Tefal Ingenio Cookware Review – Best Guide Ever 2023

Tefal Ingenio Cookware Review

When it comes to daily cookware, you want both practicality and adaptability. In this Tefal Ingenio Cookware Review, you will read that the Tefal Ingenio pot and pan set delivers on all counts.

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Even better, you’re not limited to a single type of hob with Tefal Ingenio nonstick cookware: the magnetic steel coating means they’ll operate on any cooktop, even induction, which isn’t true of all rivals’ offerings.

These mix-and-match Tefal Ingenio pot and pan set also have removable handles, allowing them to be effortlessly stacked and stored in your cabinets while migrating from burner to oven, grill to tabletop.

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How Tefal Ingenio Cookware Set Is Very Unique?

Tefal has been a major brand in the cookware industry for a long time because it listens to home chefs and experts alike.

They deliver practical solutions to the problems of customers as you will read in the Tefal Ingenio Cookware Review.

The Tefal Ingenio 13-piece set collection is something that everyone will want since it is such a basic yet perfectly realized concept that addresses everyday difficulties like storage and ease.

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The absence of handles is the first thing that strikes you about these Tefal Ingenio stainless steel cookware. They have handles but they clip on and off as needed.

Tefal Ingenio pot and pan set can be stored in shape of a tower. That way, they take little to no space in the cupboard.

Hence, they won’t clutter your kitchen or your cabinets. The pots and pan can handle up to 260 degrees of temperature. You can’t put the handles in the dishwasher though.

The handles have an innovative latch technique that uses the force of crocodile jaws to clamp onto the pan’s lip.

The grip of the handle, once in position, gives no sign of even the tiniest movement.

Furthermore, the handle is very hard to disengage by accident since you must consciously press two firm buttons.

The buttons are on the sides of the handle and are meant to release the pressure.   

What do you Need to Know Before Buying a Cookware Set?


A variety of materials are used in most pans such as the Tefal Ingenio nonstick cookware.

Aluminum is utilized to evenly distribute heat and keep the pan light, while stainless steel is required to ensure that the pan works on all types of hobs.

A pan can be built of several materials beneath its nonstick covering. Stainless steel or aluminum, on the other hand, are excellent nonstick complements.

Copper can also be utilized, but it’s not the greatest option because of its relatively costly cost and the changeable nature of nonstick.

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Stainless steel is, without a doubt, one of the most popular materials for cookware.

It’s resistant to corrosion and rust, as well as extremely durable and non-reactive (meaning it can be used with pretty much any ingredient).

Stainless steel cookware, on the other hand, does not conduct heat well.

Rather, because of their superior heat-conduction capabilities, aluminium or anodized metal makes the greatest nonstick pans.

Food preparation takes less time and energy using aluminium pans since they heat up quickly.

The material is also corrosion-resistant, and it may be used on gas, electric, and induction cooktops when bonded with the proper stainless-steel plate.

Although aluminium is a reactive material that should not be utilized when cooking with acidic foods such as tomatoes or vinegar, it works well as a core conductor beneath a nonstick surface.

Furthermore, aluminium nonstick cookware is inherently lightweight, making it ideal for all of the shakings and turning that comes with a most skillet cooking.

Induction Compatible

As mentioned in the Tefal Ingenio Cookware Review, pans are induction-compatible before buying if you have an induction cooktop or plan to get one in the future all of the pan sets mentioned below are.

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In terms of handles, metal is the way to go. These have a professional feel to them and can resist high temperatures, so they’re oven-safe. However, some of them can get hot, so use an oven glove if necessary.

Nonstick interiors and anodized exteriors are both easy to clean, but even while coatings are significantly more durable than they ever were, they still require caution.

Easy to wash

Although all of the pans are advertised as dishwasher safe in the Tefal Ingenio Cookware Review. The fine print typically states that hand cleaning is preferable. 

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Key Features of Tefal Ingenio Cookware

Here are the key features of the Tefal Ingenio nonstick cookware.


The lids of Tefal pans are made with fitted rubber. The rubber has butterfly grips that sit flush against the lid when you apply weight  from above, they’re ideal for flat stacking as well.

You’ll probably tinker with these springy lid grips from time to time because they have such a delightful tactile sensation.

The lids have a glass top and a tiny small hole for the steam to escape, preventing things like rice from boiling over in a frothy mess.

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The pan cover stays cool while in use, and the lids and pans appeared brand new after the dishwasher test.

