Utopia Cast Iron Skillet Review – Honest Guide 2023

Utopia Cast Iron Skillet Review

When it comes to selecting the best-cast iron skillets, how can we not mention the cast iron skillet from Utopia.

The skillet has received the best Utopia cast iron skillet reviews on Amazon and on various online cookware websites.

Lets find out how it is different and offer unique cooking performance compared to the other cast iron skillets available in the market.

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What is Cast Iron Skillet?

Cast iron skillets are known for their versatility and durability. It has exceptional heat retention properties, and natural patina that builds over time serves as a protective non stick layer that prevents food from sticking or chipping.

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You can cook almost anything from meats and proteins to vegetables and desserts in cast iron skillets.

Since it is made of cast iron, it heats up gradually but retains high heat and offers superior heat retention.

For newbies cooking with cast iron cookware may be difficult as it requires temperature management.

However, cast iron skillets are sometimes made from enameled cast iron to ensure the food doesn’t get stick.

It makes searing, frying, braising and baking much easier.  

Why to Choose Utopia Cast Iron Skillet?

If you are searching for the best cast iron skillet in a highly affordable price hen Utopia’s cast iron skillet is no doubt the one.

It’s not only stands apart when we discuss the best Utopia cast iron frying pans but also other skillets available in the market.

According to the Utopia cast iron skillet reviews, the skillet heated up pretty fast and offers amazing cooking results in making scrambled eggs, prepping steaks, roasting peppers, or sautéing vegetables.

Not only this, if you like to bake pizza, it helps you achieve nice golden crust with tasteful cheese and toppings.

You may find it a bit heavy, just like the traditional skillets you must have seen in your grandma’s kitchen but it doesn’t cause any strain or prevent you from maneuvering.

Provided with pour spouts you can easily transfer liquid ingredients; however, they may drip if you aren’t careful since they are shallow and slopped.

Many people say that the handle is small but the reason for making it smaller in size is because longer handles add weight to the overall weight and thus making it difficult to maneuver or carry. The small handle makes it easy to carry.

Since it is made of cast iron, washing it completely easy as it doesn’t require to spend much time in water or use of heavy detergents or dish washing soaps. 

Features of Utopia Cast Iron Skillet Set

Even-Heat Distribution

The finish might seem rough on this Utopia cast iron skillet but we bet this is among the best-cast iron skillets that allow even heat distribution to provide you improved frying, baking, cooking, and braising experience.

Just like the best Utopia cast iron frying pans the preseason skillet can perform on a variety of stovetops that includes induction and oven as well. 

No doubt the skillet is great at thermal conductivity offering its customers great taste and flavor.

Soy-based Seasoning

With Utopia’s soy-based seasoning, Utopia cast iron cookware and pans are ready to use without any seasoning required before use.

In the factory-based seasoning process, the oil puts on extreme heat allowing the polymers to create a seasoning layer.

If we compare the factory seasoning with normal seasoning done at home we find it much more durable and efficient as it is equivalent to 10-15 rounds of normal home seasoning.  

In order to maintain the seasoning or non stick patina you need to have proper maintenance on regular basis.

Take care of how you use, wash or clean so that it keeps going.

Avoid abrasive washing pads, do not use dish wash soap and rinse it in the sink.


Just like some of the best Utopia cast iron frying pans the customers of this skillet claims in the Utopia cast iron skillet reviews that the staple cook almost anything.

The perfectly sized wide diameter allows an ample cooking space in combination with pre seasoned surface can help you prepare steaks, roasted chicken, vegetables or pan cakes.

Since the skillet can be used on various cook tops including gas, electric, ceramic, induction and oven it offers convenience to prepare  delicious dishes, offering best cooking experience with searing, sautéing, simmering, braising, baking, roasting at home just like any professional cook does.

Utopia Cast Iron Vs Lodge Cast Iron: What’s the Difference?

If we compare the non stick performance of both the cast iron skillets we find that the ability to serve as a non stick pan depends upon how well it is seasoned.

They both have a pre seasoned layer that help them keep the food from sticking.

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Unlike non stick pans, the surface of Utopia and Lodge are rough but this doesn’t make them perform any less.

