Viking Stainless Steel Cookware Reviews – Top 3 Shortlisted

Viking Stainless Steel Cookware Reviews

A cookware is not purchased every day; that is why while purchasing, the quality of cookware is a considerable factor. Talking of quality, durability and accessibility; Viking stainless steel cookware appears in mind. The reason is the Viking stainless steel cookware reviews that made the cookware achieved 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Let’s learn how this amazing cookware impacts the cooking experience of its users; utilizing its quality and functional accessibility.

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Where is Viking Cookware Made?

The company has been in the market for around 40 years and was only known for commercial grade kitchen products. Recently, the company has stepped into the production of culinary items such as professional grade cookware, contemporary cookware and bake ware.

Driven by the passion for revolutionize the overall cooking experience of home cooks by blending in the professional grade functionality, durability with pleasing aesthetics; the cookware is designed by professional chefs to adhere the needs of everyday cooking following the professional cooking standards.

Other than the triply cookware and 5-ply professional cookware set which are manufactured in USA; all the other cookware and kitchen utensils are made in China.

Why Viking Cookware Must Have In Your Kitchen?

Viking cookware is worth to invest. No doubt, the cookware brand offers premium grade experience through its various cookware lines but thy have introduced cookware for users with various budges and various cooking needs.

Each and every cookware they have introduced boasts exclusive features that enhance the cooking experience of home cooks.

Keeping in mind the versatile cooking needs of users, the brand offers high quality cookware constructed with the finest materials to fully adhere to the cooking requirements.

As per the Viking stainless steel cookware reviews, the cookware is safe, healthy and reliable that does not possess any health hazards. All the cookware lines introduced are durably built to serve for a long lasting period if cared as suggested.

Viking Vs All-Clad Cookware

We know being a cooking enthusiast, one is concerned about the quality of cookware they and no doubt the quality of your cookware also related to the country they manufactured in.

If we compare All-Clad and Viking we find that All-Clad cookware line is manufactured in USA; however, other than the two professional grade 5-ply and tri-ply cookware all of their cookware sets are made in China.


Both Viking and All-Clad construct their cookware using multiple layers of premium grade stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

All-Clad offers a vast variety of cookware that includes triply, 4-ply, and 5-ply; whereas, Viking has offered only triply and 5-ply constructed cookware with aluminum core.

But Viking never hesitate to introduce various combination of materials such as contemporary stainless with hard anodized exterior or culinary copper stainless steel cookware.  


Considering the design, both cookware brands rely on stay cool double-riveted handles. Both brands used variety of exterior finishes such as polished or brushed stainless steel and hammered copper.

Though glass lids are considered most favorite among users, both have used stainless steel and tempered lids in their cookware sets.

Cookware Compatibility

All-Clad and Viking are both sturdy yet durable to withstand all cooktops; even the hard anodized exterior cookware from Viking is also compatible to induction.

Though most cookware withstands heat but when it comes to lids; not everyone has durable lids that work in oven or broiler.

All-Clad is oven and broiler safe and can survive heat up to 600F; however its lids don’t withstand that much heat.

Whereas, Viking is oven, induction and broiler safe and can stand heat up to 600F while its lids can survive up to 400F.   

Final Verdict

Both Viking and All-clad are expensive brands, but All-Clad is more expensive than Viking. Viking and All-Clad both successfully deliver what they promise to provide.

All-Clad is a big name in the cookware industry and so far have introduces variety of quality cookware lines with a much wider selection of materials and designs.

ON the other hand, you wouldn’t regret buying Viking cookware. It also offers a premium grade cooking experience with durability and longevity in a much lesser price.

How to Care for your Viking Stainless Steel Cookware?