The glass lids let you see what’s cooking within, fit securely inside the pots, and are easy to remove thanks to the ergonomic butterfly grip that doesn’t get hot to the touch.


Right away, the Tefal Ingenio 13-piece set attracts your eye with its striking appearance!

The exterior is polished with a small shine and comes in a variety of vividly colored tones (from velvet red to rose pink, blue, and black), creating a faint glimmer as you move the pots and pans about.

Frypans, wok pans, and saucepans are among the sizes offered. But there’s a reason the Ingenio series is so attractive: it’s designed to move from cooking to serving to storage in the fridge.

Aside from their appearance, we like how substantial the metal pans feel in my hands.

The pan itself, as well as the non-stick covering, has a noticeable thickness.

It’s a tremendous delight to hold the Ingenio since it exudes confidence and certainty when you use it.


The detachable handles of the Tefal Ingenio stainless steel cookware are a nice touch. They seem sturdy.

They can easily support the weight of any pan. They can even lift the largest pan when its filled with food without any struggle.

These handles also make the complete series easy to store; they may be stacked within one another to save room in the cabinet.


The Tefal Jamie Oliver Ingenio set is made of polished stainless steel with a brushed metal ornamental stripe running around the outside of each piece.

The patented handles are made of Bakelite with a brushed stainless-steel part on each.

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The interiors are coated with a titanium non-stick coating, and the patented handles are made of Bakelite with a brushed stainless-steel piece on each. 


The Tefal Ingenio 13-piece set come with a 10-year guarantee, but it comes with several caveats: for example, placing your handles in the dishwasher will void your warranty, and you won’t be able to claim for things like yellowing on the outside.

Compatible with Induction Cooktops Although this may appear to be a minor point, many homeowners have made the mistake of purchasing pots and pans only to discover later that they are incompatible with induction cooktops.

The Ingenio is available in an induction-compatible range, which means it may be used for induction cooking.

Safe to use in the oven

Tefal Jamie Oliver Ingenio pots and pans may be used in the oven up to 260°C. However, because this suggested temperature excludes lids and handles, neither should be used in the oven.

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Tefal Ingenio stainless steel cookware comes with tightly fitting plastic storage lids for direct food storage and is fridge and freezer safe. As a result, food may be cooked, served, and stored all in one pan.

Cooking Performance of Tefal Ingenio

Tefal is the undisputed king of non-stick cookware. They sell a lot of pans for a reason: they perform well and are reasonably priced.

The red-light indication in the center of the cooking surface is one of the nicest features of the Tefal frying pan.

When it lights up, you know you’ve reached the proper temperature. This implies you should avoid overheating it, which is a common cause of non-stick pan failure since heat and plastic (Teflon) don’t get along.

However, it is simple to use and takes practically minimal oil whether frying vegetables or eggs.

The non-stick coating is free of PFOA. Cleaning is very straightforward, and you may use dishwashing liquid.

What is Included in 13 Piece Tefal Ingenio Cookware Set?

The Tefal 13 piece has following pans and pots

  • A 16cm saucepan with a lid. It has a capacity of 1.6L.
  • An 18cm saucepan with a lid. This saucepan has a capacity of 2L.
  • Another 20cm saucepan with a 2.6L capacity and a lid.
  • It also includes a 26cm frying pan and a 22cm frying pan It also comes with three silicone covers.
  • Two Bakelite grips that can be removed.
  • The two nonstick frying pans come with the iconic Tefal Thermo-spot.
  • Individual pans are available for purchase from the full range.

This set comes with everything you’ll need, including three saucepans, two frying pans, three plastic lids three glass lids, and the famous two removable Bakelite handles. It’ll work on any type of stove, induction as well. 

Tefal Ingenio Essential Complete 13-Piece Set, Black

When you consider that 13 pieces correspond to five pans, the Ingenio set is pricey, but they feature a unique design that allows them to nest like Russian dolls, conserving vital closet space.

With titanium for added durability, internal capacity guidelines within stainless-steel saucepans, and a non-stick coating inside frying pans, featuring a Tefal Thermo-Spot that changes color at the ideal frying temperature, the build quality is superb.

Glass lids for cooking, airtight plastic lids for storage, and two handles that click on and off so you can switch from pan to pan round out the set’s eight parts.

The handles are excellent, and the pans are oven-safe to a temperature of 260°C even without them.

