WaxonWare Cookware Reviews – Top 3 Best Picks

WaxonWare Cookware Reviews

Eco friendly cooking vessels guarantee safe and healthier cooked meals. WaxonWare cookware line is one such brand that is known for its quality yet healthy materials that provide professional cooking results to its home and professional users. The overwhelming positive WaxonWare cookware reviews show us how the brand is making its way in the market.  Lets see how it is making difference utilizing its top quality materials and features.

Product Features Buy on
1. WaxonWare Granite Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan

Easy to clean

Heat distribution

Light weight

Value for money
2 .WaxonWare Non Stick Saucepan & Wok Pot


Perfect design

Easy to clean

Wider cooking area
3. WaxonWare 11 Inch / 4.5 Quart All In One

Light weight

Heat Distribution

Beautiful design

Premium aluminum alloy construction

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Where is WaxonWare cookware made?

WaxonWare cookware is made in Germany.

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Factors to Choose the WaxonWare Cookware


A durable and high quality cookware is necessary to have evenly cooked food, avoid food burns, hot spots and warping. Look out for a construction that can stand temperature and variety of cooking styles.

Go for the pots and pans that receive positive testimonials for their high quality, durability and cooking performance. Thickness or gauge of the cookware in combination with a thick and sturdy base helps better conductivity of temperature, required for even and quick distribution of heat.


Dishwasher safe cookware sounds good if you don’t have much time to clean. However, hand washing is comparatively better than dishwasher. Harsh chemicals and hot temperature inside the dishwasher can damage the finish of your cookware.

If you are looking for a dishwasher safe cook do research and find pots and pans that are claimed to be good at dishwashing. Seek WaxonWare cookware reviews, and look out for dishwasher safe pots and pans.


Buying a good quality cookware is an investment that can serve you for a long time. The price you are willing to pay is actually the price for the durability and quality of your cookware.

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Not to forget the construction, materials it is made of and features offered defines the price of the cookware. Check out for the features you are looking for and the metal of construction you like to have, go for the brand with good name.

Cleaning process of WaxonWare Cookware

  • Once your meal is prepared, let your WaxonWare cookware cool off completely before bringing it in the sink or soak it in the water. Sudden change in temperature cause corrosion or warping in the cookware and in case of non stick cookware the coating can be compromised easily.
  • After your cookware is cool off, fill your pot or pan halfway with warm water. Warm water is effective at releasing stuck on food and cleaning stains. Let them soak for some time.
  • Putting ceramic, non stick, cast iron, and aluminum cookware in a dish washer can be damaging. It can cause scratches, marks and peel off the coating.
  • Add few drops of mild dishwashing soap in that warm water. Mix the soap and water together until it starts to bubble. Dishwashing soap can be used on copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and non stick cookware; however, it can cause rust to develop on cast iron surface.
  • Scrub off your pot or pan thoroughly inside outside with a soft sponge while the warm soapy water remain inside the cookware. Make sure to focus on the stains and stuck on food while doing this. You can get rid of stains and stuck food particles with the sponge, it just need some time and patience. Using abrasive washing and scouring pads to clean your WaxonWare stainless steel pans and non stick pans can scratch and ruin their finish.
  • After getting rid of the stains and rubbing off the food particles rinse your pot or pan thoroughly with tap water to clean the dishwashing soap hot water.
  • Some cookware can be left for air drying; however some needs to be cleaned using soft table cloth as water spots can cause the metal to rust. You can leave your non stick or stainless steel cookware for air drying on the kitchen counter or drying rack.  Stainless steel do not get rusty, however, the dried stain marks on the sparkling steel finish looks nasty.

How to use your WaxonWare Non stick Cookware

Preseason your WaxonWare Cookware

Not after several uses, start pre season your WaxonWare  non stick cookware right after you unbox it.  Try not to throw your non stick cookware into the dishwasher. Always wash your non stick pots and pans with warm soapy water and dry it thoroughly.

After your non stick cookware is dried, using a tissue paper lightly coat the non-stick coating of your cookware with cooking oil. After applying a sufficient layer of oil, heat your non stick cookware on the stovetop over low flame for minutes. 

Once done, allow your non stick cookware to cool off completely and then using a tissue paper wipe off excess oil. Store your non stick pots and pans in a kitchen cabinet or hang them on pan’s railing.

Don’t Preheat Your Empty Non Stick Cookware

Avoid preheating your non stick cookware. Always add oil before preheating. Non stick pans tend to release toxic fumes when heat over high temperature without any oil.

The best way to protect the non stick coating is to add oil, water, or food before turning on the burner. Adding oil to the non stick surface of your pan helps retain its non stick properties and adds life to your cookware.

Don’t Cook on High Temperature

Always cook low or medium heat with your WaxonWare non stick pots or pans. Cooking on high heat results in breaking down your non stick coating. Non stick cookware comes with the maximum recommended temperature for cooking, always abide by such recommendations.