  • Everyone of us must have experienced those annoying and nasty white spots that appears right the cookware is dried. The trick to prevent those water spots is to always dry your pots pans immediately right after washing. If somehow you don’t get to do it soon, you can use a damp cloth or a moist sponge and rub it against the cookware surface.
  • Avoid thermal shocks. Do not rush to clean your stainless steel pots right after cooking. Using cold water to clean your hot cookware causes thermal shock. Thermal shock is when the cookware comes in contact with a sudden temperature change, such as bring a cold pan coming straight from the refrigerator on the stovetop or submerging a hot pan into a cold water. It results in warp and disfiguration.
  • Always add salt to your meal after it has already come to a boil. Adding salt to pre boiled water causes pitting corrosion which results in small irreparable dents or bumps in the bottom of your cookware.
  • Using stainless steel doesn’t mean you can use steel wool or other abrasive scouring pads. The polished stainless steel surface gets scratched easily with such abrasive materials and you may not get it fixed. Scouring pads and harsh cleaning solutions or chemicals can compromise the polished surface of your cookware. However, if you experience stubborn food residue or burnt marks then you can use cleaning techniques refereed by cooking experts such as using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.
  • Cold foods are more likely stick to the pots easily. If you ever have to cook refrigerated food then take out your meat, vegetables or cold foodstuffs from the refrigerator before some time before cooking. Let the stuff to stay for some while and bring them to room temperature before adding them to the pan.
  • Stainless steel is prone to stick ingredients easily which later results in difficulty cleaning. In order to avoid your ingredients from sticking to the bottom of your cookware surface; always preheat your cookware before adding ingredients. First heat your pot and pan whatever you are using, later add oil as required and then add your food. Following these steps, make your cookware work as non stick which prevents the ingredients from sticking easily. Make sure that the oil is hot before adding meat or vegetables; if it shimmers then it means you are good to proceed.

Types of Viking Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

Viking 3 Ply Stainless Steel Cookware

This incredible cookware is both great at offering beautiful aesthetics and versatile cooking experience to its users.

Utilizing premium grade stainless steel and heavy gauge aluminum, the cookware is especially designed to provide enhanced heat retention and distribution.

The tempered glass lids featuring vent holes prevents splattering or boil overs by maintain the right amount of steam inside the pots and releases the additional heat.

All the materials used are highly sturdy, safe and reliable offer long lasting durability on almost all the stovetops; even on grill, induction and oven.

The polished stainless steel exterior and interior makes it compatible to various temperatures so that you can enjoy professional grade, braising, stewing, sautéing or baking experience without getting your cookware stained or corrode.

The aluminum alone cant withstand the high heat but is capable to evenly distributes heat across the whole cookware surface; the durability of stainless steel prevents the aluminum from getting warp or corrode and makes it compatible to multiple cooktops.

Viking 5 Ply Stainless Steel Cookware

This 5-ply 10 piece cookware set is made with commercial grade quality utilizing the premium grade materials to construct a product that is all set to serve expert cooks and chefs.

This 5-ply design though lacks non stick coating, but that doesn’t mean it performs any less.  The multi cladded cookware provides many additional benefits than the triply cookware; for instance it reduces the chances of warping or hot spots over a long period of time.

You may find the 5-ply Vikings cookware heavier than the triply stainless steel cookware; the reason could be the additional metal layers added to it. 

The Viking 5 ply stainless steel cookware consists of mirror polished stainless steel exterior cladding three layers of aluminum, and the non reactive stainless steel cooking surface that offers a safe and healthy cooking experience without altering the taste or color of your ingredients.

The additional layers enhanced the evenly distribution of heat that reduces the consumption of energy and chances of getting hot spots.

The only drawback consumers usually find is its metal lids which makes it impossible to monitor your cooking.

This Viking product has got 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon Viking stainless steel cookware reviews; which show how much the product is being liked by its consumers. 

Viking 5-Ply Stainless Cookware with Hard Anodized Exterior

This Viking cookware is best for those who wants to own a non stick alternative for their cooking expeditions.

Unlike the traditional non stick cookware Viking has given a new approach to cookware by introducing a multi layered non stick hard anodized cookware.