The largest pan has a 2.6l capacity, so if you prefer to make huge soups, you’ll need to complement this set with an extra pan or two.

Make life simpler with the Tefal Ingenio Stainless Steel Set, whether you choose to cook in your home kitchen or a caravan while on vacation.

With 13 useful cookware pieces, you may relax about your limited storage space and focus on complete usefulness and variety when cooking.

These pans and pots are intended to meet your demands from stovetop to oven, table to the fridge, dishwasher to cabinets, due to the two removable handles, glass lids, and plastic covers that keep you company while cooking meals.

This range’s design has been thoroughly considered to guarantee that it is versatile and ideal for a busy cook.

This is the area where the Ingenio collection shines. We like how the handles are removable and interchangeable; simply click on the handle to cook, then remove it to use in the oven, dishwasher, or even the refrigerator.

It implies that, in addition to being versatile, they are also simple to store and, more importantly, they are safe to use (less chance of accidental burns).

Tefal’s non-stick cooking surfaces and durable outer coatings gleam on the cooktop.

Tefal’s Thermo-Spot technology lets you know when the pan has achieved the right temperature for cooking.

Because the handles are removable, you won’t have any uncomfortable handles cluttering up your stove or countertop, and storage will be a breeze because all pots and pans nest within one other – ideal for tiny areas.

Dishes may be transferred to the oven and washed in the dishwasher with removable handles.

Ingenio cookware combines the convenience of stovetop usage with the performance of a high-quality casserole dish, allowing baking and roasting in the oven and then functioning as a table-worthy serving dish.

Glass cooking lids (not oven safe) are available, and an airtight Ingenio cover makes food storage simple.

The pans are lightweight in general even with their thick bottoms, they are simple to manage and they transfer heat efficiently, allowing them to attain temperature quickly.

On the frying pans, the traditional Tefal Thermo-Spot is used to signal when everything is at a good temperature to start cooking yet, despite this visual help, we did notice a few uneven heat areas when cooking pancakes which were indicated by uneven browning.

Internal measuring lines, pouting lips that are easy to use, and stacking capabilities that save space were all added benefits.

These Tefal pans include the famous technology of thermos spot heat indicator. It was introduced by the Tefal company. In a nutshell, all of the pans and pots have a huge dot in the center.

The dot glows solid red when the pan reaches certain temperature. Most of the times it is the maximum cooking temperature. This feature is absent in only sauce pans.

  • Space saving detachable handle  
  • Take little to no space
  • Saucepans have measurements guidelines on sides
  • Lids have silicone 
  • Nonstick pan has low durability and becomes useless after 1 year.
  • Handles are not dishwasher safe.

Conclusion: Should I Buy Tefal Ingenio Cookware?

You should buy the Tefal Ingenio cookware set according to Tefal Ingenio Cookware Review. This Tefal set of pans is ideal because of its versatility.

The stackable design is a lifesaver for self-proclaimed neat freaks, and the ability to throw them in the dishwasher is ideal for busy chefs.

The possibility of the nonstick coating on the handle wearing away over time might become annoying.

However, the Tefal Ingenio Cookware Review mentions they would last a long time if used in rotation, and that wear and tear would be minimal.

This is feasible since there are several sets to pick from, allowing you to mix and match to create a set of matching cookware that meets your specific requirements.


What is the shelf life of Tefal?

It’s crucial to understand that certain cookware will keep its appearance and survive longer than others.

Stainless steel is one of the finest in this regard, so if you want a set that will endure for a long time, this should be your material of choice.

Is Tefal Ingenio a good investment?

If you want top quality pots and pans for your home kitchen, Tefal will turn out to be a good investment.

They have assortment of good saucepans and frying pans. You won’t need to buy anything else when you have the Tefal set. 

Is Tefal Ingenio OK for use in the oven?

After that, you should condition the pan regularly to keep the nonstick coating in good shape.

Pans can be used in the oven up to 260°C (500°F). Remove the handle and lids with care.

Are Tefal Ingenio lids oven safe?

Ingenio lids, except cast aluminium lids, are not oven safe.

Are all of the Tefal pans of good size?

It’s uncommon to use more than three pans at once, so it’s more of a concern of whether or not your saucepan set has enough pans, rather than whether or not they’re the proper size.

Is it ok to use Tefal Ingenio on the grill?

Simply clip a perfectly cool Ingenio panhandle on to your Tefal frying pan. Then you can place in either in the over or under the grill. Just take of the handle while it cooks.