What Is Broiling? – [How It Differs From Bake, Grill]

If you have ever experienced grilling then you should not be wondered about what is broiling. As just like grilling, broiling is a technique that exposes food to steer radiant heat.

Unlike roasting and baking which employ high heat to cook food; the broiling method uses excessive heat directly from the source to the food to swiftly prepare food surfaces; and rolled it upside down during the process to prepare one side at the same time.

It cooks the food by exposing it to extreme heat; using a gas or electric burner or by using a grill over live coals or maybe below a gas burner or perhaps electricity coil.

Broiling is perfect for attaining the ideal scorch on meats and vegetables.

Broiling needs much temperature than roasting; for broiling on a household range the temperature should be around 550F, while a commercial or industrial broiler requires temperature between 700Fto 1,000F to broil.

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Broil Vs Bake Vs Grilling: What’s The Difference?

Broil Vs Bake Vs Grilling

So here is a simple question that what is broiling and does it any different from grilling and baking?


Broiling primarily represents roasting the meals with a dry heat source from theheating element situated above the food to provide extreme heat.

Home broilers either use gasoline, charcoal, wood, and even induction to help generate temperature of up to 550F.

Mostly broiling is carried in the ovens provided with an option for broiling and special grills that support broiling.

The food is positioned on a drip catching pan to reduce splattering and to avoid the risk of fire; however, it should be keep in mind that the food should be relatively slim to be cooked through intense heat quickly without getting burnt.

The extreme heat browns meats and also caramelize the sauces real quick, adding charred caramelized flavor and beautiful brown crust over the food.

Talking about broil Vs grill, we found that broiling is more like infrared cooking; as t is done with direct exposure to extreme heat.

This is why you cant just sit back wait for the right time to finish your cooking; but you need to be vigilant and keep an eye on your food in order to avoid it getting burnt.

Broiling is the perfect choice for enjoying caramelized food indoor. It makes sure to drip away the excess fat and grease from the fat while in baking the sauces and grease are already in there to help cook the food within.


Just like broiling, grilling also uses intense direct heat to prepare foods producing intense heat from gasoline, charcoal or maybe an electrical element.

This is why they both demand the same attention to keep the food away from burning.

They both present similar charring and caramel to the food; however broiled foods do miss the grilled smoky flavor as in grilled foods which make their taste unique.

The heating element is in fact the primary distinction between broiling and grilling which is actually positioned below the food in grilling.

The food is always placed on top of the heating component on a metal grill, so that helps to achieve incredibly hot and sears dark yet attractive grill marks onto the food.

Broiling uses intense heating at all times, while the heat of grilling can be changed to higher, lower or moderate levels as required.

If we talk about the flavor, grills present a great deal of smoke that adds a grilled smoky flavor to your steaks, burgers, sandwiches, seafood or kebabs which cant be found in broiling.

If we compare grilling with baking then we find that both are dry heat methods; however, baking is relatively a slow process with lower heat intensity.

Baking is used to prepare foods like cakes, bread, pies, puddings and casseroles; while grilling is used to make foods like meat, grilled vegetables and steak.

Grilling is just like broiling it gets rid of excess fatty drippings leaving you with dry yet crispy output; however, in baking the sauces and batter converted in to a properly cooked meal.  


Baking is also another dry heat method which requires an oven to bake foods. Baking is actually a slower cooking process with lower heat intensity.

Your oven offers a little, enclosed space in which food is placed in the middle of heat.

 A gas flame or perhaps electricity component heats the air; the hot air then transfers to the food and turns your uncooked batter or ingredients into whole dried meal.

It is refers to the process for foods without a firm structure and solidifies as the heat transfers indirectly from all sides. This could occur at low or high heat, based on the preferred result.

In baking you can change the temperature as required meanwhile the baking process as well.

Baking takes more time than broiling and grilling, but is considered ideal for cooking large batches of food and thicker ingredients.

What Foods are Best For Broiling?


with thickness around 1 to 1.5 inches are best to broil. The extreme high heat of the broiler pan has the tendency to cook the food quickly so if you choose to cook meat slices that are more thicker then chances are you may end up with uncooked or unevenly cooked meat.

Pork chops and steaks are the best candidates for broiling.

Broiling is a dry heat cooking technique that is used to tender steaks or beef cuts, including Top loin, tenderloin, rib eye, top sirloin, meat kabobs, flank, porterhouse, rib, ground meat patties, and T-bone steak.

Another advantage of broiling meat is that it keeps the excess fatty acids present in the meat away from the food by dripping it in the pan so you do not need to compromise your diet plan and can enjoy your meal with less calories.


Cooks faster when broiled. Normally it takes 15 minutes chicken to prepare in the broiler oven under direct heat.