Moreover, non stick stick pots and pans are not made for slow cooking. Exposing non stick cookware to heat for longer periods does the same as the high temperature does to the coating.

Avoid Metal Utensils

Non stick coatings are fragile and can be toxic when compromised due to friction or heat. When cooking with non stick pots or pans avoid using metal utensils such as metal spoons, spatulas, tongs, forks, or knives. Metal utensils can scrape, scratch and pierce the interior of your non stick cookware.

Use wooden, nylon, round-edged utensils and make sure not to vigorously use them on the non stick surface.  

Avoid Thermal Shocks

Putting your non stick pots and pans in water is not advisable. Let the cookware cool itself down right after cooking before submerging it in the sink. Rapid change in temperature is potentially harmful and can warp the non stick coating.

Don’t Throw it in the Dishwasher

Dishwashers provide convenience and  are good for people who lack time to hand wash their cookware. However, the harsh chemicals and high temperature of dishwasher can damage the non stick coating.

Many manufacturers claim their non stick cook wares as dishwasher safe, but  it is advised to wash them by hand using gentle dishwashing soap and sponge.

Don’t Use Abrasive/ Scouring Pads

When cleaning Non stick cookware require minimal scrubbing, try cleaning non stick pots and pans always use soft sponge or nylon scouring pads. Steel wool and scouring pads are not recommended for non stick cookware.

Abrasive washing pads scratch the non stick coating and causing it to wear off. Using steel wool or scouring pads cause bits of coating come off while cooking food and can be potentially hazardous.

After washing dry your non stick pots or pans using soft dishcloth or tissue paper. Though you can air dry it too; however, for preserving the finish and prevent it from rust it is in the best interest.

Don’t Stack Your Non stick Pots and Pans

Don’t stack up your non stick pots and pans it can scrape, scratch and pierce the nonstick coating. Keep your non stick pots and pans apart from one another while storing to prevent friction and hairline scratches from occurring.

Kitchens having limited space required stackable non stick cookware; however, if you cant own a stackable cookware you can still store them in your kitchen by stacking them on top of one another by putting a soft cloth in between them.

Product Review

Following are some of the best WaxonWare cookware based on the Waxonware cookware reviews we have selected to discuss here.

1. WaxonWare Granite Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan & Nonstick Skillet, Anti-Warp Non Toxic PTFE APEO PFOA Free Nonstick Pan

It may seem that it is made from real granite; however, it is a mix of granite and ceramic. Unlike the heaviness of real granite you’ll realize it is light weighted. This is due to the STONETEC technology that adds of sturdiness in a single layer of ceramic coating and gives natural and granite-like quality to the frying pan.

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This 9.5 inch Stonetec WaxonWare nonstick pan is completely eco friendly and free from toxic materials that is PFOA, PTFE, Lead, & Cadmium. Unlike traditional non stick pans, the 5 layer ceramic nonstick coating ensures maximum food release with less grease and oil to help you get heartier foods.

Similarly the other WaxonWare fry pan set, this granite STONETEC non stick frying pan allows you optimal deep frying, stir frying, and baking experience.

Constructed with a premium 3003 Aluminum alloy body, coated with five layers of materials the skillet guarantees sturdiness and superior heat conductivity. The dual riveted stay cool Bakelite handle offers a sturdy grip while the silicone layer prevents it from getting hot.  

The alloy body is super slick and simple to clean you can clean it by hand using mild soap. The granite finish ceramic body is super sturdy and works on all stove tops including and oven up to 350F.

  • STONETEC ceramic non stick technology.
  • Gas, halogen, electric, glass or induction.
  • Light weight alloy aluminum body.
  • PFOA, PTFE, Lead, & Cadmium free.
  • Not dishwasher safe

2 .WaxonWare Non Stick Saucepan & Wok Pot, Induction Compatible & Marbellous Coating

This 2.2 quarts non stick saucepan from Waxonware is made die cast aluminum coated with three-layer marble non stick surface that offers 5x more effective so that food doesn’t stick to the surface even without grease and effortlessly get clean.

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The die cast aluminum construction with thick induction plate bottom allows faster and consistent heat across the surface.

Provided with a tempered glass lid featuring a vent hole that allows you monitor your food to prevent it from sticking or getting burn and maintain precise steam that lets your ingredients cook in their own juices to maintain their essence.

Moreover, the vent hole The ergonomically designed Bakelite handle is dual riveted, cool to touch and doesn’t get hot even on high temperatures.   

Apart from induction, this medium sized saucepan works on all other cooking surfaces including oven. The durable yet heat efficient die cast aluminum body is made to last and is provided with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure you its capability and strength.

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Unlike other conventional pots and pans this ergonomically designed convenient to use, carry and clean. You can either wash it by hand or send it to the dishwasher it able to withstand both.