This easy to cookware provides a long lasting performance with its robust construction that includes three different layers of aluminum alloy cladding in between the stainless steel layers along with a coating of hard anodized exterior.

This multi cladded structure with a hard anodized exterior changes your entire cooking experience by accelerating the heat distribution and retention; moreover, it does not possess any health risks by flaking, peeling or reacting to ingredients. 

The hard anodized exterior and stainless steel interior both are dishwasher and metal utensil safe; offering its users a seamless versatile cooking experience by ensuring reliable functionality.

Top 3 Viking Stainless Steel Cookware

Viking 3 Ply Stainless Steel Cookware

This tri ply constructed 10 piece Viking stainless steel cookware set consists of a covered Dutch oven, sauté pan with li, two saucepans with lids, and two Viking stainless steel frying pans.

The cookware stands out among the products available in the market for providing a modern cooking experience and elegant finish.

Created with a tri ply construction; the design helps in amazing heat retention and even heat distribution.

Utilizing the heavy gauge stainless steel cladding the aluminum core these Viking pots and pans are compatible with all cooktops, including gas, electric, induction, broiler, grill and oven up to 600F.

Inspired by the aesthetics of worldfamous Windsor Pan, the conical sides are not only visibly appealing but are angled out to provide more surface area for evaporation resulting in faster meal preparation.  

The tempered glass lids glass makes it possible to monitor your meal without having to open the pot without having to lift every time; while the vented holes reduces the chances of boil over or splattering by maintain the right amount of steam inside the staples.

The glass lids can only survive 450F oven temperature.

The ergonomically designed Viking signature stay cool handles offer comfortable and secure grip supported by the double rivets ensuring maximum balance.

Following the both US and metric units, the measurement markings etched on the sauce pans and sauté pans makes measuring and adding precise ingredients easily.

The cookware is said to be dishwasher safe; however, the manufacturer suggest to hand wash. The cookware named under the best stainless steel Viking cookware sets promised with a lifetime warranty.

  • Constructed of hard anodized aluminum core and 18/10 stainless steel layers.
  • Windsor pan design provides enhanced heat retention.
  • Ergonomically designed Signature Viking stay cool handles.
  • Compatible all stovetops including grill, oven and induction.
  • Highly convenient shatter resistant tempered glass lids.
  • Oven safe up to 600F
  • Made in China.
  • Hand wash recommended; not dishwasher safe

Viking 5 Ply Stainless Steel Cookware

If you are considering buying the best stainless steel Viking cookware that offers the best cooking experience and heat management then this 5 ply Viking cookware set is all set to satisfy your cooking needs.

Comes with a brilliant 5 ply construction, that consists of 18/10 magnetic stainless steel interior and exterior and 3 ply aluminum core; it enhances the heat distribution and retention quickly exactly needed for cooking.

The five layered construction works in unison to achieve desired cooking results on various heat sources including broiler, induction, grill and oven up to 600F using less energy.

Though the product comes among the most expensive Viking pots and pans but is no doubt an amazing addition to your kitchen.

According to the Viking stainless steel cookware reviews, this heavy duty cookware is not intended just for a casual use and is recommended to be used by experts or professional cooks.

The set includes two Viking stainless steel frying pans, two covered saucepans, stockpot with lid and a sauté pan with lid.

Equipped with top-of-the-line signature Viking stay-cool handles that are ergonomically designed offers comfort and sturdy grip to maneuver and handle without stressing your wrists.  

All the items are dishwasher safe; however hand wash is recommended. Since it lacks the non stick coating cleaning and scrubbing could be an effort.

Provided with manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, it comes in the Amazon’s Choice product that has received 4.5 out of 5 in the Viking stainless steel cookware reviews.