The cast iron pre seasoned non stick surface is safe and healthy to cook as it does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins, The seasoning is based upon soya bean oil which can be remain intact if wash and clean gently.

Like the manufacturer of both warned about the dishwashing as it may cause it to rust and compromise its seasoning.

The lodge cast iron skillet has two pouring lips on either sides of the pan just like Utopia skillet have; however, Utopia has shallow and sloped pour spouts making it difficult to prevent dripping. 

Whereas, Lodge skillet helps prevent draining or dripping liquid ingredients. 

The handles of both the Utopia cast iron and Lodge cast iron skillets are too small to handle.

Both are not safe to touch with bare hands as they can get hot and not comfortable to maneuver either.

However, the technique is to help lifts the skillets easily and for the purpose the handles are perfectly fine as long handles feels a lot heavier to lift pans of such weight.

There is a helper handle with the Lodge skillet that aids in lifting the pan.

A kitchen glove or oven mitten is necessary to grab the handles. A big loop given in the handle makes it easy to hang the skillet on the pan rail.

How to Use Utopia Cast Iron Skillet?

Rinse the Skillet Before Start Using

When your Utopia cast iron skillet set comes out of the box, all you need to do is to rinse and dry it out manually using a soft table cloth or kitchen towel.

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It will help to remove the dirt or any factory residue accumulated during the manufacturing process.

You can also wash off using soft sponge and a little bit of dish soap but remember not to use steel wool or scouring pads as the objective is not to wash away the factory seasoning.  

Pre-Heat Your Skillet

Place your cast iron skillet on a similar-sized burner to ensure it gets even heating. Cast iron gradually heats up but retains it for a longer time so it’s not necessary to use a heat setting more than medium.

This will prevent you to manage the temperature well and prevent your food from sticking.

Add Some Oil

When using your cast iron skillet for the first time use cooking oil generously. You need to be careful with the temperature as cast iron skillet heats up slowly but gets extremely hot with the time and not all cooking oils stay stable at high heat.

If using cast iron for the first time you better be careful as it may hurt or burn your food.

Start Cooking With Your Skillet

When you realize that your cooking oil is glistening and shimmering around showing that it is hot enough to add ingredients into your skillet. Add your food and start cooking.

Cleaning Tips For Cast Iron Skillet

Rinse your skillet after use

After your meal is cooked, let your cast iron skillet cooled off completely.

Trying to wash the hot skillet may burn your hands. Secondly, thermal shocks are not considered good for the cookware.

Rinse your cast iron skillet in the sink to remove food scraps clinging on its surface to prevent them from further sticking and hardening to the pan.  

If you cant wait to wash your skillet later, then add hot water to your cast iron pan while it is still on the stovetop. This will keep your pan from thermal shocking.

But remember not to soak your cast iron skillet in the sink filled with water. Cast iron is prone to rust so it is best to make sure it doesn’t come in contact with water for longer time.

If you need, use soap, water and a scrubber

Since cast iron cookware is not made for dishwasher and too much use of water may cause it to rit.

But if your plain water not working you can use a little bit of dish soap to help loosen the stubborn food hardenings to scrape off easily.

A little soapy water will help in quick clean up and prevent elbow grease.

The things which you should keep in mind to clean your skillet are warm water, gentle dishwashing soap and soft sponge.

Avoid using abrasive scrubbers, steel wool or scouring pads, because it will damage the seasoning of your skillet.

Dry your cast iron skillet

Never let your cast iron skillet to dry off in open air, use a kitchen towel or table cloth to wipe it down right away.

Letting your wet cast iron skillet in open air will cause it to rust. Wiping it right after rinsing   will prevent your cast iron pan from rusting.

Season your Cast Iron Skillet

In order to safeguard the seasoning of your cast iron skillet, apply some vegetable oil with a paper towel onto its surface after drying and before storing it into your kitchen cabinet.  

How to Re-season your Pre Season Cast Iron Skillet?

If the seasoning of your pre-seasoned Utopia cast iron skillet has stripped away due to elbow greasing, mistakenly dish washing or too much exposure to water then you need to re-season your pan to prevent it from rusting.

Since your Utopia cast iron skillet is pre-seasoned; however according to Utopia cast iron skillet reviews if add more layers of seasoning to keep the natural non stick build up intact.