WaxonWare Nonstick Grill Pan For Stove Top

Steady and reliable, this WaxonWare nonstick pan for grilling is a true workhorse. Made from high quality double-coated die cast aluminum it is a perfect tool for grilling that ensures adequate heat distribution and retention.

This stovetop grill pan is beautifully designed, with a round shape and ridges on the surface. The wider cooking area offer maximum cooking surface for prepping larger cuts of meat or fish. The integrated drip pan underneath the ribs catches excess fat or grease to ensure optimal grilling results and keep your food healthy yet delicious.

The premium grade die cast aluminum construction with PFOA and PTFE free non stick coating safe to use on almost all cooktops including electric, gas and induction. The sturdy and heat efficient grill pan conducts temperature perfectly for burgers or steaks and leave nicely grilled marks that you love while resist warping.

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Unlike other grill pans, WaxonWare non stick pans are thicker and deeper just like the grills do have. Since the handle is not joined with rivets and is part of the whole body, there is no risk of handle loosening.

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This incredible WaxonWare pan is easy to clean and maintain, you can either clean it by hand with warm water and dishwashing soap or can send it to the dishwasher for a quick clean up. 

  • Offers professional indoor grilling experience.
  • Durable and wear resistant die cast aluminum.
  • Wider cooking area and drip pan.
  • Round stovetop induction grill pan.
  • Not compatible to electric stove.

3. WaxonWare 11 Inch / 4.5 Quart All In One Large Nonstick Frying Pan With Lid

Made with premium grade pressed aluminum 3003 alloy, this 11 inch All in one WaxonWare nonstick pan that offers a gorgeous look with its elegant design in your kitchen. Considering its quality and non stick performance, this WaxonWare’s Stonetec dutch oven comes among the leading ceramic coated casseroles.

The five layer ceramic non stick coating is made using the patented Stonetec coating technology that not only ensures maximum food release but also helps the aluminum construction heat up quickly, evenly and distribute heat all over the surface without getting warp or corrode even on high temperatures.

Stonetec is an FDA approved non toxic ultra non stick ceramic coating made of natural stones and granite. According to the manufacturer claim and the Waxonware cookware reviews, this WaxonWare pan is dishwasher safe. However, hand washing is also suggested to protect the non stick finish.

Featured with a sturdy and heat efficient electromagnetic bottom WaxonWare non stick pan allows quick and even heat distribution on all heat sources including gas, halogen ,electric, glass and induction to offer versatile cooking performance to its users.

The dual riveted silicone-layered, Bakelite handle stays cool on the cooktop and offer strong grip for reliable maneuvering and carrying. Flat thermal glass lid offer clear view to the ingredients so you do not have to lift the lid every now and then moreover the silicone lid allows easy clean up and pour out liquids without removing the liquids.

  • Premium aluminum alloy construction.
  • Stay cool heat resistant Bakelite handle.
  • Gas, Electric, Halogen, Glass and Induction compatible.
  • PFOA, PTFE, Lead, and cadmium free.
  • Not metal utensil safe.

Final Words

As per the WaxonWare cookware reviews, the pots and pans are made of premium quality food grade material coated with StoneTec non stick coating that is safe and healthy providing exceptional cooking results.

The eco friendly construction is made of natural stones and ceramic layers that is safe to use on various cooking surfaces without producing toxic fumes.

The brand offer variety of cooking vessels for various cooking methods to home and professional cooks in a reasonable price range.  It has some of the best frying pans, cookware sets and griddle pans to help satisfy its users’ versatile needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is WaxonWare made?

All the cookware including the WaxonWare cookware set, non stick and WaxonWare stainless steel pans and pots are made in Germany.

Can WaxonWare go in the oven?

The impact bonded induction disks on the bottom of the WaxonWare cookware sets allow them to use it on any type of cooking surface; including gas, electric, induction, and even.  

As per the WaxonWare cookware reviews, the construction of WaxonWare nonstick pans and WaxonWare stainless steel pans are durable and sturdy enough to withstand high heat, protect it to withstand against warping.

How do you clean WaxonWare cookware set?

Although all the Waxonware cookware pans and pots are dishwasher safe; however, it is best to clean your pots and pans by hands to prevent them from early aging.

Are Waxonware pans dishwashers safe?

Whether you own a WaxonWare stainless steel pan or WaxonWare fry pan set, every single kitchen is made dishwasher safe die-cast aluminum. Unlike conventional  Waxonware’s non stick pots and pans are highly durable and their anti-warp properties of cast iron cookware.

What is Stonetec non stick ceramic coating?

Stonetec is an advanced non stick technology, that uses natural earthy stones minerals, granite and ceramic. It is becoming for providing safe and healthy cooking experience. Stonete non stick technology is used in all the non stick WaxonWare fry pan sets and cookware.