  • Made of 18/10 stainless steel layers 3 ply aluminum core.
  • Best Viking cookware set for commercial and in-house cooks.
  • Non reactive stainless steel cooking surface.
  • Compatible with heat sources including induction.
  • Oven safe up to 600F
  • The lids are made of stainless steel.
  • Difficult to clean by hand; not dishwasher safe

Viking 5-Ply Stainless Cookware with Hard Anodized Exterior

This 5 ply construction consists of four outer layers of treated aluminum and 18/8 stainless steel interior offering you incredible heat transfer for all your cooking needs.

These Viking pots and pans are known for providing aromatic cooking experience without reacting to ingredients with long lasting durability.

The four outer layers of premium grade aluminum delivers optimal heat distribution on all cooktops including oven, broiler, grill and induction up to 500F.

Consists of a covered 5 quarts Dutch oven, a covered sauté pan. two covered sauce pans and  two Viking stainless steel frying pans wrapped in hard anodized aluminum; this , Viking cookware set is provided with a limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.

All the pots and pans are dishwasher safe; however, if you want to add years to its life you can easily clean it by hand. 

Except to the frying pans, measurement markings are etched on the interior for precise addition of ingredients. 

The ergonomically designed, stay cool Signature Viking handle ensures a secure grip with comfort and optimal balance to handle and maneuver the utensils just like the experts.

Unlike the Viking 3 Ply Stainless Steel Cookware, the set has stainless steel lids that you may find little odd; preventing you from sneaking into the pans effortlessly without lifting.

The flared rims are extremely helpful in keeping your counters spotless clean while transferring or pouring out liquid ingredients.

So far it is the best Viking cookware set that provides an amazing healthy cooking experience.

  • Four layers of hard anodized aluminum and stainless steel interior.
  • Works with all cooktops; including broiler, oven and induction.
  • Convenient volume markings for precise measuring.
  • Stay cool long ergonomic handles.
  • Withstand temperature up to 500F.
  • Effortless to clean with hand and dishwasher
  • The lids are made of stainless steel.
  • Dutch oven is not big enough


Viking is a cookware that offers quality and performance in reasonable prices to its professional and home cooks.

The manufacturer bonded high quality materials to construct its cookware lines to deliver quick and even heat distribution.

Similarly, the stainless steel pots and pans introduced by Viking are some of the best Viking cookware sets known for excellent heat conductivity and retention.

They have utilized premium grade stainless steel, highly conductive aluminum and PFOA free hard anodized non stick coating for constructing the best stainless steel Viking cookware’s that deserves to be at the top.

Viking offers variety of stainless steel cookware lines that suits in an affordable so that you can easily get one that suits your cooking preference and budget.

As per the Viking stainless steel cookware reviews found on Amazon, their stainless steel cookware serve for years if cared properly. The cookware comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Viking cookware worth it?

Yes, Viking cookware is worth investing. The cookware offers a combination of high class performance and affordability to its users; so they can enjoy restaurant grade cooking experience.

The brand has introduced different cookware lines to meet your cooking needs and personal preferences within different price

Is Tri-Ply cookware better than stainless steel?

Stainless steel is not good at heat conductivity and aluminum is not as durable as stainless steel. This is why brands manufacture tri ply cladded stainless steel cookware to combine the durability of stainless steel and heat efficiency of aluminum.

Triply cookware uniformly diffuses heat across the cookware’s surface without letting the food come in contact with aluminum.

What is the difference between 3-ply and 5-ply cookware?

The main difference between the both is the number of layers used in the construction. 5-ply cookware is made with five layers of materials while the 3-ply is made with using three metals.

But this is just not it, 5-ply is considerably more capable, durable and functionally efficient than triply.

Is Tri-ply stainless steel safe?

Made of three different layers of material cladding aluminum or copper core in between the durable stainless steel; the combination holds heat nicely and durably.

The triply cookware is safe and healthy to use without reacting to ingredients, corrode or warping against temperature. The cookware is versatile and meant to be used by experts and professionals.

Where is Viking cookware made?

Other than the 3-ply contemporary stainless steel cookware that is manufactured in China; all the other cookware lines are handcrafted in USA.