Chicken quarters, bone-in breasts, chicken halves, legs, and boneless breast halves tastes good when broiled.

Moreover, broiling is considered healthy cooking methods as it needs grease or oil to broil.


Especially fish and shellfish are best cooked in broiler oven; though they need proper seasoning but with skin-on and broiled they are easiest to help get crisp skin and flavor.


Are the favorite dish of people who like barbeque foods. Shrimp, cubed beef, poultry, pork, or scallops with vegetables are some of the popular easy to cook or broiled dishes to impress your loved ones at your dinner table.


Are good both on the grill and on the broiler. It enhances the natural sugary flavor by caramelizes it to brings out more sweetness for your taste buds.

Fruits including grapefruit, banana, peaches plums, pineapple and mango can be broiled.


Are much favorite for broiling because they comparatively need less time to cook.  Broiled veggies helps to lessen the hard work for sautéing them on the stove.

If you are not a fan of eating raw vegetables or salads it is the best way to turn the boring tasteless veggies into seared browned yet crispy piece of food to enjoy the nutrients in the best manner.

Onion wedges, asparagus spears, tomato halves and bell pepper strips are some of the popular choices.

How to Use Broiler Pan?

If you are new to broiling then you must be wondering about what is broiling and how to broil correctly.

However, broiling is not a rocket science; all you need is a reliable yet best broiler pans suggested by the experts.

You might get confused that what is broiling pan actually; as it is referred by different names such as oven roaster, broiler roaster, or sometimes an oven broiling pan.

A broiler pan is used to cook variety of sliced food; it could be meat, vegetable, poultry or seafood.

The reason why many people use the broiler pan because it helps to cook the meat while draining the excess fat; thus makes it the great option for making steaks and roast.

Generally a broiler pan is porcelain enameled coating a heavy gauge stainless steel construction.

The broiler Pans consists of two portions one pan area with short walls and the other is the portion for food preparation also known as the broiler plate lid.

The food preparation plate or includes tiny holes broils the food while the pan below the plate catches the excess fat or drippings.

  • Preheating your broiling pan is always a great idea; it helps to evenly sears the food and locking in the flavors. You can do it simply by placing it inside the oven so as soon  as the broiler heats up; it eventually heats up the pan and when you put your food inside the pan it helps to quickly cooks them up without any effort.
  • Broiler pans are not non stick so you better need to use a non stick spray or oil lubricate your pan to make sure that your food lifts off easily after you finish up cooking. Using aluminum foil is helpful with a hint of olive oil; but do not try to use parchment paper, it cant withstand the broiling temperature and may burn
  • You definitely do not want an unevenly cooked food that is firmly cooked from the outside and not prepared even to be ingested from the inside. In order to make sure that the food is evenly cooked and achieve an impressive brown layer, finding the best broiler pan is mandatory next is needed to spread your food uniformly so that every part of layered ingredients or meal is exposed to the heating element.
  • It is not like baking a cake you cant just rely on the time mentioned on your recipe card. It needs to be checked time to time due to the extreme temperature it takes to broil the food.  Keep a close eye on the oven; turn the oven light on and stay near the oven. You may also need to flip the ingredients in the pan if needed.
  • Broiling is such an extreme heating process so broil for more than 10 minutes, could lead to burning food. For foods that take much time to cook, it is best to take help from the oven or roaster to; a broiler should only be used either at the start or in the end of the cooking to create a crispy crust.
  • Avoid heavy oil based drippings; they may increase the chances of fire. Instead use dry spices or herbs such as stalks of thyme, rosemary sprigs, black pepper or oregano.

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Tips and Trick for How to Broil Perfectly in a Pan

There are few tips that may be helpful for you to make the best out of your broiler pan. Let’s find how can correctly use the broiler pan to get the best results.

  • Since broiler pans are not nonstick as they cant resist high temperature of the broiler; they are not at all easy to clean, particularly the bottom pan, is often requires a great deal of labor. A simple method to accelerate the washing procedure is lining the broiler pan with aluminum foil. In case you choose to line top of the pan as well, ensure you cut it in slits between the bars to let body fat and juices to drain into the lower pan.
  • Sugary condiments and sauces such as ketchup, pizza or barbeque sauce is able to caramelize within few moments in a broiler; in order to make sure they do not  get burn and ruin the flavor of your foodit is best to spread them over food by using a comb only a few minutes before the food is prepared. This will keep your food’s taste intact without ruining it, looks great and your meal flavors amazing!
  • An evenly placed food cooks quickly and from each side uniformly without discriminating. If you do not place the food uniformly before getting it within the broiler; it will result in unevenly cooked meal. As some of the area might get overcooked while the other parts hardly prepared at all.
  • No matter what you are cooking in your broiler pan, it is always good to preheat your broiler oven before adding ingredients or placing the pan in to it. Already heated broiler quickly cooks the food right after the moment the pan is loaded in.
  • Never place your broiling pan too close to the heating source; it will not help in cooking quickly rather will cook it from the outside but leave it uncooked from the inside. It will; eventually end up burning your meal.