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The best way is to place your Utopia skillet in the oven and preheat it to 450 to 500F.

After about 10 minutes, using your kitchen gloves remove it from the oven and using a paper towel rub small amount of oil all over the pan’s interior and exterior surface inside including the handle as well.

You can use canola, soybean, sunflower, and other vegetable oils for the purpose.

After doing so, place your pan inverted into the oven and bake for an hour. After the suggested time take it out and let it cool off.

Repeat the process as many times it is needed your pan achieves multiple layers of seasoning and sufficient non stick surface.

Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Made in China this basic black Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet is a very reasonably priced skillet.

Unlike non stick cookware, cast iron is comparatively less smoother and you find the finish a bit rough.

The deep and wide skillet can help you frying up the whole chicken. The utopia cast iron skillet set includes 3 pieces that includes 10-inch, 8-inch and 6-inch pans.

The soy based pre seasoned non stick surface helps avoid sticking and prevent unhealthy means of cooking.

A handle too long is also not comfortable to maneuver. The handle may look a bit smaller but compared to the longer handles it can easily be lifted.

Since it is small, you need to be careful and should wear kitchen gloves or oven mitts while handling as it gets easily hot and may cause injury to your hand. 

The all metal construction made is sturdy enough to perform on all stovetops including induction and oven.

The pre-seasoned cast iron surface pan is great at thermal conductivity that offers evenly cooked food with great taste and flavors.

The overall shape of this utopia cast iron skillet set resembles the Lodge skillet; however, it gives look of a sauté pan.

Featured with pour spouts to assist you in transferring liquids and sauces easily; however, they are sloped and shallow making it a little difficult pour out your gravies neatly.

The Utopia cast iron skillet reviews tells us that the tall sidewalls will help condense liquid causing food to steam which makes it best cast iron skillet for the braising.

The weight is substantial so that you can easily balance it on the stovetop. The tall sides of the skillet help you to simmer, toss and turn the ingredients without letting them to fall out of the skillet.

The manufacturer told us beforehand that the skillet is not made for dishwasher and it may strip the seasoning off your utopia cast iron cookware and skillet.

However, if somehow the seasoning gets compromised you can re-season it with vegetable oil. The seasoning will prevent it from getting rusty.

Pros and Cons Of Utopia Cast Iron


  • Ready to use pre seasoned cast iron skillet, no prior seasoning required before use.
  • 3 pieces of cast iron skillet includes 10-inch, 8-inch and 6-inch pans.
  • Safe and healthy cooking experience compared to Teflon coated non stick.
  • Handle has a large loop that helps to hang it on to the pan’s railing.
  • Pour spouts given on both sides to help pour liquid ingredients easily without dripping.
  • The cast iron skillet is highly affordable.


  • Handle is a bit small and helper handle is not provided; it can cause injury.
  • Since cast iron can get rusty easily, it cant be dish washed.
  • Regular seasoning and maintenance required to keep the cooking surface from getting rusty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Utopia cast iron made?

Utopia cast iron cookware and Utopia cast iron skillet set both are manufactured in China.

Is cast iron pans are safe to use?

Cast iron pans are safe for cooking and don’t carry any threats to health. They are good at frying, searing, simmering braising or baking. Unlike non stick cookware or pans, cast iron doesn’t leach harmful toxins into food.

How can you tell if a cast iron skillet is good?

Observe the interior carefully; if the surface has a shiny texture like non sticks pans does have then it isn’t cast iron for sure.

A real cast iron skillet has an uneven surface that is slightly rough, visibly much darker and dull dark with a layer of black seasoning.

What is the disadvantage of cast iron?

  • Cast iron pots and pans are relatively heavier compared to other cookware materials.
  • It is not best for cooking acidic foods.  
  • It requires regular maintenance and seasoning.
  • Cast iron cookware takes longer time to heat up.

Is Utopia cast iron cookware is oven safe?

Since cast iron is great at heat retention so yes it can be placed in the oven. Their heat retention ability makes them perfect for slow-cooking dishes in the oven and even baking.

According to Utopia cast iron skillet reviews, it can be placed in the oven without any fear of damage.