopping on a tight budget.

However, if you are not budget constraint and looking for a higher-caliber, perfectly engineered, induction compatible pressure cooker with unbeatable designs and vibrant color schemes then nothing beats the fantastic pressure cookers from Hawkins.

Hawkins has a vast variety of mid to high-end pressure cookers to beat the competition with its durability and colorful designs. When buying a cookware always seek value in additional features and benefits such as ease of clean or cooktop compatibility.

Hawkins has produced pressure cookers that can be used on induction cooktops as well which makes them a slightly expensive choice. However, buying Hawkins cookware is worth an investment.

Product Review

1. Prestige Manttra Omega Select Plus 250 Deep Fry pan, Kadai, Indian kadhai, Medium

If you are an Asian cook who likes to prep meals in deep pans or Kadai then this deep Prestige pan will definitely inspire you. Known for its sleek and contemporary design, this deep Prestige fry pan is made up of three layers of solid metal that is coated with PFOA free DuPont non stick coating.

The 250 mm deep and 10-inch round is a medium size that offers capacity up to 3 liters; however there are different sizes available by Premium. The Poi free non stick coating is safe, healthy and sturdy preventing scratches from metal utensils and sticking food easily.

Comes with a stainless steel lid, this deep Prestige fry pan does a great job by locking the nutrients and aroma inside to offer you a flavorful and uniformly cooked meals. The dual riveted side handles are made of metal; however, is coated with nylon to provide you a comfortable yet sturdy grip for a safe and accessible maneuver.

According to the manufacturer, this Prestige kadai is easy to clean by hand and is not dishwasher safe; however, the Prestige cookware reviews suggests us to hand wash the staple as soon as it cools off to prevent sticking the food to the surface.   

According to the manufacturer, the staple is gas compatible and no other information is available which we consider as a no for any other heat source.

  • 3- layer non stick coating from DuPont.
  • Sturdy loop handles on both sides for comfortable grip.
  • Allows residue free cooking for healthy meal prepping.
  • Poi free and metal utensil safe coating.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Stainless Steel lid.

2. Prestige Deluxe Alpha Induction Base Pressure Pan, Senior, Stainless Steel

This 2.11 quarts pressure cooker is tri ply constructed sandwiching aluminum core between stainless steel layers to provide ideal heat conductivity.

The heavy duty alpha induction base is a true energy saver that provides quick and even heat distribution without causing hot spots. This versatile kitchen staple offers you maximum utility over gas and induction cooktops.

Featuring a pressure regulator with a safety feature that maintains consistent pressure and release pressure above 1 kg/cm2, to ensure safe and fast cooking. The highly durable stainless steel lid provided with a visual indicator that indicates correct time to open the lid and prevents it from opening when unsafe pressure levels are present.

The top fitted lid releases excess pressure with the help of a metallic safety plug when it rises beyond a safety level while the steam release valve offers a quick-cool option. Overall, it is extremely convenient to use. 

Unlike many pressure pans, the auxiliary handle is attached with two  screws instead of single screw with the body that makes it last longer, durable and offer you a firm yet sturdy grip so you can hold and maneuver them easily without a doubt.

This Prestige Deluxe Pressure pan is available in various sizes that offer capacity from 2 to 7.5 liters so you can choose whichever suits your cooking needs. Compared to the other options available in market it is a reasonably priced staple that offers reliable performance.  

  • Constructed of stainless steel.
  • Pressure lid works both as a frying pan and cooker lid.
  • Handles come with pressure indicator to ensure safety.
  • Tri ply bottom for even heat distribution.
  • Induction compatible pressure cooker.
  • Not dishwasher safe.

3. Prestige SS Platina Popular Cookware Sauce Pan, 140 mm

If you’re looking for a high quality stainless steel sauce pan that won’t break the bank, this this 140mm saucepan is the right fit for you. The heavy duty brushed stainless exterior and a polished steel interior with non stick finish that wont let your food stick even.

The unique impact forged bottom offers faster and even cooking so you get uniformly prepped meals. The specially designed bottom prevents the food from burning and sticking.  

The dual riveted cool grip handles are specially crafted for heat resistant allowing you to maneuver and handle the staple easily without a doubt. Just like the Prestige stainless-steel cookware set, the sauce pan is featured with a tempered glass lid that is sturdy enough to be used in the oven and is also helpful in viewing cooking status so you can keep an eye on your food.

The vent hole on the lid maintains the right amount of steam required to prep food and let go excess heat in order to prevent splattering and build up pressure. Overall, it’s a nice catch with good price tag; it can work on gas and induction cooktops

  • Impact Forged bottom allow quicker and even cooking.
  • Dual riveted heat resistant handle.
  • Highly durable tempered glass lid.
  • Works on both conventional gas and induction cooktops
  • Small in size.


4. Prestige Omega Select Plus Non-Stick Omni Tawa, 25cm

There is no concept of chapatis and rotis without a right kind of tawa. Thanks to the technology, now tawas are not limited to certain meals but also helps in prepping dosas, pancakes and omelets.

Similar to the Prestige nonstick cookware set, this Prestige Omega non stick tawa is constructed of high quality material coated with scratch and abrasion resistant non stick coating that does not corrode or peel off easily on high heat.

Moreover, this reside free coating not only uses less oil but is also metal utensil safe , thus making it healthier, user friendly and long lasting.

The dual riveted Bakelite handle featured with the grip spots allow you carry and maneuver firmly with large quantity of meals without any risk of getting loose or falling apart. This Prestige pressure cooker is best to use on conventional gas cooktops but is not compatible with induction cooktop.

  • 3 layer teflon non-stick residue free coating.
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant technology.
  • Bakelite riveted handle with grip spots.
  • Metal spoon friendly.
  • Dishwasher safe cleaning.
  • Not suitable for induction cooktops.
  • Smaller in size.
  • Cant resist high temperatures.

Final Words


When it comes to reasonably priced pressure cooker, you can’t go wrong with Prestige. Each Prestige pressure cooker has its durability, accessibility features and longevity that arrive at a highly competitive price. When you have an option like Prestige then there is no need to go for a cheap knockoff or a quality compromised product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prestige a good brand for cookware?

As per the experts and the Prestige cookware reviews over the internet, it is considered a good brand known for its reliable performance provided in an affordable price range.

How do I choose the right cookware?

Think what you cook more often, choose a material, define a budget and number of pieces required.

Yes, Prestige cookware sets and pans are safe and healthy to use with scratch resistant surface, quick and effortless to clean, helps prep food evenly and quickly with less fat and grease.

How do I buy a pressure cooker?

In order to buy a pressure cooker, you need to consider the right size, cooker type, durability and material compatibility with cooktop. Moreover, you must choose between the Inner lid pressure cookers vs outer lid pressure cookers.

Is Prestige non stick cookware good?

Yes, overall the reviews of Prestige non stick cookware suggest that it is a safe and healthy cookware to use with abrasion resistant and metal utensil safe surface that is toxin free and consumes less fat.