If you ever get such situation, take it out from the broiler and put it in the oven. Cook the food inside the oven at normal temperature. If you are new at broiling then you can also roast or bake your food initially before placing it in the broiler and late put it under the broiler for around2 to 4 minutes to give it a great sear.

How to Broil In Oven?

Placed your oven rack contrast to the position of your broiler; if the broiler located down then place it at the bottom and if it is situated on top then move your oven rack the highest possible place.

In such way the oven rack is typically three to four inches clear of the heating component of the broiler.

Always position your broil pan when the oven is cool. Slide your broiler pan gently onto the rack and preheat the broiler for at least 5 minutes.

Now remove it from the oven, carefully place your meat, vegetables or whatever ingredients you want to broil on the pan and glide it back under the broiler.

It is best to place the rack further away out of the heating component in case you’re cooking dense or thick foods.

If you set the oven rack too near the heating component, the outer layer of the meals might burn up even before it is completely cooked from the center.

Generally, broilers take around 8 to 10 minutes to warm up; however, different ovens are available with variable broiler settings.

In case your oven doesn’t possess a setting for broiler, just switch the temperature very high to around 500F.

Broiling is not about sit and wait for the completion of your suggested cooking time; you have to keep an eye on your meals time to time.

Based on what you’re baking, you might need to flip the food to make it cooks correctly on both sides.

Since broilers works on very high temperatures, mostly foods gets ready within 10 to 12 minutes. It has a tendency to burn within a couple of minutes; so as soon as the food is prepared, remove it from the oven.

How to Broil Without a Broiler Pan?

  • We have seen so many people asking about what is broiling pan and what is broiling pan can offer that is incredible yet unique cooking experience. Since you are broiling without pan, you can utilize a baking sheet so that you able to flip the food as it cooks. It is better to not to use non stick or Teflon coated pan as they are not compatible to extreme heat and might release chemicals that are harmful when expose to higher temperatures.
  • Now transfer your food on to your chosen baking vessel and place it carefully either directly on top or bottom of your broiler heating component. Make sure not to bring the food too close to the heating element and maintains a space of almost 4 to  inches in between the both.
  • Keep flipping your food to get it cooked evenly from both sides and achieve a crunchy brown crust on both sides. Before flipping brush the other side with oil to help it gets the crispy brown crust easily without getting burnt.
  • So after your food is done, 5 minutes prior to taking it out brush it with the relevant sauces so the sauces indulge with the food and gets slightly cooked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Broiling Same As Baking?

If we talk about broil Vs bake then you should keep in mind that both are two completely different techniques of preparing food in the oven.

Baking is used for solidify the foods that are semi-solid or liquid in structure, while broiling is best to cook thin or layers pieces of food quickly through extreme heat.

In broiling, food is warmed and cooked by infrared radiations allowing direct exposure of heat to the food while in baking foods gets prepare by surrounding it with extremely hot air.

Can You Use Foil When Broiling?

If you are cooking a messy food without using a non stick pan then you can line up the top and bottom parts of your broiler pan with the aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil is very helpful in catching the food mess and or fat drippings. Using an aluminum foil is a common practice that helps you in effortless cleaning of your broiler pan.

It helps to avoid the unnecessary mess thus resulting in keeping you from abrasive cleaning to get rid of stubborn stains of sauces or drippings.

Best Foods for Broiling?

Meat less than half inch thick just like in steak or pork chops, Chicken or Turkey in boneless or cutlets form, kabobs, fish fillets, veggies and fruits are god to go with your broiler oven.  

What are The Benefits of Broiling Food?

It prepare food faster if you compare broil Vs bake technique or any other means of cooking; however, if you want to prepare food that take long time to cook you can use oven or roaster to make them tender and later put them in the broiler to get a crunchy brown exterior. 

Broiling helps to cut down excess calories in the form of oil or grease; instead it utilizes the heat to cook food.

It helps to get rid of excess fat present in the meat or poultry foods. ON exposing to heat the fat melts and drips in to the broiler pan.

Does Broiling Make Things Crispy?

Preparing your meal in the broiler oven is the easiest way to achieve a beautifully browned and crispy layer over your food.

However, if there are foods that take much time to cook then it is better to prepare them in the oven or roaster and later transfer them in the broiler to get a crispy brown texture.

Broiling is the best way to get a crispy yet crunchy skin rather than the deep frying which results in adding excessive fat to the food.